Wednesday 15 June 2011

Tomorrow's question time today

David Dimbleby is joined in Aberdeen by Alex Salmond, Michael Moore., Diane Abbott, Lord Forsyth and Sir Tom Hunter.

Another regional one. Alex McLeish? Those dismal Scottish recruitment figures? {Harman's idiotic intervention on Part Time worker equality legislation coming home to roost.} That £1bn squid new rail line?
Or just support for mass strikes amongst the public sectors?

Separate note. GAME says not expecting growth after seeing next 6 months line up of new games, which are nothing special.
This technology led revival in consumer spending still seems a way off.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Can you explain the system whereby entrants can email their answers so that other people can't crib?

Or shall I just front it out and post them here in the comments?

GSD said...

My guesses are:

1) Scottish Independence - no real idea which aspect though - the two votes thing possibly or a more broad "could Jockland survive as a separate economic entity".

2) Possible public sector strikes - do the unions really think they'll get any support from the larger population?

3) Something about charities playing a wider role in society as the state/councils do less. Scotland to be a model for the rest of the uk?

4) General government bashing u-turn question - does it show they are listening & responsive or clueless & weak?

5) Will the new Greek government be able to sort their crisis out?

Laban said...

Surely a revival in consumer spending implies that consumers have spare cash?

It's all gone to Scottish Power, from there to Iberdrola, and from there to who knows where ...

Bill Quango MP said...

MW: Use the contact on here. But its long winded as it doesn't come direct. Far easier to wait until about 9pm and then post. Having pinched the best ideas from everyone else.Like GSD!

GSD. Good starters. Nothing on cancer? Ed Miliband's 6 questions and spluttering indignation?

Laban: Quite.No cash left.

But I was recently discussing with CU retail figs. Its expected a 10 year maximum of 1% annual growth. That is dismal.
But to me that seems too pessimistic.
It ignores the big consumer drivers from the previous decade. Mobile phone sales went from a few tens of thousands a year in 1995 to two per person by 2005. Flat screen tvs, Camera phones, Laptops, Xbox,coffee makers, electric tooth brushes,MP3s, Ipods, Ipads, broadband, digital photo frames, freeview boxes, 4x4s, home shredders, folding scooters...

My point was that something will come along that will become a must buy. Everyone will have one and that's 70 million + units + accessories sold. Its not just rampant consumerism. A different type of trainer. Its innovative useful, or necessary technology that moves from super luxury to everyday. Like Sat-navs.

Smart phones are doing it at the moment,yet but not in enough numbers. But Tablets or kindles or suchlike could do it. 3d TV.

Part of GAME's gloom was that the current hardware is at end of life, and next generation isn't ready. Blu-Ray is already at end of life! Glad i never bothered with it.

GSD said...

"GSD. Good starters. Nothing on cancer? Ed Miliband's 6 questions and spluttering indignation?"

Hi BQ.
Yep I thought about the Macmillian/cancer story but it didn't make the top list (Ed Balls, Southern Cross & Terry Pratchet/right to die too).So I expect all 4 of those will come up!
As for Red Ed's short-comings (leadership grumbles, lack of charisma, rubbish PMQs etc) - I figured that that type of Q wouldn't get past the BBC question pickers. Cynical, me?

I think GAME are being slightly too optimistic with their 6 months. Some really solid games due, but not mass-mass market. Nintendo's new box launch at E3 was a bit of a let down too - most ppl were hoping for a 360/ps3 killer that would have shaken the big 2 up & forced them to release a modernized platform. I know I'd buy a 360 successor like a shot (late 40's & still playing on an xbox - sad or what?!). Still time will tell.

Bill Quango MP said...

I play games all the time. Spend far more on that Like that topspin 4 tennis. But even that is the fourth version. Fifa is on 12.

3d gaming is the next step. Not sure if that's going to be for me. £d tv in Currys and such looks appalling. Another few years away that technology.

In GAMEs favour I bought two games on pre-order for the first time ever.
Both were 25% cheaper, free delivery, free return if dissatisfied, came bundled with extras and arrived 24 hours after I'd ordered them two days before the release date.
Very impressive.

hatfield girl said...

What's the point of the programme in Scotland when education, health and housing - which concern people most - are dealt with in the UK by different parliaments and with different outcomes?

What would be Scotland's preferred relationships with other nations in the United Kingdom or, even, the British Isles?

Should Gordon Brown be held to account for disgracefully putting jobs in Scotland above the proper defence of the realm?

Isn't Scotland ashamed of sending Labour MPs to England to wreck the lives of others while they are protected by Alex Salmond from Labour?

Did you see the moon last night and was its eclipse an augury of the passing of the Labour party into the shadow?

hatfield girl said...

Are the ugliest women in the UK to be found in Aberdeen?

(if I might add another question).

measured said...

I wish the BBC would invest in slug pellets.

1. Oh God, yes, the NHS again, BQ. I can't afford not to put here. I don't mind; I am already in rigor mortis. U-tube, U-turn, U-bend.

2. They have to remind viewers that Ed M still exists and it is a political show, so let's have the Q should politicians prevent public sector workers striking.

3. The Scottish question that will take up half the show. Should Scotland alone be allowed to benefit from the rising cost of energy? Independence.

4. Is it fair to cut benefits to the poorest in our society? (The left wing BBC and Abbott angle)

5. The Middle East. Why should one blogger based in Scotland be allowed to undermine the protest taking place in Syria when we are spending millions and stretching our armed forces to breaking point? BTW they couldn't charge The Herald for breaking the superinjunction on Giggs. I wonder if that blogger will faces a 'privacy' charge for using someone's photograph.

Shame I haven't given Osborne on the banks a look in as he has had a good week imho. If they get to a sixth question, it will all be in greek and I won't be able to understand a word.

Nick Drew said...

Even from my German hotel I can't remember a week with more QT potential - where to start ? Anyone who cracks it this week gets a hat-tip from me.

1) Rubbish collection
2) N.Rock
3) Dignitas etc
4) Navy
5) Strikes

could equally be scottish taxes & finances; electricity bills; academy schools; paedo register; inappropriate tweeting / face-booking / emailing

Nice to see my favourite scots ogre on the show.
PS on the way to LHR my (Jamaican) taxi driver said that if Harriet Harman wants to be guaranteed a woman as Labour leader or dep. leader, she should be made to have Diane Abbbottt, that'd teach her

appointmetotheboard said...

Well, I'm not making the same mistake two weeks running, so there won't be a question on the economy, flogging NR or ring-fencing banks, no sir-ee.

Should that great Scottish-come-Spanish institution Scottish Power be jacking up domestic fuel bills by 20% to pay for a CO2 pipeline?

Should Westminster respect the SNP's mandate and accept their 6 amendments to the Scotland Bill? Possibly leading on to, should there be two referenda about independence?

Greece - what would Pericles make of it?

Summer of Discontent or will the public get behind their working class brothers and sisters? Possibly some Thatcher bashing.

NHS / Home Office / Rubbish-collecting u-turns, and the chance to bash Thatcher some more.

Damnit. I bet someone does ask about ring-fencing banks... I may have another go later...

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Will Scotland use its new tax raising and borrowing powers? Why doesn't the SNP cut corporation tax to 12.5% like O'Ireland? (A fairly idiotic question typically asked by people who understand nothing about tax, so quite possible).

2. How much longer will war in Libya go on? How come we don't invade Syria same as Libya?

3. Why can't we have weekly rubbish collections/why don't councils encourage more recycling by having only fortnightly collections?

4. Does the panel think that splitting up retail banks from investment banks will prevent another financial crisis? (possibly the stupidest question ever, so likely to be asked)

5. Are the looming public sector strikes a sign that Tory cuts have gone too far too fast/a sign that civil servants are all lazy f***s?