Thursday 5 May 2011

Only the Selfish care about AV

CU is far too busy at the moment to worry about voting in the AV referendum, the NO's are going to walk it anyway (Victor Chandler has it as 100-1 on!).

But then again, no one ever cared about this stupid charade. The Westminster bubble has tried its hardest to create some noise with a faux acrimonious campaign spat (and now Hunhne is using it as another self-serving campaign...)- but in the Country no one cared....and it is easy to see why not:

- The economy is still sluggish
- Unemployment is high
- Wages are going down fastest since 1921
- inflation is at 4% and staying stubbornly high
- savers are being ruined by ultra-low interest rates
- We are at war in Afghanistan and now Libya - neither of which we have a way out of
- Petrol prices are at all-time record high's

That is the real stuff that matters, let alone events like the Royal Wedding and Bin Laden being killed.

And of course it is worse, no one ever cared about the AV vote except self-serving Lib Dems, Tories and a few Labour politicians. The political parties collectively like to maneuver to jerry-rig the system in their favour when in power. Only so that they can seek more power for longer - all the parties are guilty in equal measure, Labour were masters of this in their pathetic time in Government. As the Lib Dems have not been in power and now won't be again, they are desperate at the moment.

It is a sad reflection on our political culture thought that despite the many real problems of the Country the Government has decided to have this pointless referendum. I note that Wales and Scotland too are now engaged in interminable debates about devolution - so important to their politicians incomes - whilst their economies continue to slide year after year.


Elby the Beserk said...

The inflation figures are preposterous. E.G - It costs me 20% more to fill my van than it did just before Xmas, food inflation is at 4.7%, energy inflation, what, 7% or 8%.

So, given that a huge chunk of the country have nothing left to spend after food, fuel and energy, surely the real figure for inflation for most of us is around 10%?

Bill Quango MP said...

BOE leaves rates low.
Just as well. with all this inflation about there's no money left to pay for a rates hike.

My prediction of 1.5% for May seems to have got a big thumbs down.

Paul E. said...

Hmm. I'm with you on the stupidity of referendums and the irrelvance of AV. But you're trotting out your usual anti-politics stuff and your line that they need less power in relation to people like... well... people like you.

Let's just remind ourselves, shall we, that politicians didn't have enough power to stop your lot conducting the greatest act of grand larceny ever over the last decade or so.

Nick Drew said...

desperate LibDems - yes, plenty of sport to be had there in the coming months

CityUnslicker said...

Paulie - I do not work in banking, never have.

I am pro politics - pro them soritng ou issues that matter to people and not their own petty squabbles.

Timbo614 said...

CU is spot on with this one.

RANT MODE=ON A politician could no more think about the effect their actions will have had in 20 years time than .. err.. a thing that can't think about...(see blackadder) They ONLY care about what the situation will be when the next general election comes up! This time around they have made it easy by promising the date (if they are still there) see - qualified before you start!

Don't talk to me about petrol prices - I find myself looking at the wife's Twingo thinking 60/25 hmm 50/20(locally) sod it, 20 take the Jag. Later at - petrol station - sod it should've taken the Twingo!

The problem with the low interest rate is that us soon to be wrinklies are having to put money in stocks (bonds and sh*t like that scare us) at least we understand shares or think we do! Then I look at all the "economic indicators" and think ohh ahh shares? really? and wait for the inevitable hoping to see it coming (which no-one ever does!)

As for devolution - what are we thinking, we are assured(threatened) that there is strength in numbers so join the BIG EURO club, common guys we're all in it together. BUT HERE just to be contrarian we are going to split into SMALLER units! Huh? Some consistency please! I would have liked to see an independent Scotland deal with its rogue banks on its own! - No chance - whisky futures anyone? Bust Scotland!

We can't afford the wars - any of them individually let alone 2 or 3, period.


Sackerson said...

I disagree with m'learned friend CV, for the reasons which he has given.