Friday 26 November 2010

Happiness ... Happiness ..

How happy are you?
Feeling like there's a lot to smile about?

Answers in the comments.
Do you

A} Feel more optimistic or more pessimistic about 2011
B} Feel more happy or less happy about the new government
C} Thinking of emigrating or have quashed all thoughts of emigrating.
and finally
D} Are you more or less happy now that the government is asking you how happy you are.


Miss CD said...

A} Feel more optimistic about 2011 {am retiring}
B} Feel more happy about the new government {doing OK}
C} Have never thought of emigrating
D} Not bothered if government is asking you how happy I am.

Old BE said...

A) I think it's going to be OK in the end.
B) I prefer the coalition to Labour but think that I will still be disappointed in the end because no government will ever be as radical as I would like it to be
C) Not sure the odds have moved much. Still like Britain, still think I would quite like to move somewhere less frustrating

Anonymous said...

Mrs Q said...

A) Precarious.
B) I much prefer the coalition to Labour too, but also believe that I will be disappointed in the end.
C) Not planning to go to the Eurozone right now.somewhere less frustrating
D) Tell Dave to mind his own damn business!

roym said...

A) Fluctuate between one and the other. Depends if I find gainful employ in the NY

B) Starting to feel less happy. Was ambivalent, but higher education/r&d policy is garbage.

C) Still young enough to consider working abroad for a couple of years, but this is always home.

D) Sigh...

Electro-Kevin said...

A) Ambivalent
B) Unhappy
C) No to emigration (who'd want me ?)
D) Fucking ecstatic !

Barclaycard have told me that I no longer owe them £10k and are sending me a 'goodwill' cheque for £100 for their mistakes. This should cover the cost of the camera I lost in the pub last night but will never replace the photos. And having spent that time in the company of Beast and Mermaid I should be feeling euphoric but I feel utterly neutral instead.

:-( this has coloured the mood in which I completed the questionnaire.

hovis said...

1) Depends on how it affects me - but if I can smile while the sh*t hits the fan then great
2) Marginally more happy as at least the mood music has changed - but they are really are blue Labour (Heath/rather than Thatcher). And have and will continue to attach us further to the EU car crash
3) Actually geting around to putting my application in to see if they'll take me to get out - love this place but dont see anyway to teurn it around.
4) oh you bunch of arsehats - was this a lib dem idea?

hovis said...

my vitriol in Q4 was directed at the govt btw :-)

Anonymous said...

A] Less optimistic about the government getting spending under control
B] Definitely less happy - I don't see any change since May; and where's the abolishon of all the stupid laws we heard all about?
C] Going to Canada in the New Year...see ya!
D] Well at least they're giving us a say in something.

[WV: Cog Loo]

John Thomas said...

a. Same old
b. Same old in different colours
c. Stuck where I am
d. Not really they what they want anyway

Steven_L said...

a) On a macro level I think we are still f***ed, CGS, SLS etc start to come to an end, this will be interesting as will the inflation figures.

b) I agree with some of what they are doing, but overall I've gone off politicans full stop.

c) Nah, unless I marry a nice bird from oz.

d) Bhutan have been doing this for ages and apparently they are very happy. Weather is nicer though. I've got a cold and I chickened out of my STIR's shorts so I'm miserable.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

a) Flatlining, though slightly cheered up by the prospect of the Euro steadily collapsing & hopefully taking Brussels with it.
b) Deeply unhappy. Heir to Blair indeed.
c) Lived abroad for some years and rather missed Blighty, despite all the moaning. Our culture is actually rather agreeable; most people are polite, and do have a readiness to enjoy a spot of ironic humour. Unlike Californians, for example, who seem to think Irony is where Ironians come from.
d) I do wish that ridiculous poltroon would stick to reducing the size of the government & giving us an incentivising tax/benefits system. I'll look after my own happiness, thanks.

Dick the Prick said...

A) Optimistic.
B) Steady away
C) Defo got to do me house up (fucking hate N Power - really should fix my chinmey, err..not a euphemism unfortunately)
D) £2 million quid to set this up and wtf is the Behaviour Modification Unit CCHQ have got running?

Andrew B said...

Do I like being asked questions?

Do you like reading the answers?

Would I be happier if I knew what other people thought?

Have you read 'The Interrogative Mood' to the end in one sitting?

Do you think this is part of the progressive 'nudge' style loss of freedom and individuality that seems to have started in 1997 and somehow is still carrying on now?

What will you do if you are happier than average?

Would you wear a badge if it could be proven that that made other people happier?

Would you wear a uniform if it could be proven that that made other people happier?

Would you burn a book if it could be proven that that made other people happier?

Will you be happier once you have learnt what Godwin's law is?

Anonymous said...

a) pessimistic, but more a political statement than economic,
b) until we have thrown the civil servants out, there hasn't been a change of government,
c) wishing there were somewhere to go to that wasn't equally going down the pan,
d) I'd prefer bread and circuses

Budgie said...

a) As yokel said: "pessimistic, but more a political statement than economic";
b) With CMD helping to prop up the euro and handing yet more power to the EU, deeply unhappy;
c) I'd love to
d) gimme a break, willya?

CityUnslicker said...

A) Optimistic...we are getting further from 2008, a good thing.
B) Happy, we are further away from the Brown terror. the new lot have done a lot more right than wrong.
C) if only Mrs CU was up for it I wold have left already for Switzerland or Singapore
D)I am always ahppy, this time next year i am gonne be a millionaire etc etc

Bill Quango MP said...

a. pessimistic. Sales not good enough.
b. Much happier to have got the lunatics away from the levers.
c. Not thinking about it anymore..Spain not looking so good.
d. Government can spend the 0.00002% on a new survey if it likes. Just don't crow about it.

Timbo614 said...

a) personally a bit more optimistic because I just picked up a new programming contract (1 year minimum) :) but overall slightly pessimistic
b) happy with new gov just wish they could keep their old duffers from talking out of turn.
b) time for that is long gone.
c) as BQ said this is a minuscule amount of money so who cares.

Anonymous said...

a) more pessimistic. If you thought 2008 was bad.......
b) more pessimistic. If you thought the last lot would say/do anything to get elected.......
c) with GBP at current levels, my only options would seem to be Iceland (too cold) or Zimbabwe (hmmmm)
d) I will say whatever the government wants me to say, on the one condition that they never bother me again on this subject.

idle said...

A) Glass slightly less than half full, if that doesn't ruin the metaphor

B) Less happy; we have entered the obfuscation phase sooner than expected

C) Never! "What,never?" No, never. "What, never?" Well, hardly ever (hat tip WS Gilbert)

D) Less happy that civil servants on excellent employment terms and unfunded pensions have been sent on a chase for which the quarry is wild geese.

Wild pheasants? Well, that would be different. I volunteer to do that for free. More practice tomorrow.