Thursday 9 December 2010

Question Time

David Dimbleby is joined in London by

Liam Fox MP {maverick coalition defence minister and man with no truck with the Big Society}
Norman Lamb MP{lib dem - is he an abstainer?}
Sadiq Khan MP {Labour MP, freedom for tooting, a bit too shouty for Question Time, but very bright}
Aaron Porter [leader of the students , labour MP in waiting and deficit denier}
Janet Daley -{ journo, telegraph blogger, will stomp on Aaron if he isn't prepared}

The rules!
it couldn't be simpler. The BBC Question time audience asks the panel between 4 and 8 questions each week. You choose what you think they may be, and enter them into the comments. Points are awarded for correct answers, methodology, insight and sometimes on a completely random basis.

This weeks winner gets to pick Santa presents for
Nick Clegg, David Cameron or Ed Miliband.

BQ - 1. Student top up fees- vote passes?
- 2 Is this the end of the lib dems?
-3 Wikileaks again
-4 Hancock's cock getting him into trouble
-5 Strikes .. should underground be banned from strikes

"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" - William Hague



Old BE said...

1. David Cameron and Ed Miliband wearing the same colour tie.

2. Why didn't the fire brigade put out that big fire? Are they on strike again?

3. Police instigated the riots again.

4. Gordon Brown's comeback.

5. How long until the next election?

Electro-Kevin said...

1. Victoria Beckham showing a bit of leg

2. Lord Sugar's latest firing ...

... oh feckit ! I give up.

Miss CD said...

1. Student fees
2. Riots did nothing..just a day out for the anarchist.
3. Liberal meltdown
4. BAE job losses
5. Ed long has he got.

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Top up fees.
2. Why are the posh students protesting about poor students? Where are the poor students?
3. Should protests that clog up London be banned? or should the protest organisers be made to pay for the damage and policing costs? {Happened in the 1920's.}
4. Pension changes CPI/RPI
5. White Christmas

hatfield girl said...

Lockerbie bombing responsibility; will the death of the only person convicted close down the pressure to answer the questions?

Why not lift fee caps completely for university study?

What can be done to stop the slide down the educational performance tables?

Was Assange raped by political groupies?

How badly has America been shown up by the chitchat quality of its diplomatic intelligence?

Andrew B said...

student fees - raising standards or commercialisation

wikileaks - is the illegal leak any worse than the us's extra-legal pressure on paypal/visa/mc

riots - another winter of discontent

nobel prize - how free should freedom of expression be

expenses - another file to cps what price secrecy

how long will the coalition last

Mark Wadsworth said...

Tuition fees


Irish bail out/can Euro survive

Cancun/global cooling

Wills & Kate

lilith said...

Is it ok for Christians to demand the death penalty for journalists?

Are students stupid?

Are Americans wrong to let Cheryl Cole move to LA?

How many zillions can the global warmists stiff taxpayers for whilst everybody is worrying about Wikileaks?

Should Brits be forced to buy snow tyres?

Polly Toynbee. Why?

Timbo614 said...

Well be silly to leave out the student riots and the UniFees... and Wikileaks
1) are the uni fees the coalitions poll tax?
2) Is the persecution (by Governments, Business et. al.) of Assange/wikileaks the hidden face of Big Brother showing through.
3) Bank Bosses Wages claw back - Isn't it about time they paid something back?
4) Does the panel think we are living in a more corrupt world? (BBC Poll)
5) Some miserable git(get) will ask if it is about time we forgot about John Lennon:)

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1 . is it all over for the Lib Dems? {probably not, but they are going to have to pull something amazingly generous or reforming out of the bag by 2015, or face losing a large number of seats.Dave will probably let Nick take credit for the Afghan withdrawal in 2013./14.}
Sadiq gets skewered by Dimbleby, of all people, who quotes labour's own lies over top up fees in 2005. his response is at least is unlikely as the liberals.

Q2. Is it fair for students to demand that tax payers subsidise their education.

Guess not.

Q3. The Labour government commissioned the Browne Report, hypocritical?

Beyond measure. Its their own policy they object too. They really should be in coalition with the Lib dems. Could all vote against themselves.

Does Ken Clarke's prison policy signal the end to the notion that 'prison works'
Not really..

Is Julian Assange a hero or villain?
Or just a very lonely man?

BQ - 3 & can't believe they skipped the Russians.

BE can give you just one + 1/2 for the fire gag. - 1.5

EK - Ah well.. Christmas quiz coming soon. Are you a Jim Royale or a Phil & Kirsty?

Miss CD - 3. Solid!

Malcolm Tucker. - Just 2.

HG - 2 + .5 for the USA diplomacy is like Glee.

AB - 3 + .5 for how long will the coalition last which was a constant unsaid theme of all tonight's questions. Did Foxy look uncomfortable defending it? I thought so.

MW - Just the 1 . I'm surprised they skipped the snow one too.

Lilith - just the one. There is no answer to the Polly question.

Timbo - 2 + .5 for squeezing in a poll tax reference. Are you secretly Sadiq Khan?

WINNER IS ANDREW B, Who gets to pick a present to put under the tree for Dave, Ed and Nick..

Unless some student hasn't burnt it down.

andrew said...

The high point of my year!

I would just like to thank....