Thursday 3 February 2011

Question Time Compo

No news on who's on it this week.

So..into the void,unprepared..

YOU choose what you think the panel may be asked by the audience.
YOU put those guess questions into the comments... points are awarded for accuracy, style, exclusivity, humour and sometimes just randomly.

Winner gets to take Sally Bercow up on her Evening Standard reader's offer.

BQ chooses
1.Egypt. Should Britain support the protesters?
2. New google crime maps. Spot the chaviest house in your county.
3. Save the trees! Save the trees! kill a beaver!
4. Australia flooding..USA under the evidence for climate change overwhelming? -Well, yes.

5. Price of footballers at Liverpool vs Liverpool city council's cuts and threats.

Week 4. League Table

BQ -- 12.5
Timbo614 -- 11.5
Botogol - 11
Miss S-J -- 10.5
Malcolm Tucker -- 9
Nick Drew --8.5
Hovis - 8
Hatfield girl --7.5
Miss CD --7.5
CU - 5.5
Anon -4
Blue Eyes - 3.5
Dick the prick -3
Budgie 2.5
Appointment to the board - 2
Andrew --2


Old BE said...

Egyptian solidarity - could UK students and public sector workers learn a thing or two from Cairo? / Should UK police be issued with tanks and automatic weapons?

MPs' expenses / electoral reform - with the public sector being squeezed why are there still so many MPs and why haven't their salaries, perks and pensions been cut?

Is the big society dead in the water? Are Cameron and Clegg about to make the same mistakes that Heath did?

Should the UK apply to join the United States?

Miss CD said...

1. Egypt protests. Is democracy driven by bread?

2.Should planes be sent by the taxpayers to rescue tourists seeking a bargain.

3. Speaker's wife. Why is she such a slapper?

4. Football transfer payments are the new banker's bonuses.[and that's the illustration that will be used..banker's bonuses!}

5. Pfizer quits. So much for the private sector recovery.

Dick the Prick said...

Egypt for dull debate

Forests - theenk of the cheeldwen (Australia wouldn't have happened)

Economic plan B - let Labour bullshit - unemployment &/or cuts

Mental health £400 million to keep Cleggy happy (to be diverted to a guitar playing train driver with a Mars bar fixation)

Yeah, footballers - justify through cuts prism.

Hmm - tricky one this week really.

PS - am sure you know but Biased BBC do a live blog and it almost makes QT enjoyable! Almost.

Botogol said...

After Egypt there's not much else that positively demands a question.. I expect we'll see some movement in the C@W QT League table... how exciting.


Who will come after Mubarrak, could the next lot be even worse?
(Tianamen Sq, Berlin Wall, Flower revolution, Yadda Yadda Yadda)

Should the Govt be selling our forests?

Should the Catholic Church repay the money that was taken out of the Overseas Aid budget to finance the Pope's visit

Is the Big Society dead ?

Would the panel give the Olympic Stadium to Spurs or Palace?

CityUnslicker said...

1. Tories back Egpytian dictators+ Nick Clegg is 'excited', he is a right prick isn't he?
2. Liverpool Council rightly rejects the big society
3. Osborne has caused a double dip
4. Football transfers, sick example of capitalism
5. Paxman to replace dumbleby or will it go to Connie Huq?

hovis said...

1. Egypt protests - some sort of spin that it's all our (the west's) fault - weave in support for mubarak, evil bankers/speculators and grain price

2.Pfizer closing Sandwich R&D site - Tories hate manufacturing and have no industrial policy and are rubbish.

3. Osbourne might not hit deficit cut target - so is wromg to try

4. Getting rid of the 'Mental' disqualification for MP's will it mean more power crazed lunatics in parliament?

Miss S-J said...

Agree with everyone. An Egypt heavy episode.

1. Egypt has had 'breaking news' coverage for a week. Tunisia barely got a day. Is this because there's some juicy fighting, student protest style, or just better hotels for journalists in Cairo ?

2. Crime map shows Liverpool not as violent as Mr Pettigrew's at number 42.

3. Terrorist safe haven. Has human rights not yet gone far enough?

4. Lords deadlock broken. But has Cameron sold out his Tory MPs?

5. Sky TV verdict. Is Murdoch having a bad year?

last minute Q - have the panel been metro-liberally gushing over 'The King's speech?'

hatfield girl said...

Should the Coalition government stop pussy-footing about and tell us plainly that it's not there will be no general election (and general say) for the next five years, it's there will be no further say ever (if they can help it)?

Should towns and cities whose economic purpose has now been extinguished be abandoned with only skeletal links and services?

Is it time for universities to determine the criteria they wish to use for awarding places and abandon A-levels, or lack of them, as being indicative of anything interesting at all?

Can street protests seriously damage your health (and prospects)?

And for light relief:

Why can the Danes build a six lane motorway, plus rail link, undersea tunnel to Germany when England has no road link at all to the continent of Europe? (or should that be the continent has no link to England?)

Nick Drew said...

- Egypt / crime maps / foopballers as my bankers

doubt there will be as many as 5 qns this week but ...

- 'Plan B' as my Plan B

- Stroppy (House of) Lords as my wildcard

somebody will mention ... Cameron's new BBC spinmeister

James Higham said...

Winner gets to take Sally Bercow up on her Evening Standard reader's offer.

I'd prefer an hour with a sanctimonious dwarf if I could find one.

Anonymous said...

1. Government cuts & their effect on grants that council grants give.
2. Egypt - the violence and the
effect that it will have on Middle East "peace"
3. Sale of woodland to the highest bidder and probable loss of "right to roam"
4. Australia, Queensland flooding, is just a one off or is it global warming.
5. How long will the government split and what will happen to the LibDems, will they disappear with out trace

Anonymous said...

1. Government cuts & their effect on grants that council grants give.
2. Egypt - the violence and the
effect that it will have on Middle East "peace"
3. Sale of woodland to the highest bidder and probable loss of "right to roam"
4. Australia, Queensland flooding, is just a one off or is it global warming.
5. How long will the government split and what will happen to the LibDems, will they disappear with out trace

Timbo614 said...

Been a very busy week for me so not much news/blog reading anyway here goes...

Should the UK just follow the dithering US (as usual) or should we actually put our money where our mouth is and openly support the advent of Egyptian democracy?

Crime Map - Do the panel think this will just reduce/increase house prices in certain areas and who will pay the compensation demanded if/when it does?

Why don't we all chip in about a tenner each to save the trees if we really want them? Alternatively should we all send a tenner to the national trust and let them do it for us?

Why shouldn't unmarried couples together for say 10 years be treated the same as marrieds?

Liverpool council rejects "Big Society" - from the city that is historically supposed to have a great community spirit - Are the councillors right to announce this "on Behalf" of their residents?

Throwaway - The cost of footballers - I know nothing of football!

P.S. - B.Q. You are going to need division two - you have 2 anon's to arbitrate between :))

P.P.S. if I win please deduct points so I don't get the prize!

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Egypt protests and the state calling in the police to become a groundswell protest

2.Joe Anderson opts out of the big society.

3.World food prices reach new highs. Will other countries start to face revolution?

4. Shell profits up - Should the fuel tax be drastically reduced.

5.Uk is a terror haven. Cameron said dump human rights legislation...but can he?

Dick the Prick said...

On the panel tonight: Damian Green MP, Andy Burnham MP, Melanie Phillips, Clare Short and Noreena Hertz (economist who also doubles up for kids parties it seems with the happily titled The Silent Takeover: Global Capitalism and The Death of Democracy!)

By my count that's 1.5 right wingers to 1 left winger to 2 nutjobs.

'Order order, the nutjobs have it, the nutjobs have it'. Mad Mel's good for the wind up though. said...

1. Egypt. Something suitably racist/alarmist about Muslim extremists taking over. Possibly framed as good news by Melanie Phillips so that terrorists don't have to come here to get the vote once they are convicted of crimes.

2. Climate change. Go on Melanie. Tell us its all a conspiracy. Show us once again just how horribly wrong and annoying you can be.

3. What did we make of the Chilcot Inquiry now its finished? Expect to see yet another embarrassing display from Claire Short attempting to defend her position.

4. Football and footballers salaries. Because thats all we're really interested in. That and who Jordan is going to shack up with next.

5. My wild card - OK, ever wilder guess than the ones above - Is Nick Clegg working too hard at dismantling the state?

I may possibly be a bit grumpy.

Anonymous said...

blimey! This is the first one I've watched in a while and its toenail pulling awful! I now know why I just use Bill's rather good reviews than suffer this.

who is the awful voiced preachey 'economist'? she certainly doesn't understand computers - did she really say that "cyber terrorism will make govt building falls down?!?" or did I dream it? I'm not sure her grasp of economics is an awful lot better.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Should we be worried about Egypt?
Claire equivocates.Mad Mel IS worried, re the Muslim Brotherhood.
{appointment THB scores a bonus point 20 seconds in!}
Norrena Hertz has taken over the chair. Where's Dimbleby!! She tends to side with Mel. Audience man seems to think we {the west}have a lot of power in Egypt to choose the leader. We don't.
Andy B. states the obvious..lets hope it all turns out all right.
Damien Green. {CS shoots herself over supplying aid to evil regimes. She was minister for overseas aid!}
Mel gets a good hit in at the end.
{though she says Hitler was elected. Except he wasn't. A coalition formed.}

Claire says the Yanks pull the strings of the Egyptian military..
1.5bn in aid. {but its aid to buy their weapons and to not attack Israel.}

Q2. The Trees! {biggest round of applause ever! Don't know why the coalition blundered into this. Noreena talks bollocks, but bollocks that people believe.
No more picnics.
DG tells it as it is, but its an emotive subject DG. No one will listen. Drop the proposal, its just not worth it.
Its an easy one for AB to do his heart on sleeve act, and he does. And does it well too.

Q3. Britain is a safe haven for terrorism Mad Mel thinks yes. Sour faced Claire thinks no.
AB thinks no. DG thinks it was 'over vivid language.'

Q4 can't do big society in Liverpool DG is right. its a political gesture.CS is on Big Soc side. that's a big surprise.
Mel says 'what is the society?'
Noreena is very lefty. Is it her fiancée, the controller of BBC1 colouring her views a pinky-yellowy colour?

Audience was quite balanced for cumbria. Excecept the last one who was a first rate planted knob.
'The dictatorship of Cameron'

Anonymous said...

haha !! In an effort to find out actually who she is, I went to the esteemed wikipedia for her biog...

it currently starts of
"Prof. Noreena Hertz (born September 24, 1967, London) is an English economist, author and campaigner and bloody irritating woman known for her disastrous appearance on Question Time helped by her nepotistic engagement to Danny Cohen. She is alledgedly an expert on economic globalisation."

now THATS a biography!

Bill Quango MP said...

Only 4 q's.

BQ: - 2.5

BE - 2 {+.5 for your Burnham point. its an obvious one,but still true} -2.5}

Dick the Prick 2.5 + .5 for the summary. Noreena seemed to be a 1/2 for the left though. = 3

Botogol 3 solids + .5 for bang on the Egyptian positioning. = 3.5

CU. Blimey! top marks = 3.

Hovis 1. + .5 for good take on Egypt +.5 for the general Tory evil scent to the show. = 2

Miss S-J. Egypt heavy it was. Two for you =2.

HG - two good hits. did you know it was Cumbria? = 2

ND 1 + .5 for 'plan B' and .5 for only 4 Qs. = 2

JH - I think John Bercow is free. {We call him 'Little John - Man in tights' in the commons.}

Anon: {must get a name anon!} - 3 good calls and a 1 for 'council grants' that was all the audience talked about.-4

Timbo614 - 3 good ones and a good try on unmarried couples. You don't get first prize, a night with the speaker's wife, but you do get second prize; Two nights.

Malcolm Tucker: - 3 excellent calls. Great opener +1 +1 . but then all goes downhill. = 2

Anon- Norrena Hertz. A proper, hard working, economist. But with a feminist activist mother, Rabbi father and BBC one controller boyfriend she is an 'evils of unregulated capitalism' economist.

Winner is anon who gets a night out with Mrs Speaker. She says he can pick up her around 8pm from the usual street corner.

Table update on main post.

Bill Quango MP said...

If you like Anonymous you can swap your night with Sally for a night with Noreena?

Bill Quango MP said...

Sorry Miss CD, missede your score off. Just 1 point for you.

{she texted Me!At this time! Can't believe it.I'll see her in the morning.}

For those that don't know, Miss CD is BQ's PA.

Dick the Prick said...

The Noreena women started freakin' the begeezus out of me as it went on. 'I'm an economist' was a corker of a comment in a bad way, in a very bad way.

Nick Drew said...

yes Noreena deserves to go to the top of one of those Top Gear leaderboards

economist-in-a-reasonably-minded-audience (fastest time to achieve piss-off)

frosties for breakfast with Mr Cohen this morning

Botogol said...

4 qus. dimbleby seems to be fitting in fewer and fewer recently. Maybe they need to have one fewer panellist again.

I think QT is missing another trick - the old custom of finsihing with slightly unexpected or off-beat question was a good one.

Timbo614 said...


Yes - Dimbleby is letting the panellists run on too long. Not cutting them short as he used to. So much so that they actually end up repeating themselves and letting the discussion go stale and boring :(

@B.Q. Thank you for your kind award but my diary is rather full lately, 2 nights is simply out of the question so I will put your prizes on ebay and donate the money to a charity for retired hookers.

Timbo614 said...

@Miss CD. Well spotted - we can't have such sloppy slip-ups slid past us by the judge. He must be made to realise that it is a serious business, running, judging (and competing simultaneously) in a well publicised and supported international competition!

Keep texting!

Government Grants said...

Egypt has had 'breaking news' coverage for a week. Tunisia barely got a day. Is this because there's some juicy fighting, student protest style. And Osborne has caused a double dip.