Friday 17 December 2010

Who is the biggest political Christmas Turkey?

CU is off to buy the Xmas roast tomorrow and it has got me thinking who is the biggest Turkey of the year 2010?

I offer up some choices:

1. Gordon Brown, for the microphone gobbling incident in the election

2. Nick Clegg, for the Student fees promise

3. David Milliband, 'he's behind you'

4. Brian Lenihan, for saving Ireland even more effectively than Brown saved Britain

5. Ed Balls, beaten by his wife for leadership bid and still committed to national economic suicide policy
6.  Ed Milliband, for fratricide and services to Marxism

7. Phil Woolas, "I thought hating Lib Dems was what everybody did"

8. Iain Dale, for thinking that being a local radio talk show host is better than the top political blogger

9. David Cameron, for thinking that ignoring the EU political crisis is the way forward

10. Some suggestions?

Winner to be selected by BQ,ND and CU committee. Winner to receive one years' free subscription to C@W.


Elby the Beserk said...

Gordon Brown. Full stop.

ratingsChaser said...

The BBC for the timing of the FIFA Panorama edition.

charles said...

Vince Cable for going from saint to sinner and looking like he swallowed a bee

Bill Quango MP said...

Has to be Clegg.
He knew the pledge was a mistake yet still backed it above and beyond the call of duty. Those students, who mainly didn't vote at all in 2010, will be 22 next election and firmly in the core lib Dem demographic.
They won't vote for him then either, but they may well vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

Chris (Eco) Huhne for pushing a totally inadequate and incredibly expensive energy policy as the climate disruption piles up around the country.

hatfield girl said...

The revolting students. They made it very clear that our glorious dead are nothing to them.

(Isn't Gordon brown a dead duck rather than a Christmas turkey, Elby?)

andrew said...

The core EU leadership, for thinking that ignoring the EU fiscal crisis is the way forward.

FIFA, for setting the world cup final in a country where you may be watching the finals just in case a player collapses from the heat.

The LHC for not yet finding the Higgs boson.

The current government for pointing out that you have to pay for what you get. No-one likes that.

The x-factor for not getting the christmas No1 2 year running.

Budgie said...

1. Obamessiah for being the Thanksgiving turkey at the Tea Party.

2. The BBC for services rendered to: the Obamessiah; the CAGW scam; the EU; Hamas; the Guardian.

3. The Coalition for saddling students with a £30k+ debt in order to plug the financial hole made by their fathers.

4. The ECHR for interfering in Eire's abortion law.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown. Britain's worst Chancellor since medieval times, he went onto become an even worse Prime Minister. Finally he's got gibbeted.

That said, I feel sorry for turkeys, they are honourable birds who don't deserve to be compared to Gordon Brown.

Peter Whale said...

Us for voting for " Christmas".

hatfield girl said...

PS Ian Martin writes that Gordon Brown has still not sent in his photograph for the stairs in Downing Street.

Could we have a Christmas collection of photos from which we might choose our favourite?

Or perhaps Lilith of the unerring eye for the revelatory photo might oblige.

CityUnslicker said...

This is a politics, sport and business to come.

Steven_L said...

Osborne - for saying his 'cuts' came in at less than labours 'cuts' at the CSR based on lower govt bond yields - only for gilts to fall back to where they were in the first place.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

David Cameron, for making the cast iron promise.

And not meaning it.