Wednesday 1 June 2011

Question Time for the busy

BB obligingly have an early panel list.
David Dimbleby is joined in Wrexham, north Wales by Stephen Dorrell MP, Alan Johnson MP, Elfyn Llwyd MP, Sir Simon Jenkins and Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Its a Welsher one so expect the unexpected.


CityUnslicker said...

1 - Jobs/Cuts/Economic malaise - its all teh tories fault
2 - Should a welshman be the mayor of london
3 - Twitter - more of the same as this is still topical, giggs is welsh after all
4 - Full devolution for Wales - should it follow the Scottish SNP route etc.


Miss CD said...

1. Care Homes. No bailouts from Wales.
2. Giggs & Injunctions
3. Fifa. How come Sepp only won 85% of the vote when he was the only candidate?
4. Tuition fees. Wales can't afford the £9k that its universities are charging.
5. Welsh nationalism declines as Scotland's increases.

-Swansea promotion will come up somewhere.

Budgie said...

1. E.uro infection in Greece: Spain blamed, Germany having second thoughts. Uuuurghhhppp! Another cucumber sandwich, vicar?
2. Care abuse - it must be Thatcher's cuts.
3. Fifa foh fome, Swansea blatters its way to its Premier home.
4. Saint O'Barmey inspires us all with astounding rhetoric and all round on the money brilliance. Swoon.

Nick Drew said...

Me sir ! Me sir ! I know the answer to this one !

1) why must we have nasty wind turbines all across our beautiful welsh countryside ?

2) if we must have them, why can't they bury the power cables underground ?


4) should Serbia now be allowed to join the EU ?

5) care abuse

Dick the Prick said...


1) Footy, FIFA and other such drivel (seriously, is it only me who's become so blasse about corruption that this whole thing seems like tantrums from the English FA that they're not getting the cash?)

2) There was something about Welshers having to pay full tuition fees so err..maybe baby!

3) Care homes and NHS cuts, changes etc

4) Immigration perrrrappps

5) Has to be an unemployment question surely?

hatfield girl said...

Going for 5 questions here:

What is the ideal price index for measuring inflation?

Should an earlier death be the price to be paid for personally failing to make provision for old age?

Is sovereign default really as contagious as cucumbers?

Why is the UK faring so much worse during the recession than the Euro area, given that it has its own currency?

How green are your valleys?

GSD said...

Hi all. I'll attempt the "local issues gambit":

1) Should Wales press for more autonomy like Scotland?

2) S4C television's independence threatened?

3) Windmills vs Welsh Countryside Tourism. Which should win?

4) Care homes - Is it happening in Wales?

5) Hay Festival - (bound to be mentioned, its about the only thing that goes on in Wales!) - not sure what the question would be though!

Botogol said...

did the amnesty for asylum seekers actually go far enough?

isn't it time to simply abandon the NHS reforms

with zero% pay rises and 3% inflation are public sector workers being hard done by?

isn't it time to end private profit making firms in Old People's homes?

did the panel get any tickets for the Olympics?