Thursday 2 December 2010

Question time quiz.

David Dimbleby is joined in Coventry by
Danny Alexander,{Treasury and muppet revivalist} Nadine Dorries{Tory who holds ..erm, unconventional views..Batty as a moorhen.}
Ken Livingstone{former mayor of London, lefty left winger,but is at least as independently minded as Boris}
Sir Christopher Meyer{ambassador to USA and a big clue to one of the questions}
Jon Sergent. {Never as interesting as the BBC think he is. Such a Labour tribalist he's usually very boring.}

Guess the questions and win a prize! Answers in the comments.
This weeks winner gets a ticket to the next UK hosting of the world cup in 3018.

I predict..

Q1. Wikileaks
Q2. Student kettling and freedom to protest
Q3. BBC ruins FIFA bid.
Q4. U-turn on scrapping sport.
Q5. Why is Vince cable voting against himself?


James Higham said...

What's the true relationship between Nadine Dorries and Iain Dale?

Bill Quango MP said...

JH: I shudder to think..

Miss CD said...

- Prince Andrew
- Anne Widdecombe [this time it will be mentioned!JS is on.]
- Weather
- Football
- Underground strikes

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Football bid failure
- Vince Cable's failures
- Protests a failure
- Ed Miliband's a failure
- Wikileaks a failure

Budgie said...

1. Football and FIFA - was Thatcher to blame?
2. Wikileaks - typical selfish individualistic runaway Thatcherism;
3. Cancun and how to eliminate the ignorant anti-science Thatcherite denialists
4. 10 things you hated when you were 25 (eg Thatcher) but like now (eg: not Thatcher);
5. Light snow causes travel chaos due to lack of investment by Thatcher.

Timbo614 said...

1) Snow - Given the last few years SHOULD we be ready for it?
2) Footie - did we lose the bid because of corruption (or lack of it?) or because the BBC publicised the (alleged) corruption?
3) Wikileaks (although it seems a bit of a damp squid at the mo') should we hunt down Assange and hand him over to the Swedes?
4) New MP expenses review - They are still trying to get their snouts in (or similar)
5) Gender pay gap /equal parenting when will the conlibs do something real for parents and equality or similar :)

Do the rules (such as they are) allow for "or Similar"?

Miss S-J said...

1. Hutton's twenty times salary
2. Wikileaks are boring.
3. Labour is blaming the Tories for the snow. How childish is that?
4. If Lib Dems don't pass tuition fees, then Dave won't ensure AV gets through. Political games from the top.
5. Gillian McKeith is being waterboarded. What are the UN going to do about it?

hatfield girl said...

Is Berlusconi about to resign to spend more time in bed?

Does the American government look silly relying on chitchat reports from monolinguals?

Should everyone in southern England go out and buy a Landrover?

How bad is the brutta figura of refusing anything to Prince William?

Are we all on our marks for the rising of the undead with his book next week?

CityUnslicker said...

1) Sunday Times and Rupert Murdoch lose us our world cup bid. Dave a failure too
2) Lib dems are scum and vince cable is yellow
3) Tory councils ca't deal with snow
4) Cuts will make the weather worse
5) Ed miliband, a heroic return to work

Electro-Kevin said...

1) Did Wagner deserve to get voted off ?
2) Did Gillian McKeeth really faint ?
3) Is Nigel Havers a stompy old tart ?
4) Has Gary Lineker's bird had breast implants ?
5) Has David Beckham's right eyebrow developed a life of its own ?

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Did the BBC wreck the World cup bid? Well who can say? Ken is right. Why actually TRY and sabotage the bid? The backlash if the voting was close would have been very damaging.
Ratings chasing. Luckily it doesn't seem to have damaged the bid, which failed all on its own.
Danny speaking for the government claims not to care...yeah, I bet!

Q2. Libs to abstain on their own policies. Sergeant is right. If you can't agree with the policy then resign. Its not possible to openly vote against your own legislation if in cabinet. What Lib Dems could easily do is vote for in private and against in public.
Despite the blatant hypocrisy of such a course it is only what the majority of New Labour MPs did over the Post Office closure bill.

Q3.IS it fair to have student fee 'Apartheid'. Crazy language, but a good question. Ken is bang on again {told you he was good on this show}.The real argument is English parliament, regional voting, and the idiotic system of partial devolution and the Barnett formula. Myers backs him up.

Q4.Wikileaks - the yawnfest continues. Loony liberal i audience gets a big round of applause for no real reason.

Q5. Snow makes things stop. Student says climate change is bad!

Q6. A Miliband question. Child of Thatcher.

Q7. MPs expense claims. Lot of questions recently. My complaint letter must have been read.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ- 3

Miss CD -2 {Wiidy not mentioned again. She won't ever be mentioned until she does a Carole Thatcher type gollywog gaffe}

Malcolm Tucker - 4

Budgie 4 + o.5 as 'son of Thatcher' unexpectedly came up
-4 1/2

Timbo614 - 4 +0.5 for MPs expenses spot = 4 1/2.

Miss S-J - a good 3. Odd Hutton not mentioned.

HG - 3 McDoom's worst seller may be mentioned next week.
4 + a whole extra 1 for spotting that Nadine would be the target of the expenses question.

CU a great 4 too.

EK - 1 {too much reality TV there EK. Try World of warcoft instead - see next post}

Winner is who gets to pick the two countries to hold the World cup in 2022, 2026.
May I suggest, in the Fifa ideal of opening up the world and making football global while simultaneously getting a big backhander, Sierra Leone and North Korea.

Electro-Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Electro-Kevin said...

It's ... it's the rules. I have difficulty with the rules.

You gotta be a bit more specific. said...

Blimey, its been a good week for the Reds. I'm with you all the way on North Korea, but can I swap Nigeria in for Sierra Leone? They have oil money *and* a deplorable human rights record..

Bill Quango MP said...

EK..{sigh} Just just guess..oh, I'll explain it next week.

A-Pointy: Noted.. substitute Nigeria.
I hope you can supply a small bribe to Mr Blatter. An Appropriate amount seems to be a gas field.

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