Thursday 11 August 2011


"There will be an extra edition of Question Time on Thursday 11 August to discuss this week's riots. The panel will include John Prescott, Brian Paddick, Camila Batmanghelidjh, John Sentamu and Fraser Nelson."

OK, BQ is still trying to get Mrs BQ out of custody after the rioting (she just could not resist when it was Debenhams).

In the meantime for the rest of us, a summer treat. Question Time Special. Now of course we know that the questions are all going to be on the Riots. So the usual game is to guess which questions the BBC producers will allow Dimbebly to pick out at random from the live studio audience in London.

For added spice, a slightly different scoring system with a point for each correct riot question (e.g. itz all the Feds falt, innit?). We are going to be very strict, in line with new Cameronian DemoKracy so no answers like "Police", "Fatcher"

Double bonus for guessing the end question whether it be humorous or another topic. Bonus' for getting the relevant guests answers spot on (impossible with Prescott, obviously)

The panel itself if a terrible mix of mindlessness, incompetent idiots and batshit craziness. They have not even found a Government representative yet, if they even want to. At the moment it is 4:1 socialist loons vs reality so I expect much heat to be generated and little light. Maybe interesting to see whether the 'hand-picked' audience still buy all the lefty guff though or whether hang'em and flog'em gets the claps.

Get your entries into the comments before showtime.


CityUnslicker said...

get mine in first:

1. Did the Police get it wrong? Or Was it Cameron?
2. Are the riots the fault of Tory Cuts
3. Is controlling socail networking the answer?
4. Wht do tory governments always suffer from Riots

5. Bonus Question - Tories have mullered the economy, GO statement today.

All in all, I think prescott is going to go all guns blazing on how evil Tories are and just even having them alive causes riots.
Paddick will blame cuts to the Police and nothing else.
Sentamu will blame consumer culture and say it is not race - and how good seeks muslims look as vigilantes.
nelson will say hang em all and it is gangs that are to blame.

No one will say it is too many benefits and random opportunism

Sean said...

1, police tactics, why was Dave enjoying a posh holiday

2, cut, cuts, cuts, Why was Osbourne in LA only rich Tories go to LA

3, Where were the parents? surly May should have rounded them up already, why was she on holiday?

4, Next years olympic riots, Should BOJO go now, and why was he on holiday?

5, bonus, why was Waterstones left alone?

Gobshite Prezza, Holidays, Tories, Riots, Holidays, Tories, Riots.......

Paddick, can anyone remember anything of significance I have ever said?

Sentamu, There was no riots in Yorkshire, Yorkshire is where god lives

Batmanghelidjh, Look at my hat.

Nick Drew said...

All will ritually say there can be no excuse

Prescott will say when I were a lad


there were no riots in Hull which he will instantly regret because (a) it will be taken as a reference to the fact that Hull is 99% white and (b) it means riots there tomorrow night

Nelson will say this has nothing to do with Police numbers, Boris is a moron (true) for which he will be roundly booed


historically it has never been the role of the Police to keep order, only society itself can keep order (also true)

Hopper said...

Have the riots put paid to the plans for police force cuts? Expect much spirited debate centred around Paddick about what such cuts should comprise. Expect Nelson and Paddick to press for the cuts in the paperwork side.

With Batman on the panel there has to be something along the lines of "what was it that made all the kids riot?" - she and Sentamu are going to go for family environment / abuse, Nelson and Paddick for greed, and I'll be astonished if Prescott can give a straight answer.

Is it right for communities to defend themselves? (aka the vigilante question). Sentamu and Batman should abhor violence, the politicians will encourage it, not sure about Paddick. He'll probably weasel.

What should we be doing to ensure the riots never happen again? Batman, Prescott, Sentamu will go for the funding of inner city youth projects in some flavour. Nelson and Paddick for increased self-defence rights for Joe Public and police discretion.

Closing question: what would it take to make the panel members riot?

measured said...

Many people reported that the police  did not show up or just stood by. Isn't it time the police took off their kid gloves?

There are serious questions that need answering in relation to the death of Mark Duggan, but was this really the reason for these riots? 

Doesn't this all boil down to poor parenting such as the lack of fathers. What measures can we take to solve the problems in society?

Is it time to start censoring social media? 

I will have to rush out when I hear Prescott tell us all the good things the last Labour government did and that we need a public inquiry, so I expect to miss that last question. Something to do with the fact that we won't be able to afford to live like we use to. I hope that they don't blame the messenger, GO [no, I did not forget to add a 'd' to that].

Anonymous said...

"They (the BBC) have not even found a Government representative yet, if they even want to."

Leaving aside the grammar of the above, it seems likely that members of the Government have more important things to do at present than to waste their time appearing on some BBC loon-festival.

It has been BBC's type of parasitic leftist public-sector mentality that has dragged this country down into a social and economic swamp.

The BBC should be broken up and privatised, just as a start in clambering out of it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Should all looters have their benefits stopped and be chucked out of social housing?
2. Why did Cameron and Johnson take so long to return from holiday?
3. is this the result of Tory cuts, it always happens on their watch?
4. Were the Met open and honest about shooting that bloke whom they shot?
5. Bonus answer "I'm not excusing the rioters, but..."

Electro-Kevin said...

The one most important question which needs to be asked won't be asked.

"The elephant in the room" seems to be a popular phrase on the blogs at the moment.

WV - christ

GSD said...

Hi all. Hard to pick a set of Q that's not already outlined above! Too slow out of the blocks (again!)...

1) is it right the looters/rioters be chucked out of local authority housing? (meaningful punishment or just shifting the problem/contaminating a different area)

2) should the parents/guardians of minors face the same sanctions as the adult looters/rioters?

3) is the lack of respect shown to authority down to:
a) Thatcher (some Trotsky Muppet is bound to say it is)
b) lenient Court sentencing (K Clark)
c) (EU) human rights laws

4) the rubbish police response - down to bad management or under-resourcing?

5) will this have effect on the Olympics?

Timbo614 said...

Ohhh, a treat!

1) Why did the police standby initially? PC gone mad(pun inteneded)?

2) Will young people being pennyless, jobless, educationless and inspirationless lead to more of the same?

3) Where was Dave, in fact where was any senior member of the Parliament?

4) What are the panel's suggestions for avoiding these type of disturbances in the future?

Throwaway: Is it all over?

hatfield girl said...

Sikhs, Muslims, various, turned out to prevent the destruction of their local areas. Why were there no Christian defenders of our churches and parishes?

How can Labour justify its decades-long assault upon the family and its values after this?

Would you rather spend the next few days in:
- Harare
- Grosny
- Tripoli
- London

Should we all thank Goodness that they were greedy, thieving, plimsoll-wearing bike-riders rather than seekers of Bentleys, art works, jewels, and the contents of the British Library and the BM.

Do they cover their faces because they are:
a) so ugly?
b) women?

Bill Quango MP said...

Lord! Only just seen this is on.
Bad enough being recalled from holiday without having to watch this too!

Lets see.. Try for

1. Is it time to have the military readily available to the police?

2.It isn't legally possible to evict looters, so why are MPs even discussing it?

3. Cuts to police numbers. Is the government mad? It had a golden opportunity to do a credible U-turn, based on exceptional circumstances, and muffed it.

4. Something about the election of Police Chiefs that my Labour colleagues have been banging on about, as if it was remotely related to the riots.

5.Should vigilantes be encouraged, in a sort of deputised fashion, and put under the command of the police?

And bound to come up as it was asked eight times already in the debate earlier by Labour MPs.

"Will the cost of the additional policing be being met from treasury reserves or police budgets?"

From the Treasury Keith Vaz! You know this already, so why do you keep asking? Is it to get that question of police budgets on the news?

CityUnslicker said...

1st Q: How are we going to make sure the police aren't outflanked once policing levels return to normal?

David Davies on, Govt not putting forwarda minister, interesting.
Paddick says all about too few police, but bit critical of police methods.

CityUnslicker said...

Prescott blames Police too, interesting - did not go for Tory jugular - who'd have thought!

Nelson defends Police and says no brutality.

Very unpredictable tonight IMO.

CityUnslicker said...

struggling, all over the place, only just getting to second question...this on R5 appratenly!

Bill Quango MP said...

The 'its all a police conspiracy' loon didn't get much support

CityUnslicker said...

2nd q - e petition to reduce benefits, has reached 100,000 now.

CityUnslicker said...

3rd q - Q: How can we engage with rioters when they show no respect for society and lack the intelligence... to be part of it?

CityUnslicker said...

Oh no, Prescott blames bankers and Tories. Bankers not state educateed - on a mental roll pezza!

CityUnslicker said...

last q is is vigilantism justified at any time - dull answers everyone says no.

CityUnslicker said...

Random CU riot nite scoring

CU 2 + 2 bonus's
Sean - 1
ND - Donught for you.
Hopper - 2 + 1
Measured - 2 + 2
Mark W - 1 + 1
GSD - 3
Timbo - 2
HG - 1
BQ - 1

Phew, that is hard work and unpaid. Maybe I should protest....anyway

WELL DONE GSD - nailed hte main questions. Close second from Measured and me and well done all.

Next one in 3 weeks and 9/11 focus should mean it is a riot.

(or 7/11 if you heard Prezza earlier this week, realy...)

Timbo614 said...


I got the impression this was coming from a school, with students taking part? Not to belittle sudents of course, but Ho hum.

Well done GSD.

measured said...

Well done, GSD.

Putting aside the major points where they all had to agree, eg the undesirability of vigilantes, I thought Nelson spoke the most sense.

GSD said...

Blimey! I shall have to go for a sit down before I get delusions of "finger-on-the-pulse-of-the-nation" competence!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta, as ever, but is CU really allowed to mark his own work? Seems a bit Nulab to me.

CityUnslicker said...

hovering over deleting that comment my blog!! LOL.