Tuesday 26 April 2011

Does NFL shows the Premier League how to do it?

In the US NFL, there is a collective bargaining agreement for the players. As noted here before US sports are organised in a very socialistic manner. Spats like the current one with owners versus players are regular in all the major sports and baseball even lost a whole season becuase of it recently.

it is hard to imagine how the Premier League could have the same thing happen. Yet the owners must yearn for it, the terms of the current agreement for the NFL is that the players get 60% of the income, for many Premier League clubs that is a dreamland, some of them like Manchester City pay well over 100% of revenues to their players. In the NFL they want to reduce that level below 60%.

So maybe it will be some time yet until we see Gordon Taylor railing like Red Robbo on behalf of the players. In many ways it is a shame though as the NFl is much more competitive than the Premier League due to having a more level playing field around incomes and player salaries.


Anonymous said...

The last time there was a strike-shortened season in the NFL was in 1987, 24 years ago.

I think the continuous wide-spread competetiveness in the NFL due to the way the money distribution and player trading works, and, the contractual relationship between the NFL, it's clubs and players is a great trade-off for the possibility - and it is only a possibility - of a strike shortened season once every quarter of a century.

Saying that, it could never work in football because of the sheer vastness of the game (the NFL only has to negotiate with 32 teams) and the political interference at all levels. It would just be too bureaucratic and ridiculously expensive to administrate.

I knew I could make a contribution to this site at some level ;)

Bill Quango MP said...

Agree with Scan
All those Euro clubs playing in Euro competitions...only going to be a bigger nightmare

Jim said...

NFL is not a sport, its a TV advertising revenue generating machine. Not saying football isn't similar, but there is still a consequence to failure in football, which doesn't exist in the NFL. Fail to win a single game all season (as Detroit did in 2008), and you're still in the same competition the next season. Compare where Leeds Utd are now to 10 years ago, when they reached the Champions League semis. Look who the big teams were 50 years ago and where they are now, and have been in the meantime. There is no divine right to be at the top table in football.

Bill Quango MP said...

..But if it was introduced it might make the FA cup 1/2 time show better.

Black eyed peas or Springsteen?

Demetrius said...

Personally, were I to become Life President, I would outlaw professional sport.

Nick Drew said...

if we get AV Demetrius you probably can be Life President

James Higham said...

I'd like to see all budgets reduced to 10% in football. If that means watching a good game out on the field, so be it.

lilith said...

Must be mentioned. NFL is tedium on legs, and only appeals to its captive audience. Three hours to show a one hour game. No way. Whereas football is dead simple - anyone can understand it, it is exciting and it is the global game, and should be part of the free market and not fixed.

I say that as a Manchester City supporter of over 50 years, who fancies another 15 minutes of fame after 35 years of famine.