Thursday 12 May 2011

Question Time

David Dimbleby is joined in
Sheffield{ now there's a clue}
by Vince Cable, {wise sage of the Liberal party who has looked increasingly foolish in government. Almost abstained over his own tuition fees bill. Has been much better since jamming his socks into his mouth.}
David Blunkett, {Former Labour home Sec ,£331 million wasted on Another £2.5 just to scrap them. Makes the AV referendum costs look good I suppose.Might be a Laws question. Blunkett resigned in disgrace. Twice. }
Anna Soubry, {interesting wiki for a Tory newbie. Is for cannabis legalisation. And tabled a bill about anonymity in arrests. Interesting.}
James O'Brien { I assume it's the left leaning LBC presenter, who is sharper than a box of bayonets. Has a lot to say, mostly worth hearing.}
and Max Mosley {FIA ex-president, noted son of a fascist, enjoys the company of ladies... And lost a court case recently. Should be a laughable figure but always comes over very dignified}

Plenty of clues in there.

BQ says.
1. Should Liberal Democrats collapse the coalition to save themselves, or similar.
2. Super-injunction,privacy law discussion.
3. How did Salmond do so well? Is independence likely?
4. Economic forcasts down, inflation up. What the hell is going on Vince?
5. Should TV be allowed to screen live drug taking and dying grandads.

Playing with the Crouch End to Embankment no switching rules. And the Botogol 0.5 point for the correct number of questions asked.
Winner gets to appoint the replacement for Mr Huhne, where Twitter is reporting he has only a few days left.


Well,'s system failure left us with a grand relaunch equivalent to a false start grand national and the Dome opening night.

So. all bets are off. Race cancelled, heavy frost, flooded pitch, leaves on the snow..etc.
and we shall kick off again next week.
{Just as well really. Give Dimby a chance to calm down and stop telling the guests "Oh not this again! We're sick of talking about UK debt.."


lilith said...

1. Should Twitter be injuncted on the grounds that it takes too long to learn how to use it before boredom kicks in and you realise you really aren't interested in anything anyone is saying except reelmolesworth?

2.Have Blunket, Mandelson and Ms Smith made it fine for Laws to be reinstated and now we all just have to pretend he's credible?

3. Has AV done for Clegg and Miliband or did everyone think they were crap before?

4.Shouldn't we all participate in waving good bye to Scotland, not just the Scots?

5. Will no one rid us of Mrs McCann or is it going to be like this every year?

6. Has everyone got their beans in already and am I too late?

Miss CD said...

Lets go.

1.University places available for the rich.
2.Scotland. Could they survive independence?
3. David Laws. Was the sentence fair?
4. Gas prices and fuel prices and inflation.
5. Coalition one year on. Will it last another one?

Humphrey said...

1. Should Navy SEALS take out Nick Clegg to save the Lib Dems?
2. Cuts, cuts, cuts, aren't the government horrible etc.
3. Should we hand Afghanistan back to the mad mullahs?
4. Are super-injunctions super and why don't we make our own laws instead of the European Court?
5. Has David Laws been repealed?

Dick the Prick said...

Woo hoo

1) Coalition & Liberals - what's the point of it all?

2) AV - why are Liberals so stooopid?

3) Privacy, injuntions, hardcore sex fun...err....maybe not.

4) Jockland

5) Economic growth, maybe.

and the're off.....

Old BE said...

1. Would the government be more or less "liberal" without the Liberal Democrats?

2. Obviously question about privacy/human rights/free press in a democracy. Lots of waffle but no clear answer by anyone.

3. Can Greece leave the Euro? Should it? What happens if it does?

4. Should Clegg stick to his principles over the NHS or should he break another manifesto commitment?

Botogol said...

OK .. here we go then. Good luck to everyone in the new season.

Is there any point in having a superinjunction now that we have twitter?

After the elections, the Lib Dems now a spent force here in the North

Is it entirely OK for Number 10 to sign letters from made up staff?

Should bankers be punished for mis-selling insurance

Should we have elected police chiefs?

measured said...

1. Superinjunctions. Freedom of Speech v. Privacy. An injunction spanks, but a super injunction gags and spanks; a dangerous combination. Sorry Max. You have been through a lot.

2. Human Rights. Is giving the vote to prisoners a con? What other rights do they deserve? University places?

3. One year on. Were the LibDems 'AVing a laff and body building is to prove a sham to disappointed liberals?

4. Sentencing guidelines. Will burglary soon attract fines? The rich and MPs may soon be able to get away with murder.

5. The economy/ the IMF forecasts/ interest rates to rise/ energy prices/ youth unemployment - Go Vince Go!

GSD said...

1) Super-injunctions: over-used or over-hyped? Who could possibly know?!

2)local election LD wipe-out:time for a split or should Nick Clegg be given a real job in the government as a consolation prize? Would he screw it up as all the other lib-dems in real positions seem to have done?

3) Laws/MP expenses: will they never learn? (Why are so few in gaol? Any kind of correlation there?)

4) Libya*: Do we have a plan C?

5) Recession Part 2: will it be triggered by UK inflation, the eurozone, US qe3 or China?

(* does anyone know when it stopped being in North-Africa and became part of the Middle-East? And who moved it?)

Miss S-J said...

1. David Laws. Should he resign and stand in a by-election?

2. AV/Liberal meltdown. Why weren't people interested in the what the luvvies had to say?

3. Police powers. Is it right to introduce a fixed penalty fine for burglary?

4. Super injunctions on Twitter. Yet still i don't know who is involved. Should a law be passed to make Twitter search better?

5. Campbell's Iraq testimony may have been a tad inaccurate. Should the government set up another commission into the Iraq war, only this time a real one?

Malcolm Tucker said...

The thrill of a new season.
The pressure is on already.

- Lib Dems vote disappears. Sheffield council goes to Labour. How different can you make yourselves Vince?

- Privacy law needs to be implemented. The case of the landlord who didn't kill anyone, the hooker-booker and the McCanns
all mixed up into one question with Dimby hovering over the bleep button in case someone mentions a footballer.

- Libya. How long is this going to go on. And should we take on Syria as well?

- Fifa liars. Should England leave FIFA after exposing their corruption cost us the bid.

-Scottish result. Is Ed still just talking Balls?

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Should Nick Clegg resign on the first anniversary of the coalition after appalling AV and local council results.

2. Will there be a flare up of sectarian violence in Scotland re that football manager bloke being attacked. Is this the first test for that fat bloke with eyebrows.

3. Is the Bank of England destroying people's savings by allowed 5% inflation, shouldn't the government do something about fuel duty?

4. Libya, do you think we will see British troops on the ground, Syria are we right to prop up Syria (I've no idea whether we do, TBH, it's the sort of stupid question people ask), now they've killed Obama is it time we got troops out of Afgh?

5. Max Mosely and gagging. Is this some kind of bizarre sexual practice for which you can be arrested?

hatfield girl said...

With the governor of the Bank of Italy off to the European Central Bank should Mr Cameron be looking out a new governor for the Bank of England before Mervyn sets off for the IMF?

Is the past truly another country so that any further attempts to try Germans for what they did in world war Two would be best abandoned and our energies used to put on trial our own generation's political criminals?

Lender-forbearance and low interest rates, coupled with hard-to-obtain loans have driven the crucial housing market into a temporary calm but is the market holding its breath before crashing spectacularly?

How many of the panel have ordered the facsimile Lagerfeld edition of Nietzsche with author's emendations?

If there is time - Lilith's No 5 for relief from Mrs McCann.

Nick Drew said...

oh HG you are wasted on us

1. spot fines: has Magna Carta been binned while we weren't looking?

2. is it fair that the LibDems are melting down ? (& is it because their senior figures are such steaming crooks ?)

3. should we be saying to the Scots: Awa' an bile yer heids ?

4. should the wealthy be able to buy their way in to 'our best universities' ?

5. whither PR / reform of the Lords ?

PS - Lil - no, my beans ain't in yet but I have (after many years trying) had some dramatic success with borage this year

Dick the Prick said...

How bally irritating Carruthers!

Timbo614 said...

quite, Richard my boy, quite irritating indeed.

Old BE said...

I think I won anyway.

hatfield girl said...

What did we ask that made it necessary to bring down Blogger?

lilith said...

I reckon it was that Mrs McCann

hatfield girl said...

Stopping you getting big bonus points there, Lilith. I was hopeful for Mervyn's transition to the IMF, but you had swept the board with that one.