Saturday 23 April 2011

Just Because We're Paranoid ...

Looks as though we are going to have to watch our steps on C@W. First, the Greek government calls in the rozzers when they hear someone's written something unhelpful about their economy: seems that talking about a potential debt restructuring is "possible criminal conduct" nowadays.

Then, Obama mobilises the Feds against speculators causing oil prices to rise & similar malfeasances. "We are going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain".


So no more commentary from us on how Spain will be next down the pan; or how the price of oil will be staying in 3 figures from now on. I'm purging the archives as we speak. And heaven forefend we should short the $, eh?

Watch out, China, Mr Obama is on the case.


PS - is long-term gain OK ? Just asking, sir ...


Timbo614 said...

The article linked ends with:
"The government has repeatedly denied rumours that it will not honor its debt deals."

So we are all insistent, recalcitrant, re-offending criminals.

Checking the archives :( They're going to have to accuse and pursue half the internet bloggers for what, libel? No chance! Unless of course the e-mail was impersonating a bank, they may have a chance with that.

Nick Drew said...

I'm Spartacus !

hmm, on second thoughts, perhaps I'm not ...

andrew said...

One thing I dont understand is why governments collect tax - or raise loans.

QE I and II (from the little I understand) simply sort of created money from nothing, on a large scale.

Why not simply do that every year and use the money to run the govt?

It would release a large fraction of government to do something else - much more efficient

The tax burden would be spread amongst all the holders of USD assets - onshore and off shore.

The currency value would depend on the probity of that government.

I think I need to patent this.

Timbo614 said...

I didn't think you were... anyway there is always the Wayback Machine (

Dick the prick said...

Oh noes - scary Yanks! Apparently the US army private who released all the boring shit to Wikileaks has been moved somewhere better than solitary confinement, naked, sleep deprived and beaten, to Idaho or somewhere where they can beat, sleep deprive & keep in solitary confinement but out of the beltway so no irritating reportage; they've fucking tortured that lad that they failed to vet, who, at 20 years old had full security clearance! Funny as fuck, eh! Bastards.

Have a great Easter folks.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? Please tell me it is. The world's gone so nutty that I can't tell.

Demetrius said...

Any good tips for The Derby?

Nick Drew said...

I think I need to patent this - write your own cheque, I'd say

there is always the Wayback Machine - damn, I knew they'd catch up with us

Have a great Easter - that's more like it Dick, I have just about dried off from the tropical deluge of yesterday

hatfield girl said...

"Looks as though we are going to have to watch our steps on C@W."

Yes. Watching steps is probably a good idea even for those with far less insight than C@W. Lots of very cross losers with lots of pull still about who think the bloggers drip-dripped more damage than they expected.