Friday 10 December 2010

Trading Update: XEL or bust

Quite a big month December so far, my predilection for betting big on smaller stocks shows good gains but is turning very high risk indeed. However, much of this risk is in paper profits in any event. The real mover has been XEL up another chunk from 240 to nearer 280. Given I started at 57.5 average in September this has been pretty good. I also this month managed to sell FDI for breakeven, only to buy into RGM too high and see that come off. Some long-term bets are also starting to pay off, XTR up 27% today and back to near breakeven, AST going from 30% down to 30% up in a month and even EMED motoring (bit annoying this though, hoping to move XEL money there). Looking at 80% up overall on the year. However, XEL is going to announce next week, weather permitting, if it can pump the heavy north sea oil it has the rights too. If it can then another pound or two on the share price, if not then a quick sell with a pound or two off!

Symbol Last price Mkt cap Price 2010 YTD
MNR 75.75 122.1 61.58 -10%
EMED 10.55 45.18 9.89 -10%
XTR 2.22 19.01 2.647 -10%
AST 7.9 41.06 6.41 0%
IAE 133.3 0 85.08 40%
GKP 179.5 1213.81 120.36 100%
XEL 283.75 442.92 57.95 380%
HOIL 420.4 1210.19 308.2 33%
AEY 54.5 0 66.16 -15%
POL 5.19 124.02 4 28%
RGM 6.7 35.79 9.23 -15%


Richard Elliot said...

I'm hoping AST and EMED continue their recent gains as I'm long both stocks.

BP has actually turned out to be one of my best investments of the year and I'm hoping for more growth next year.

I had some available cash this month so invested it in the market (funds which don't go down that well at C@W!). I think the markets look a bit toppy at the moment, but cash gives such a dreadful return I decided to go for it anyway.

Steven_L said...
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Steven_L said...

My tip would have made you 80% in six weeks taking into account the 75% leverage I recommended.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on coal? My mongolian play has done ok of late, V.PCY, up about 35% over the last month. I'm not sure if I'm right to ivest in these dodgy countries, but then the UK is fast moving into my dodgy country category.

Anonymous said...

Do you mind if I ask how you are judging these stocks?

you seem to favour oil/energy, are you involved in the business and have some kind of inside knowledge or you're purely making these decision based on publically available info?

I ask because my brother wants to get into this. I advised him against because I said its very unlikely he is going to be able to judge the market better than the professionals.
But he think cash in the bank is such a waste he still wants to do something..

CityUnslicker said...

Richard. Nothing wrong with funds, just prefer more risk.

Sl. Well done

anon. Not in the business just read up. Last year I was in commercial property was the winner for me. Just follow the opportunities. I think it is a good way to make your money do more than in the bank but I started with small amounts and took a few years to learn the ropes.

Steven_L said...

Not well done I'm afraid. It is one of those annoying securities that is always 'telephone only' on my cfd account meaning the minimum bet was higher than I had the margin to cover!

So I opted for going long Exxon Mobil, with the intention of getting into another Us energy major on the next dip, but ended up going long Lockheed Martin for some reason, which is nursing a bit of a loss now.

Looks like my C@W 2010 proedictions of S&P500 up and England to beat Pakistan are in the bag though, so I'm expecting another good write up!

roym said...

Looks like XEL is being marched down a bit today.
market makers trying to find some stock for impending good news?

BHR, RRR and SXX still holding up. BP now 20% though who knows what next year will bring?

can anyone please advise on rare earth/platinum group miners?

andrew said...

looks like or bust.