Saturday 29 January 2011

Saturday Song: Rupert's In Town ...

... and its business.

Who wants to spend a year in gaol ?
Who wants their bid for Sky to fail ?
Who wants the bother of a big public fuss ?
A big public fuss is no good for us !

Who wants bad headlines ev’ry day ?
When Chinese markets are in play ?
Who wants shame and opprobrium too ?
And I don’t, cos all I want is Hu

Who wants the wretched BBC ?

Who wants his stuff online for free ?
Who wants to burden Fox with neutrality ?

What, neutrality ? that’s no use to me !
Who wants to bother with the facts ?
Who wants to pay out any tax ?
Who cares for human rights, or for Liu ?
And I don’t, cos all I want is Hu


first hosted by the esteemed Anna


Bill Quango MP said...


Steven_L said...

I've got one for you ND, can you come up with one starting:

"Mr King was in his printing house, printing lots of money ..."

I've been trying and failing :(

Steven_L said...

Here goes then:

Sing a song of sterling,
A nation full of debt,
A trillion quid of IOU's,
In a big game of roulette.

Chips were piled up to the ceiling,
When the wheel ceased to spin,
The house of cards came tumbling down,
So they turned to Mervyn King.

Mr King was in his printing house,
Printing lots of money,
Mr Bean was on the BBC,
Talking up a rally.

Mr Brown was at the DMO,
Racking up a slate,
When down came a PIIGS bond crash,
Making everything stagnate.

There was lots of inflation,
But growth was not a lot,
Mr King was on three hundred K,
And didn't care a jot.

Anyone up for getting pissed and singing it outside his office?

Thud said...

pissed and remember those lyrics?...past me I'm afraid.

Nick Drew said...

Go Steven !

we will put up bail for you, but I fear it'll be an ASBO if you carry through with your plan

James Higham said...

Perhaps C@w can become the haven of political poetry.