Saturday 14 May 2011

Are we there yet?

It seems at last that blogger is back...sorry for the interruption in service, I can forsee that it will happen again.

Likely this is stage two of the google/facebook war that is sweeping the world and we are just one of the innocent pieces of collateral damage that is going to become more frequent as the hostilities increase.

I have not done much today and was sad to miss the rally against debt - but I had too many other commitments. However I did my bit by sending Mrs CU to London today with a limited cash amount and no credit cards- fight debt everywhere you see it I say!


Nick Drew said...

yes & the Big G has just seriously undermined its business model & general offer

cloud computing my arse

does that credit card really say 'CU CREDIT' on the bottom??

MIss S-J said...

There's an advert running on many websites for a British Airways credit Card with an unbeatable 50.7% apr.

Anonymous said...


All this debt thing is a state of mind that has afflicted this country for years, we blindly follow the US in everything and in the past 20/30 years has gradually increased, so much so governments have caught the disease ending in the fiasco of of the last 10 years, with PFI's (off book debts) introduced by Maggie and little Johnny Major Ball but taken to the limit by El Gordo, sell offs to help pay for projects to impress the voters, all this was going on while B'Liar on the throne, but I like to know what the opposition knew of this before the lights went out in the states, its all very well pontificating after things go belly up, but surely the oppositoin parties should have smelt a rat (a very dead one). Private individuals have lived on far too much credit for too long, what happened to the saving 20/25% deposit to get a mortgage that would have given a positive equity buffer and house prices would not have gone so high, credit cards another US import give a person the feeling that it is a bottomless pit of money, I have never had one, if in stead people saved a good amount for something or laid aside monies on a regular basis for the inevitable major repair things would revert to a more stable state , that also goes for HM Government

ken from glos said...

I cut up my credit card 5 years ago and have never missed it.It can be done !!