Friday 6 May 2011

'Duplicitous Toerags': Quote of the Day

"The Lib Dems are duplicitous toerags, though I have to say they are very good ministerial colleagues" - Tory minister

Ah - that's the way we like our insults !

An amusing end to a crazy week. Let the fun begin.



Anonymous said...

Nick, I think the other Nick should say to Cammeron, "I think we should call a general election, your supporters think they can do it on their own. I am fed up of being the punch bag, like Geoffrey Howe, so I think we should part company, I thought we could make it but I have to admit I was wrong you've got your mad oikes and I've got mine so for peace of mind now is the time to say "Goobye""

Bill Quango MP said...

Tweet of the day – the SNP provides a winning combination of Nationalism and Socialism – what can possibly go wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

SNP majority in Holyrood in 2011.

Scottish devolution referendum in 2012.

West lothian question answered in 2015.

Cameron did have a plan

Everything is a conspiracy.

Nick Drew said...

Everything is a conspiracy - that's what we like, anon2!

I think we should call a general election

can't quite see how that works for Clegg, anon1, but I don't imagine Cameron would mind too much

Clegg had better make up his mind what he wants - & it had better be a bit more interesting than his last effort to make a splash & rally the troops, the ridiculous Carbon Plan