Friday 18 February 2011

Only the BBC...

...could publish with a straight face this story about unpaid taxes. The too-clever-by-half reporter who has done this story only went and did an FOI request to see how much Councils were missing in underpaid taxes.

As this sorry excuse for a report meanders on it becomes apparent that at less than 2% its well within the realms of tolerance for any system; indeed it notes that 'cultural' issues in Scotland even help push up the numbers.

So the only fact in the story about £530 million is the one used in the headline.

I can't think why the BBC are so keen to focus on people who like avoiding their taxes? I wonder what the rate of non-payment of their villainous telly tax is this year? Last year they seemed to think it was 5%.


Theo Spark said...

What's a TV licence?

Old BE said...

The article also doesn't mention rent collection which probably makes up a huge proportion of council income. I know that my local council has been making huge strides in collecting arrears from the mick-takers.

All in all, a rather half-arsed article. Due to the unique way it is funded.

Anonymous said...

So "cultural issues" are the in reason for non collection in Scotland.
So thats all right then, theiving form the (English)taxpayer has the blessing of the BBC.