Thursday 27 January 2011

Phone Hacking: This Is Business!

There is so much at stake for so many players in the phone hacking saga, it will make MPs' expenses look like kindergarten stuff:

> Murdoch knows this could doom his Sky plans & more - and just watch the old bugger move ! This is a man who will use every lever (just look the way Pesto was got onside). No holds barred.

> exclusive to all other papers: they were doing it too - and, hey!, there's gaol awaiting! Gaol! Even bankers don't go to gaol.

> the BBC sees a potentially favourable new front opening up in its long-running battle for survival (though there are dark hints that one or two of their own household names might be wondering about prison mattresses)

> the Met is clearly in Big Trouble - & who knows what they will do to wriggle off the hook ? That's one big gorilla, if it lashes out

> Cameron having painfully lanced his own boil, look who Miliband has just appointed as spin-doctor ...

> Max Clifford is on the case

Alastair Campbell, who sees paid BBC interviews on the subject stretching from here to Xmas, is just one of several players who have every reason to pursue this one like the DTel on Expenses, or the Grauniad on Wikileaks. He and others will have all manner of scores to settle.

Seriously ugly, I should say.



Sebastian Weetabix said...

.... which is precisely why there will be a good old establishment fudge and nothing will come of it. It suits no-one for this to really come out in the open. Not the politicians, not the journos, not the Met. At worst one or two men overboard as scapegoats.

Sean said...

Yup weetabix, Rupert loves a game of poker.

The Met will soon be reminding us other more serious crimes.

And for Fat boy Watson, and prezza. FFS, so what is it, are the spooks seriously thick or are ministers phones that easy?

Old BE said...

What is Prescott's angle in all this? What is Campbell's angle in all this? Have the papers got something very embarrassing on them?

hatfield girl said...

It's difficult to imagine what is left to be very embarrassing to Prescott, Blue.

Timbo614 said...

Never mind all that, I need someone to hack in to Dimbleby's Mic so that I can win the quiz tonight.

Any offers from insiders at the Beeb? (won't pay much, just kudos), oh and you lose your job (if caught) possibly Dimbleby will lose his if we can catch him being sexist about the panel or himself as referee...

please attach live feed to Hackerz4u Skype account, Ta very much.


CityUnslicker said...

the thing is I lose the will to live listening to voicemails people leave me. Listening to other peoples' must be the dullest job ever. Surely there are better ways to get your kicks in life than that?

Jan said...

I must be someone who lives a very sheltered existence as it would never have ocurred to me that this was possible to do.

Now I can see endless possibilities if people don't change their default pin eg parents "spying" on their children etc's akin to opening their mail and sticking it back down again. I think this story has opened up a whole new way of people finding out other peoples' business.

I won't be going down this route as I'm sure I can find better things to do....I'm just saying....

Anonymous said...

What did they call that place where Marble Arch was built, ah the Tyburn Tree that was it. A few were throw out to keep people happy to savage at will, but will the big boys swing, I think not, they never do. That there is a lot more to run with this I have no doubt, but it will get very, very interesting, if the fall guys decide to squeal.

Nick Drew said...

establishment fudge

ordinarily yes & of course that has worked the trick for several years, until now

I'm just saying ... - yeah, yeah Jan, don't worry your secret is safe with us

Madame Tricoteuse said...

Attendez un peu. Je vais acheter le popcorn.

Timbo614 said...

@Jan - It's technology, in particular DIGITAL technology, that is making this easier and easier. It was easy 20 years ago. Now with truly vast amounts of storage available for literally a few grand RECORDING almost anything is not really a problem it's the playback and interpretation of what we send flying around the digital universe that we should be worrying about!

Unsurprisingly this too is being done by computers using search and detection algorithms that we cannot hope to understand!
Don't forget, not too long ago, the police and government wanted/still want to record ALL our emailing, site searching phone calls, every reference to our web reading... Who was going to give THEM permission, and who will oversee the permission givers?

No, the hoo-hah will die down pretty quickly led by government silence or silencing. There's definitely too many questions that could be asked and too many answers that can't be given. It won't be like the Expenses - lists of hacked numbers published in the Telegraph!

Rupert M and his editors may be hung out to dry by having his BskyB bid denied. But he (or his company) be back a few years down the line...