Sunday 3 July 2011

I Gotta Dash - & Huhne's Gotta Go

Not much heard from me of late, I'm commuting to Germany once more - on the red-eye again come Monday. Pleased to see from last week's blogo-roundup that the skids are under Huhne:

- intellectually: see this superb demolition by Tim W;

- practically: industry has had enough;

- all this and
the rozzers too, if Guido is to be believed.

Actually I am amazed Huhne has hung on as long as this, but hopefully not much longer. In a just world, his complete suborning by the nuclear industry would be the final straw but he seems to be able to brazen things out, so maybe it's all wishful thinking.

OK, back to work now. But a man can dream ...



Budge said...

ND - the Grauniad link didn't work for me. Huhne seems to me to be fanatical about wind and reluctantly accepting nuclear. Are you saying different?

Budgie said...

Actually I may have eaten a big Sunday dinner but I am still Budgie, not Budge.

Steven_L said...

Have you made a complaint ND? Remember section 3, Fraud Act 2006.

If you are under a legal obligation to disclose information, and you dishonestly don't do it, it's fraud.

BrianSJ said...

I didn't put money on him going soon; he is too useful to Cameron just now.

Nick Drew said...

Budgie - checked link, it works for me: if still not good, go direct to Grauniad's site (30 June, search on Fukushima)

I'd say he has enthusiastically embraced his marching-orders from Cameron, determined to be a good minister qua effective technical-political operator, a Getter-Done of Big & Difficult Things

Steven - yes but where would that end, eh ?!

Brian - you may be right, see response to Budgie above: always a premium on good technocrats - unless they rock the boat in other ways ...

but blind following of orders onky gets you so far: and 'you want green, I'll give you bloody green even if it bankrupts us all' is just dumb insolence**

I'd say Osborne has got his number

there are far better ways of pursuing energy policy - even a 'green' one

** am reminded of Sherlock Holmes in (from memory) the Bruce-Partington Plans when he says something like: if they want the plans, Ill get'em - if necessary, I'll buy them, even if it means a penny on the income tax

Electro-Kevin said...

You see ... if he can't be trusted on telling the truth on such a basic matter, where does this leave us on his claims about climate change ?

Can all he's said be dismissed as discredited ?

Huhne staying in place could be a bit of a problem for David as he's quite a Greenie at heart.

Nick Drew said...

Kev - yes, I think Huhne is a good example of the 100% principles-free politician, Vicar-of-Bray style (Inde today covers his past pronouncements on the Euro, for example)

history is littered with 'em

best you can hope for is that they are competent technocrats: & that, I think, is how he is trying to make his mark

BrianSJ said...

Useful to Cameron is nothing to do with being useful to us as an effective minister.
a) he is getting skewered which is useful to Clegg (and hence Cameron)
b) the green lunacy on energy policy is being reality-tested without damage to Cameron's credentials
c) he provides a focus for LD in-fighting and self-destruction, which will be useful to Cameron come the next election.
d) he is getting stuck with unpopular nuclear decisions, again without damage to the Tories.

Nick Drew said...

that's show business !