Thursday 17 February 2011

Question Time again.

David Dimbleby is joined in Barking by

Vince Cable,{Business secretary.Against the war in Iraq but for a 'war with Murdoch.'}
Yvette Cooper, {Shadow Home Sec, and wife of the lovely Ed. She used to be appalling, having to run from the commons to get advice when she couldn't answer questions from MPs. but has since become a much better performer.}
Michael Heseltine, { former Tarzan. Baron. Millionaire. Cameron supporter... Ageing, but still able to swipe a cub now and then.}
Nigel Farage. {Leader of UKIP, Stunt pilot and supporter of AV.}
and Victoria Barnsley {HarperCollins chief Exec. Businesswoman. Don't know much about her really. She should know her business questions.}

New rule!
As Dimby keeps allowing prattling, some QTs have only 4 questions. Players who only give 4 q's in their comments guesses will receive a bonus 1/2 point if there are 4 or fewer questions.

YOU choose what you think the panel may be asked by the audience. YOU put those guess questions into the comments... points are awarded for accuracy, style, exclusivity, humour and sometimes just randomly. New entrants welcome and judged favourably.

Winner gets to pick the next government U-turn.

BQ chooses

  1. Trees..Save the trees..and U-turns in general
  2. Yoof unemployment..too far too fast.
  3. Big Society. Now Cameron has explained it again we're all much clearer about it...sort of.
  4. Inflation and interest rates. Cooper's time to shine.
  5. European court telling everyone what they can and can't do. prisoners and paedos! Farage wades in.

Week 6 leader board - 17/2/11

BQ -- 17.5
Timbo614 -- 16.5
Miss S-J -- 16
Botogol - 15
Malcolm Tucker -- 15
Hovis - 13
Nick Drew --12.5
Miss CD --11
Hatfield girl --9.5
CU - 8
Dick the prick -8.5
Appointment to the board - 8.5
Anon -7
Budgie 5
Blue Eyes - 3.5
Andrew --2
Woman on a Raft -1


Miss CD said...

1. Sex offenders and the register. Supreme court.
2. Egypt. Mubarak quitting and the spread of protests in the middle east.
3. U-turn government.the trees was a really bad idea anyway.
4. Hospital care. NHS failing the elderly.
5. Inflation and Mervyn king.

Dick the Prick said...


1) Unemployment - Vince is a twat, all his fault, if only we'd listen to Yvette.

2) AV - yeah, doubt it but you never know

3) Trees seguay into Big Society bollox

4) Sex pests

Not confidant really.

Nick Drew said...

1. should thieves be paraded through town with placards round their necks? (or should it be nooses?)

2. should troops really be fired by email ? (or indeed at all?)

3. should Muslim schools be allowed to beat their little charges ?
(I went to a very violent school - Eton ? - damn' nearly! © I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again 1972)

4. elderly patients hospital shame (& that's before the Cutz ... could GPs be any worse than Trusts ??)

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Tree-Turn. is this democracy or a government that has too many policies on too many things?
2. Supreme court rulings. Should UK laws be subject to approval by Europe?
3. Council execs are the new bankers. Will voting for pay rises just spread the wealth further down the voting chain?
4. Something about immigration and BNP.Probably youth unemployment. QT is in Barking.

James Higham said...

Nigel wasn't the pilot, Bill.

hovis said...

1. Defying the EU - prisoner now the (supposed) opt out of banning herbs ( dnt get me started on what a spineless dross this is)

2. Youth Unemployment rising - lost generation

3. Islam and integration - after the C4 program - it s barking after all

4. U turn on trees, SPelman to go ?

5. After the King's Speech cleaned up at the BAFTAs should we listen to Colin Firth on AV.

hatfield girl said...

Gladio-style, leave-behind political networks: can we ever vote administrations out of office?

Should back-benchers be given the choice: free travel for their families or Labour members be offered an equivalent contribution for a Berlusconi-style casa chiusa with full madam support? (Conservatives tend to make these arrangements privately, not least because they're not too keen on cooperatives).

How many north African refugees, currently covering the island of Lampedusa from side to side and end to end, will be on our islands within 6 weeks; should we close down the welfare state as it only encourages them?

Is it time to reset the concepts of old, poor, educationally deprived, and gender and age bias victim, in terms of skived-off at 55, one vacation a year is not enough, stupid, and depraved?

Are London boroughs too large and heterogeneous for effective democratic representation at truly local levels; do the rich parts of boroughs treat poorer parts as merely reservoirs of children to maintain their 'comprehensive' schools in pristine Camden School for Girls and William Ellis condition?

Anonymous said...

Dave's for turning, is he frit?
Stagflation - are we back to 1974?
Why bother saving, just to expire in your own excrement on the NHS?
What has the EU done for us?
Workfare? About time!

Timbo614 said...

I Agree With Nick! (on q1 anyway although I'll put it 4th)

1) With only six weeks to go for our first referendum in 30 years on the Alternate Vote, WHY, WHY, WHY is it not making major news, being discussed in the MSM?? (Even if they would add creeping Jaws music!)??

2) Tree surgery, has the government lost it's bite or has it lost it's "bark" too? heh heh :)

3) Has the bank of England lost control of inflation? Has Merv just lost it? Is it really going to be a disaster if interest rates are raised a massive 1/4 % to a massive 3/4%? (As an aside possibly: they don't know they're born I remember 13-14% etc. etc.)

4) should it cost you 13 Grand to parade a thief through town with a placard round his neck?

5) Has Ken Clarke lost it? What does he think he is doing - going around telling the damn truth to the middle classes?

Miss S-J said...

* U-turns on trees,schools and sports and ..
* Euro courts
* Obama is coming! Hooray everybody! Hooray! Anyone?
* Mid-East protests
* IDS tells slackers to get to work. Even if there isn't any.

Now, off to pick up kids..

appointmetotheboard said...

1. U-turns in general, forests in particular. Though personally, I'm surprised IDS going back on housing benefit isn't a bigger story. But I digress - as I'm at the foot of the table and a points whore, I make the bold prediction that someone on the panel will make a yew-tree pun. But not Nigel Farage. He'll mention Scandinavian pines coming over here and stealing our sunshine.

2. Something about those foreign technocrats in Brussels telling us what we can and can't do with sex offenders. They may be sex offenders but, by God, they are British sex offenders.

3. Something about workshy scroungers and benefit reform. Possibly conflated with foreigners coming over here and stealing our benefits.

4. Long-shot, but the economy, specifically inflation? A bit yesterday's news. Bold prediction that Nigel Farage beats Hezza to saying that every new job created by the last Labour government was filled by a dirty foreigner instead of a young Brit.

5. Since Ming the Mirthless is there, AV. Will a no vote lead to the collapse of the coalition?

Steve said...
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Botogol said...

is this the end of the Welfare State?

shouldn't everyone have the right to appeal, even sex offenders?

inflation and unemployment - is this the 1970s again?

do the panel welcome Obama? or is it another waste of money

should we take cover from the sun flares

bonus if anyone mentions helicopters.

five questions.. I reckon Dimbleby reads this blog, and he'll speed up

Nick Drew said...

Timbo - bark ! haha (+:

extra points for you if I had anything to do with it

CityUnslicker said...

1 - Tree u-turn - government is incompetent.
2 - Bahrain - Tories supply guns to dictators
3 - interest rates - who will rid us of this turbulent King? (I think I see a future post headline)
4 - welfare reform - tories want to disposess even lazy people.
5 - AV - As long as it means less Tories, the BBC are in favour.

Bill Quango MP said...

Victoria Barnsley most influential woman in Britain, says Dimbey. Blimey. I've got all Andy Grey in my intro. Sorry luv.

Q1. Sex offenders and EU courts.
NF bangs the referendum drum, to much applause. MH picks him up on it. But then he doesn't answer anyway. Being very dull so far for a decent question. YC is 100% u-turned from her former government position. Probably in line with polling data.
VC adds detail but its still deathly dull. Audience is silent throughout.

Q2. IDS and 'there's no jobs'
VB is hoping growth will create the jobs. That's the choice really. Public sector borrowing or private jobs creation.
VC is right to say the system is broken. He is saying if we don't fix it now, then when? In another 15 years? This is one that does need tackling as Labour will never do it. But once its done they won't reverse it either.
Audience isn't very impressed.
Not surprised. wards, located in the town centre, are within the top 10% most deprived wards in the country
MH is saying we cannot get people to work for Asian wages and of course he is correct.
YC rather treads on VC's yoof have no qualifications by pointing out the number of unemployed graduates. Even allowing for the plethora of easy degree graduates, its still a good point. Then she talks crap about future job fund, etc.
NF blames unskilled foreign labour. Someone scored a bonus point there!
YC talks about reforming benefits under Newlab.. Trouble was YC, it was in the grubby hands of your former master. And he wouldn't allow it.
Student in audience blames the teachers, to a large rumble of discontent. Teachers must be in again tonight.

Q3. U-turn if yew want too.
VC thinks this is a sign of strength. Maybe Vince. Once in a while. Not every week though.
MH agrees. NF is right that forest sales was terribly handled.
Conspiracy theorist in the audience. That's been doing the twitter rounds.
VB is bang on when she explains that government ministers don't know how to run anything. Business management courses focus on managing change. It's the largest segment.
YC has the brass neck to talk about government apologise for tuition fees which Labour introduced and was in her own manifesto until a few weeks ago.

Ends in a silly squabble where YC can't recall the deficit number.

Q4. Foreign aid to India? Where did that come from? Barking is a very strange place. Its the ONLY place I've ever been to where there was a shop selling used porno mags.

NF says don't give it. VB questions the amount of money. She says its so small as to be unnoticeable. Correct. But people seem very annoyed about it. Audience woman says that the 99% of public spending is not being used in this country. Its a mad thing to say.

Its an easy PR win any time you need it Dave. Scrap foreign aid. It saves bugger all but is a vote winner in poor areas. Its a handout of about £200 quid for each of us. If an Obama style cheque went out pre election...?

Bill Quango MP said...

Dull QT. but anyway lets see.

BQ - 3.

Miss CD - 2 +.5 for U-turns in general. -2.5

DtP - 3 +.5 for the bonus for a waffley show. - 3.5

ND - all excellent suggestions. 1 because anyone of those would have been better than the actual. +.5 bonus for 1.5.

MT- Superb. 3 +.5 for the bonus and .5 for immigration causes Barking to be a dump. -4

JH - I am aware. Hezza wasn't really Johnny Weissmuller's stunt double either. just poking fun at the great and good.

Hovis - 3 goals. nothing for immigration though. Muslims didn't get a mention. -3

HG - 2 {I think.} Votes and specific Larndarn Burras are poor. Give us cash. 500,000 Tunisians turning up on the doorstep hasn't gone down too well then? -2

Anon - 3 goodies there. -3

Timbo614: Oh dear. 1. Plus a 1 for the bark gag. {I see Guido Fawkes put Yew-turn in a post the other day. I'd already used it on his bleedin' blog!
Its hardly original ...{miffed face} ...but still?...{mutter mutter} -2

Miss S-J - 3. good for a rush job.

appointmetotheboard: {there's that Yew turn again! Ok, so I may not have invented it ..{mutter..grumble}.. but still?..}
- Classic contribution tonight. - 3 good answers and a bonus 1 for those dirty foreigners stealing our jobs by Farage. and a .5 for the Yew-turn -4.5

Botogol: Sadly Dimbleby appears to either not read, or read and not care. Dreary, dreary first half. Just the -2

CU -2 +.5 for who will rid us of this turbulent King?
Its like an economists in joke.
- 2.5.

Winner is appointmetotheboard who gets to Yew-turn on anything you like.
Might I suggest the Chinook chopping?

Timbo614 said...

Aarrgh! A disaster, my chance at the top spot, blown!

Interesting that Heseltine's answer to the India aid question underlines my point last week about us (in the UK) getting over ourselves as an ex-empire.

"This is an ex-empire, this is a deceased empire. This world power is no longer." [shopkeeper] "No it's not" [bangs dead empire on world stage] "look it gives foreign aid!"