Saturday 18 December 2010

Who is the Media Christmas Turkey of 2010?

1. Andrew Marr - for services to Brown snivelling
2. Iain Dale - services to Radio broadcasting
3. Will Lewis - services to drinking
4. James Murdoch - having Daddy by his own company out
5. Adam Crozier - taking ITV to the same place he took the FA and the Post Office
6. Ambrose Evans Pritchard - Desperate for global meltdown, yet it proves resistant
7. Nick Robinson - Calling the wrong Milliband the victor
8. Adam Bolton - Losing it with Al Campbell and not hitting him
9. Boris Johnson - for being Mayor, lothario and Telegraph contributor
10. Rachel Johnson - supporting her brother and ruining her own magazine too boot

Any others missing?


Anonymous said...

At least Marr asked Brown if he was taking any mood-altering pills!

Probably Robinson because he never tells you anything original.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Johnson must be the Turkey. Private Eye have been ripping her for weeks.

andrew said...
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andrew said...

Vinyl records.
I listened to mine for the first time in years recently. My memory tells me it should be a more emotionally involving experience and in some ways the quality should be better. Real life says otherwise.

3d films
Well, they sort of work in that they seem to project out of the screen, but no better than some of the better frescos I have seen in Italy and Anglsea that were painted 100-500 years ago.
If it was really 3d, you could walk round and look from the other side.

The Times
For going behind a paywall - unless it is a cunning plan to destabilise the Guardian / BBC by driving all the web traffic there.

The Conservatives
For not explaining the positive effects of tuition fees to the british taxpayers who won't be paying for other peoples education anymore (whether or not you agree with the policy, precious little media time is taken in the positive case).

South Park Turkeys

Gordon Brown's new book
He had 6 months to write something and get it out before Christmas (I think they got the first wills and kate book out in a week) - and only jut made it.
I have no doubt millions of copies will be printed,thousands bought, and hundreds read.

Tony Heyward
"I want my life back."
not helpful.

hatfield girl said...

The Times. When did you last look at it? Andrew is right, though with so many goes it's like using a shotgun.

andrew said...

Shotgun with a theme.

I was concentrating my ire on collective entities and products rather than individuals (apart from the BP dude)
This is deliberate. It is fun to personalise these things, but realistically, this age seems to be that of the collective. If it wasn't GB being labelled as the worst pm since George Grenville, it would be another annoying lab wonk who did roughly the same dumb things.

If I have to choose one, it would be 3d tvs
You need to wear special specs - not so great if you already wear glasses, you usually get two pairs - not so great if there are more than 2 of you and if you walk off to one side, you dont see the side you walked round to.

Ketch said...

Andrew Marr is a clear winner, not only is he a completely compromised journalist but he had the gaul to characterise bloggers as ugly, in my opinion this man should avoid the ugly debate.

Budgie said...

The Conservatives
For not explaining the negative effects of tuition fees to the British taxpayers. Roughly half of new taxpayers will now be taxed even more than before (from the 'low tax' party!), and will have debts round their ears for 20+ years. It won't in practice save much money either because of the extra bureaucracy needed to administer a whole new tax-n-benefit layer bolted on to the existing IT/NICs/benefits system. (Whether or not you agree with the policy, precious little media time is taken in explaining these obvious pitfalls and the Brownian complications of it).

Miss CD said...

Piers Morgan

for THAT interview.

CityUnslicker said...

Miss CD - we have a winner!