Monday 28 February 2011

Quote of the day

At the 2005 G8 summit one of the British delegation became so agitated with the Americans over their refusal to go along with aid to Africa and Climate Change proposals that he waved the financial assistance to Africa paper over a candle, where it promptly went up in flames.

The Americans remarked
"Pity it wasn't the climate change text as well. Then we could all go home."

The cancellation of African debts was duly signed up and saved the world's poorest countries about $1.5 bilion in interest. A triumph for the Labour chancellor.


measured said...

$1.5bn pales into insignificance. Good pr as a token gesture. The Americans must have known what was coming. It would have been wiser to use the money to buy up Africa before the Chinese. There were 36,000 Chinese nationals in Libya.

On this burning question, did Blair save the world before Brown then? As for climate change, you have to make it in the American's interest to do something about it as they are so centric focused. The rest of us have not done that yet.

Btw did anyone vote for the US to rule the world? Still, they have more firepower than Gaddafi so I ain't arguing. They never like being held to account though, do they?

Dick the Prick said...

Hee hee hee - good on thr Yank.

Budgie said...

Christopher Booker has a piece in the Mail today about the windmill scam. Not read it yet though.