Thursday 27 January 2011

Question time quiz

David Dimbleby is joined in Cambridge by

Chris Huhne MP,{Mr Drew's favourite Energy and Climate Change minister. Like last week's Mr Hughes, he is a twice failed Lib Dem leader challenger. Waiting for the third time?}
Chuka Umunna MP,{the original young, gifted and black, according to Wiki. Lawyer and Osborne basher and Ed Miliband voter.}
Edwina Currie, {Still known as the Eggwoman. Wonder what messages her email account might have contained?}
Kate Hopkins {not sure why she gets airtime. She sold her apprentice story to the News of the World? She uses fake tan? She's suing the Met? That'll be it!}
and Will Self. { Languid, opinionated, superior intellectual and author. Brighter than a Swedish tourist's back-pack. A sort of anti-Stephen Fry. Always good viewing.}

YOU choose what you think the panel may be asked by the audience.
YOU put those guess questions into the comments... points are awarded for accuracy, style, exclusivity, humour and sometimes just randomly.

BQ chooses
1. Phonegate. How smug are the BBC? Murdoch threat recedes.
2. Andy Coulson and Alan Johnson quitting leaves only the Oxbridge set in government.
3. -0.5% growth. Is this better than 0% growth? Is it time to stop the cuts that the government haven't started yet, that have caused this decline.
4. Should men be sacked for being sexist pigs? I'm reminded of Larry Miller - "if women really knew what we were thinking they would never stop slapping us"

5. Control orders - A lot of fuss for 8 people?

Week 3.League Table

BQ -- 10
Miss S-J -- 8.5
Timbo614 -- 8
Botogol - 7.5
Miss CD --6.5
Malcolm Tucker -- 6
Hovis - 6
Hatfield girl --5.5
Nick Drew --5.5
Budgie 2.5
CU - 2.5
Andrew --2
Blue Eyes - 1


James Higham said...

Chuka Umunna MP

Fabulous moniker that, Bill.

Miss CD said...

- Phone scandal overwhelms print media.
- Andy Grey is a relic
- Snow causes GDP failure
- Russian terror.. are our airports safe?
- Should the Met investigate the phone scandal?

Botogol said...

- Are we in for a double dip recession?
- is phone hacking confined to the News of the world?
- is it necessary for football commentators to be politically correct?
- is it right to sell our forests?
- is the ministry of defence's equipment-destruction policy making us a laughing stock ?

bonus point for every mention of George Soros?

(what bad luck for the BBC to have such a good QT football topic.. the week AFTER they had their first ever footballer)

Miss S-J said...

* Coulson and phone hack.
* Class divide is wider than ever
* CBI chairman blames the government for recession.. {he didn't, but that's how it was reported.}
* Council cuts - Liverpool.
* Double dip recession.

hatfield girl said...

Should the best university be forced to admit less qualified applicants from designated backgrounds?

Why did Labour sign up to so many unfunded defence contracts (and so many unnecessary wars)?

Has the government lowered the profile of government activity in the interests of underlining the need for a smaller state, or are UK politics just boring at the moment?

Would 12 kilos of cocaine, 24 dancing girls, and putting earlier models on the tax-payers' wage bill as members of various levels of government be enough to cheer up politics in the UK?

Why are natives not refused welfare benefits when they refuse minimum-wage work round Wisbech?

hatfield girl said...

If I might have one more:

Does the panel think "there should be a law against Will Self ever speaking about Nietzsche in public again" as Leiter proposes?

hovis said...

Pretty self selecting this week IMHO when considering BBC biases, sorry I mean self evident truths:

1. Phone Hacking and Murdoch
2. Class and Oxbridge Etonians (the spin will be Eton given that milliband went to Oxford)
3. Double dip recession caused by those nasty ogevernment cuts or was it the snow
4.Andy Gray / Richard Keys are they sexist pigs or is it thought heresy as clarkson suggested
5. Ed Balls is the new economic saviour

I'm sure I'll miss out on something left field but hey ...

Timbo614 said...

OK, firstly No-one at the beeb took up the hacking offer so I'll have to go it alone...

1) MURDOCH and phone Hacking - Is he so desperate to get Control of BskyB So he can listen in on our conversations via all those Sky+ (Digital Recorder!) boxes that are plugged into your domestic phone line? Huh? Seriously! just occurred to me - mines been unplugged for the last 10 years Phew! (how about yours?)

2) (More Likely) Should Hacker Murdoch be allowed control of all our Sky boxes?

3) Why can't the government get the banks to do ANYTHING they ask - Small business Loan agreements etc.

4) Do the panel think that the Govt. should back off the cuts during the new 2011 recession.

5) Should Sky Sports and other TV commentators have their phones permanently hacked and recorded (Possible by their sky+ box) to make sure they are not being sexist in private as well as inadvertently on air? If so should they be sacked after being (illegally) hacked? (Hack & Sack - it's new Back & Crack)

6) Given they do not have a majority should the (failing) Irish Govt. be permitted to commit their country to 10 years of austerity misery

Nick Drew said...

if she's going to raise the tone like that, HG should be allowed as many goes as she wants (& how soon can the 24 dancing-girls get here ?)

lowering the tone again, however:

1. Andy Gray
2. phone scandal / murdoch
3. those public-schoolboys / social mobility
4. declining standard of living
5. will public schoolboy Huhne defend the April Fuel Duty increase on the grounds that it is a virtuous Green Tax, or will he back off ? (& if the latter, could he please just back off the rest of the green nonsense now & save us all a bunch of money ?)

Timbo614 said...

@ND 23 now - one of them is still otherwise occupied on BQ's kitchen "work"top.

Nick Drew said...

he likes an impromptu cabaret, does our Mr Q

still allowable on Parliamentary expenses, I believe ...

Malcolm Tucker said...

Haven't seen much news so..

1. Why, over at the Guardian, is phone hacking the most devilish crime in history, yet Julian Assange is considered a hero?

2.Fuel duty stabiliser as hinted by Cameron. What is the likelihood.

3.Is Andy Grey a misogynist or just someone who got the Carry-On boxset for Christmas.

4.Is Democracy breaking out in the North Africa? Is it possible without a UN resolution?

5. Should there actually be a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics? Or should it just be assumed that once you've been appointed to a cabinet post you've passed.

{bonus point if anyone mentions Peter Sissons ?}

Budgie said...

1. Evil Tory-led cuts, not snow, cause depression even before cuts applied;
2. Evil Tory-leaning Murdoch phone-hacking spy empire now half size of BBC so must be resisted/dismantled;
3. General misery, poverty and broken society caused for years by evil Thatcherist Tory-led coalition;
4. Two Ed's dream team to be advised by brilliant, world-saving, young, handsome Brown;
5. David Milliband's Carbon Credit Card for nationwide rationing endorsed by Huhne - people must be forced to tackle climate disruption global warming, scientists say.

CityUnslicker said...

1. Tory newspaper phone hacking
1a. Andy grey is sexist, so are all Tories. We know what they're thinking.
2. Tory news baron gets waved thrugh my jeremy 'unt
3. Economy wasted by tories
4. Tories destroy world service

Bill Quango MP said...

1. Coulson resigns coincidence? Will Self implicates the Met, Murdoch and Andy Grey! Huhne agrees{ish}. Ugly woman with chin-stud wart put me off what Chuka said. Edwina and Katie add little. Not much can be said because we don't know. But as Nick Drew wrote earlier, it will keep on running.

2. Sexism in football. Unbelievable!
Katie, no fan of feminism, says its a tough world, and women should toughen up. True enough. Doesn't really absolve the pundits though.
CUm bores KH with his very on message 'equality'. So does EC until Kate has enough of the dross.However, the lady in the audience does pinpoint the real issue. If the linesman had been black or gay and the comments were racist or homophobic, they'd have been gone without any protest.
{Huhne just said exactly that!..Is he logged in?}

3. Control orders fudge
CUm is good but his monotone delivery is boring. Keep drifting its a dull show so far..
CH has more knowledge but is even duller. KH gets even more Daily Mail. 'Lock 'em all up.'She has not had a single, solitary clap.
WS isn't much impressed. But he never is. That's his shtick.
EC does OK.

4. Snow crashes economy
WS says its a bit lame to blame the snow. Not if you were in Scotland. Snow lasted 5 weeks.
But he's right. The snow was a part, not the whole, reason for the decline.
CH explains its a snapshot. CUm is solid. Got his data to hand.
Business man in audience tells it like it is. KH agrees with him.
{very aware audience..coming up with all sorts of facts and figures.}

Bill Quango MP said...

Very weak Question Time.
I would have preferred Alan Carr and co over on 4.

only 4 questions asked {may have been 5 .. I was playing tower defence to stay awake... call it 4}

BQ - 4

Miss CD -3. +.5 for the plod being in on the deal from Will Self. = 3.5

Botogol - 3 .. no Soros today.
Miss S-J. Just -2

HG -1 + 1 for your LOL Nietzsche

Hovis - a very well worked 3.

Timbo614 - 2 + 0.5 for that phone cable thought. That old goat is listening in!

ND 2 +.5 for standards of living that nearly all the audience brought up. {No energy/fuel question.It was a toss up for fuel/civil liberties.}

Malcolm tucker - 2 {No one mentioned Sissons. Has he got a book out?}

Budgie - 2 solids and a .5 for the generally pervading 'Tory misery' meme. - 2.5

CU - 2 + .5 for the same reason as budgie. {they didn't really do Tory paper..Will Self cut that off early}

BE - yes. I don't like her at all. She would be good at the CBI though. You must enter BE! One point for the Katie observation.

Winner is
Control Orders was the joker.
Far, far to tedious though. They should have done the Nimrods.

Updated L/T on front.