Wednesday 8 December 2010

Political Beatles

Lenin & McStavka
Real politics died 30 years ago.

Meantime, well known rock aficionados, Gordon 'Arctic Monkey' Brown and David 'Morrissey' Cameron, invite you to partake of a Beatles political songtitle compo.

"Money can't [quite] buy you an election" - G.Brown
"Help" - Ed Miliband
"I think we'd better hold your hand" - Osborne to Vince Cable
"Yellow Latrine" Nick Clegg
"Strawberry playing fields for never" - D. Cameron

Your best efforts into the comments.


Miss CD said...

"Please Mr Postman" - Alan Johnson
"Piggies" - all MPs
"If I fell " David Cameron
"A Hard Day's night" - Boris Johnson

Anonymous said...

Three guaranteed to be on Gordon Brown's ipod.

"Dear Prudence"
"You never give me your money"

Michael Fowke said...

"I'll Cry Instead" - David Miliband

"Nowhere Man" - Gordon Brown

"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" - William Hague

"Baby (I'm) A Rich Man" - George Osborne

"Back In The USSR" - Ed Balls

hatfield girl said...

When I'm 64 (I won't have an income) - Gordon Brown

Peter Whale said...

candle in the wind- Huhne

By the light of the silvery moon- Huhne
Windmills of my mind -Huhne

lilith said...

I got a woman - Lembit Opik

lilith said...

I me mine -Tony Blair

Malcolm Tucker said...

Paperback writer - Tony Blair.
Don't Let me down - David Cameron
Hey Bulldog - John Prescott
I'm a Loser - Gordon Brown
Fixing a hole - George Osborne
We can work it out - Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems.

Budgie said...

No Electricity - Captain Beef-Huhne;
Girls (in Short Skirts) - N-Dubz Hancock;
Lose My Mind - Wanted Brown;
Creep - RadioBalls;

Nick Drew said...

She's So Heavy - Ann Widdicombe

I love Peter Whale's Huhne-Tuhnes @7:36 (even if not strictly, errr, Beatles)

Anonymous said...

This all reminds me of the song, "Elephant in the Room"

But it has another meaning.

Given JPM derivatives, and swaps books, the movement in long bond yields over the last few days signals the beginning of the end for western based paper money systems. And western economies.

You have to wonder how much longer the boyz can hold it all together.
How much more theft, how many more lies... how many more bought politicians???

This isn't going to be pretty!

Anonymous said...

Further to Elephant in the Room, here is the German version.

Cazzy Jones said...

Having posted a pure Lennon piece here earlier, may I suggest: -

Just Like Starting Over- David Cameron & Nick Clegg
Imagine - Ed Miliband
Stand By Me - David Cameron
Working Class Hero - David Davis
Jealous Guy - David Miliband
Instant Karma - Chris Huhne
Power To The People - Bob Crow & The Plastic Union Band
Whatever Gets You Through The Night - Boris Johnson
Mind Games - Peter Mandelson
Nobody Told Me - Gordon Brown
Woman - Nick Clegg
Cold Turkey - Charles Kennedy
Borrowed Time - John Bercow

Demetrius said...

"Penny Lane" - George Osborne

Timbo614 said...

I'll follow the sun - Nick
Baby's in black - Gordon
Helter Skelter - David
Looking thro' a glass onion - Ed.
I'm so Tired - any EU banker


Budgie said...

Sorry, didn't realise it was limited to the Beatles. I must read more carefully in future. I must read ....

James Higham said...

Lilith's first is the best so far.