Thursday 24 March 2011

Question Time predictor

Who's on? - Don't know
Where is it? London. Maybe an Olympics/ Boris question. Boris and HSBC?

Winner gets to choose new style pajamas for Ken Clarke.

YOU choose what you think the panel may be asked by the audience.
YOU put those guess questions into the comments... points are awarded for accuracy, style, exclusivity, humour and sometimes just randomly. New entrants welcome and judged favourably.

BQ thinks
1. Is Osborne the new Karate kid? Tax on - Tax off. 1p fuel.
2. Growth figures undermine coalition. Questioner or Labour rep says "it isn't working its hurting."
3. Is Gaddafi a legitimate war target? {No one will answer..just waffle about UN mandate}
4. Inflation rise. Should 5% cause concern, or wait until its 17% like Vietnam?
5. Liz Taylor .. Celebs ain't what they used to be.

Winners were Timbo614 and Measured who can choose some sort of sleepwear for the former chancellor.

New Champ is

Timbo614 - 30

Malcolm Tucker -29
Bill Quango - 28.5
Botogol - 28
Miss S-J - 27.5
Nick Drew - 25.5
Appointmentotheboard - 23
Miss CD - 22
Hovis 21.5
Hatfield Girl - 21
CityUnslicker - 18.5
Dick the Prick - 17
measured - 13.5
Steven_L - 12.5
Anon -12
Andrew - 11
GSD - 8.5
Woman on a raft - 7
Mark Wadsworth -6
Budgie - 5
BE - 3.5
Alan -2


Dick the Prick said...

Dick the Prick said...

Sorry OT but may be going on the lash and am upset by last week's omission leaving me in bottom of the table obscurity.

1) Budget - are the coalition ejjets? (why yes, of course)

2) Libya still - not sure what though

3) Portugal maybe, maybe baby

4) Petrol/oil/nuclear blahdy blah blah (probably shouldn't aggregate but....)

5) Cuts/Demo on Saturday

Muchos apols for OTopicness but ooooh, was vexed last week, so just getting indelible evidence to maintain my woeful performance and judging by this attempt I feel my position is secure!



Miss CD said...

Budget heavy episode.

-1 Budget fuel tax is it damaging the environment or something like that.

- 2 changes to planning laws. will the green belt stay.

-3 Should N.I. and Income Tax be combined

-4 Can we afford a war at £1/2 million a missile?

That will probably be it.

Nick Drew said...

Yup, 1) Fuel Duty: I feel at long last its hour has come !

2) Libya / Col G / do we know what we're playing at ? (& someone will make the link with oil)

3) will the panel be joining Saturday's march ?

4) is it time for (economic) Plan B ? (can cover inflation, growth etc etc)

5) did the panel have that poster of the tennis girl on their walls ?

Bonus qn: to which country will CU emigrate ?

Botogol said...

- Isn't it about time we pulled our military out of Libya?

- isn't it about time george osbourne tried plan b

- are we on the brink of rampant inflation?

- is it acceptble for the census to ask about our religion

Somewhere along the line the panel will mention Elizabeth Taylor.

appointmetotheboard said...

For those that care, the panel is Danny Alexander MP (again) Rory Stewart MP, Ken Livingstone, Bianca Jagger and Niall Ferguson (again).

Not sure that will inform too many guesses but still...

hovis said...

Ok I have read the runes and this is what they tell me:

1. Fuel Escalator / petrol tax cut - genius or green betrayal
2. Domicile moving out / moving in WPP vs HSBC, was this a budget for business?
3. Oil proces / Libya / Nuclear what are we doing
4. Libya - should Gaddaffi be targeted - is it split between Govt and military (Cameron Arse / elbow)

Ok the left field question
5. England with John Terry as captain - is rehabilitation possible (political angle)

I was tempted to be lazy and just say budget, budget, budget, libya libya but thought beter of it ...

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Fuel/budget escalator
- Cuts about to bite yet no growth. Time to go to plan B?
- Nuclear spillage in Japan. Is it time to say no to Nukes in UK.
- London 2012 board suspends Lord Moynihan and Andy Hunt. Ken wouldn't have had that problem.
- Libya. How do we know when we've won?

andrew said...

1 Growth - where did it all go - is it the fault of osbourne or balls

2 Ghadaffi - is it right to do destroy forces not attacking civilians

3 Gas - is 1p a litre really going to help

4 Grief - will there ever be anyone to come close to Liz again

5 Games - What will the game's enduring legacy or will it go the way of the millenium dome

measured said...

1. Where are the jobs? growth stimulants/carbon tax cf. fuel duty decline/The Budget - UK

2. How are we paying for all this debt? Who'll be the first to go bust in Europe? benefits of being the first/ inflation

3. Would we send troops into Libya? Yes, I know the answer is 'no' but that's not the point; which countries are running the show?

4. What made Elizabeth Taylor the style icon of the 50's?

5. Please someone point out the Demo is squealing over cuts of 1%. Yes, just 1% across the board.

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Fuel duty - it's not enough

2. Libya - should we be involved?

3. Nuclear power - after Fukushima is it still safe?

4. HMS Invincible - shouldn't we have kept it? (overlaps with 2)

5. Royal Wedding - should we disinvite King of Bahrain? (bonus question - will some twat insist on pronouncing it Bach-rain or will they go for the more Anglicised Bar-rain?)

Timbo614 said...

@dtp: It's tough at the top too, pressure is on! Only 1.5 points separates 1st and 5th!

1) Is the budget abolition of the fuel price escalator colouring the coalition blue rather than green (Which co-incidentally is a mixture of blue and yellow.)?

2) Where does the government draw the line in the Libya no-fly zone enforcement / war?

3) As Portugal says no to austerity should we (the UK) help them out (via the EU of course) by contributing over 3 billion quid? Which we don't have (having just spent it on a few dozen missiles in Libya!).

4) Is this a budget too much in favour business why are they the only group to get a tax cut? (Tory business friends etc)

Firewoman, Should you get fired or quizzed by your boss for speaking out on question time? (If this made the main stream before the recording.)
Bianca Jagger will be the first to mention Liz Taylor...

hatfield girl said...

If Nato can do the military planning and leading for Europe why can't Ashton do the political planning and leading for Europe - she's paid a lot to do it?

Is it wrong to try and kill dictators?

Who, among the Panel, has ever taken from Gadaffi in cash or kind?

Has the budget nothing to do with growth and everything to do with placating interest and pressure groups?

Is it risking bad luck to travel in Charles's Rolls and Diana's carriage?

Miss S-J said...

1. Was the budget just another Gordon special? It all unravelled by the morning?

2. Are the government going to bail out Portugal as well as Ireland?

3. If Nato/ coalition can kill MadDog, should they?

4. The mayoral elections are AV. That's a good thing, right?

5. Was Liz Taylor really as talented as Angelina Jolie?

appointmetotheboard said...

Oi, @Timbo614 and @Dick the Prick - it aint no picnic aspiring to mid-table mediocrity either..!

1. Budget. Petrol, at expense of the more significant / interesting stuff.

2. Budget. Should we be happy that big business is happy?

3. If the Lib Dems can't find anything to disagree with Cameron on, is there any point to them?

4. Should we be trying to martyr Gadaffi?

5. If we have to give £3bn to Portugal can we at least get Lisbon?

Steven_L said...

1) Budget, boooo! hisssss! corporation tax cuts!

2) Enterprise zones, booo! hissss! tax havens for bankers like canary wharf while poor unemployables reduced to breeding for a living in surrounding ghettos.

3) Inflation, boooo! hissss! pay freezes for nurses, bonuses for bankers.

4) Is Libya going to become another Iraq/Afghanistan?

GSD said...

My guesses are:

1) Libya - who exactly are the rebels?

2) Inflation - what can slow it?

3) New airport for London.

4) Budget - fair?

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Libya. Was it right to take action. {forgot this hadn't really broken last week.Moving very fast this story.} Ken is digging where we don't want to go. He's not wrong Ken, even if only for his own political reasons. Ferguson slaps him down! Go Niall! B-J doesn't agree with Ken either. Audience man bashes him again. Ken is getting a bit of a pasting. Rory Stewart is wearing someone else's shirt, tie and suit. Again. He's not the size he thinks he is.

Q2 - Is coalition's objective regime change? NF thinks it must be. Which it must. Or else it goes on for decades. Ken brings up the olympics as a terrorist target. Fear politics Ken, poor form. trying to imply Libya was a benign democracy that might be turned into a terrorist failed state. Gadaffi's regime planted bombs in nightclubs and on airlines, and supplied terrorist groups with cash, weapons, explosives and training.

Q3. Weird question must be from a labour activist. Are the liberals dominated by the Tories?
Ken thinks its a Thatcherite agenda. Many right wingers think its only a consensual Heathite one. Ken gets slapped again by audience. I think I might put cash on Boris. Very unusual. Is it in West London?

Q4. Another Libya one. Does UK have the military budget to fight another war? Can we afford to fire missiles?

So three Libya questions and no budget ones.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ - 1 {hurting/working only came up in Balls' dismal budget rebuttal.}

Dick the Prick: -1 for Libya and 1/2 for the sort of implied are the coalition ejjits q. - 1.5

Miss CD: - 2 for the exact 'can we afford missiles' question and 1/2 for greeny/budgety point that Bianca was going on about. + .5 for only 4 crappy q's = 3

ND: unbelievably fuel duty didn't come up. But Libya and Ken linking oil to invasions = 1.5

Botogol: 1 for Libya and .5 for 4 qs = 1.5

Hovis: {your lazy temptation modified to budget, Libya, Libya,Libya would have netted full house.} however - 2 Libyas and a green fuel betrayal = 2.5

Malcolm Tucker: - just the 1 today -1

Andrew: 1 for Libya and 1/2 for the growth point, which was discussed a fair bit. -1.5

Measured: .5 for the budgety one, .5 for the debt and 2 for the troops into Libya = 3

Mark Wadsworth: 1 for Libya and .5 for the man who ranted about defence cuts. - 1.5

Timbo 614: 1/2 for the green budget,Libya+no/fly/war 2 and the dozen missiles quip = 1/2 for -3

Hatfield Girl. Well you bravely picked three Libya questions , so call it 2. -2

Miss S-J: Just the 1.

Appointmentotheboard: 1 for libs, 1 for Libya = 2

Steven_L: Just 1 for Libya. And .5 for 4 qs = 1.5.

GSD: 1.5 for the rebels one, which Ken sort of said. +.5 for 4qs = 2.

Dick the Prick said...

Who'da thunk? Sure Libya's important but 3 q's seems a bit OTT. Almost left with the thinking that Osborne could have been a bit braver when there's such front page news going on. Hmm - @Timbo, I feel your stress (shuckering shukutash!!) & appointmentotheboard, 'nay lad, you've had it good, me father used to beat me within an inch of me life, we had a handful of hot gravel etc etc

Bill Quango MP said...

I am reminded once again to point out that Miss CD also scored three points and was inexplicably missed from the winner's circle.

I apologies for unreservedly for this oversight.

{Now can I PLEASE have the appointment book?}

Timbo614 said...

Pyjamas in the House

Some pyjamas are red and some pyjamas are blue,
and some pyjamas are budget pyjamas with a definite orange hue.
Some pyjamas have a rope or a cord which are made for classier folk.
Some pyjamas are budget pyjamas, a good bet for lads who are broke.
Some pyjamas have stripes and a slot, through which you're supposed to pee,
but some pyjamas are just right for a nap while on TV.

(C)Timbo 2011 :)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Hmm. To say I gave up watching QT years ago and there were only two questions, 1.5 isn't such a bad score.