Thursday 8 September 2011

Question time Competition: Official starting page

Weeks of disappointment await!
Only one contestant will emerge victorious.

Reputations can be made.
Political giants may fall!
Anything can happen.
{But it will mostly be evasive and waffley answers, and clapping or booing at Pavlovian spin words, such as hardworkingfamilies or key-workers - The rich elite etc. }

Question Time returns on Thursday 8 September,10.30pm. 2011. David Dimbleby will be joined in London by
Liam Fox,{The left's latest hate figure. Fox in the box is usually good for a goal. An own one.}
David Miliband, {I did not have political relations with that madman!}
Richard Perle,{ He's had more ups and downs than the Dow Jones. But he can be entertaining}
Bonnie Greer,{Another American, by birth..British playwright. Riots and poverty and arts funding. But surely a Libya question here.}
Tariq Ali { Far left Trotskyist, Iraq war opposer,Tony Benn backer. But not nearly as barmy as that description should imply.}
and Christina Schmid.{Incredibly moving widow of her bomb disposal hero/husband Olaf

This weeks star guest guesses come from
Sebastian Weetabix
1. Sacking troops/airman on duty - disgusting etc.
2. Riots - aren't they rich people's fault/down to oppression of minorities?
3. Why aren't we doing anything about Syria/ why is it ok to bomb Libya but not the wicked Israelis
4. Where is plan B/stop the deficit reduction plan?

Only 4 questions? Hoping to pick up an extra point under the obscure 4 questions or less rule, Seb?

*All previous thread entries are valid. Anyone additions made here will be noted.

September leader board.

Botogol - 4½

Timbo614 - 3
Miss CD - 3
Budgie - 3
Hopper - 2½
Woman on a raft - 2
Sebastian Weetabix - 2
Jan - 2
GSD - 2
Nick Drew - 2
BQ - 2
CU - 2
Appointmetotheboard - 2
Mark Wadsworth - 2
Measured - 2
Hovis - 1½
Hatfield Girl - 1
Andrew - 1
Malcolm Tucker - 1
Electro-Kevin - ½ {even though it didn't come up}


Bill Quango MP said...

Ok..Good luck to everyone.

1. Has to be a 9/11 story. Anniversary and was Afghanistan worth invading? Look at Guido's breaking story in the links. Harry Cole thinks the audience has been purged.

2. Riots and looting. mainly sentencing is too harsh and too reactionary.

3. Recession. Gordon's book and Obama's failures. Why didn't Mr Miliband get rid of Britain's very own mad dog? Goes on about tory-led cuts destroying society.

4. Police and service personnel numbers to be cut.
How can this be justified after recent events. I don't know. I wouldn't have done it. But Fox must have some explanation.

5. Torture and Libya. Libya is a sort of success and Afghanistan/Iraq a failure. Then a full on Miliband attack from everyone. including the audience, Dimbleby, everyone on twitter, the BBC ..Nasa name it!

hovis said...

Ok not much of a changes but my declaration is:

1 Defense
Defense cuts whilst we're still fighting in afghanistan ( a nod to Mrs Schmid) and still bombing Libya

2. Libya - where's Ghaddafi? ...leading to ramblings of is the situation now worse ? will it be mayhem ( allowing Perle and Ali to spout forth) oh maybe a soupcon of rendering rebels to Ghadaffi in ther too

3. Riots / justice system - is the justice system broken or is it really society that is broken in broken

4. 50p tax should it be cut in light of almost being in recession (cover ofr cuts story)

5 Wildcard: Is Nadine Dorries (and or her abortion bill) evil incarnate / should the givet back proposals to limit abortion?

James Higham said...

Nothing about Cherie's sentence-go-lightly?

CityUnslicker said...

9/11 - What a failure neo-liberalism has been in dealing with it. Probaly all an inside job anywa (say Mr. Ali?)

Fox shooting - Defence cuts too far when we are at war in Libya. Cuts killed Mr Schmid etc.

Banking - Bankers are evil, other points about banking regulation buried in the harrumphing.

Galliano - why is anti-semitism wrong?

NO tweeitng from me, am atFT Alphaville drinks!

andrew said...

1 Libya was a success - what about syria

2 Growth - where is it

3 Army redundancies - not good planning in a newly uncertain world

4 The euro - aren't we glad not to be in he euro

5 There will be 6 questions!

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'll stick to topics only to make it easier to mark:

1. Tenth anniversary of 9/11. Reassess our relationship with Islamic world. Might segue into Libya, Iraq etc.

2. Gypsies, Dale Farm, squatters, should it be criminal offence.

3. Tory cuts austerity, inflation, recession, Euro-zone troubles.

4. Libya, army redundancies, aircraft carriers with no aeroplanes.

5. Policing, police numbers cut, riots, looting, deprivation, racial oppression, feckless scroungers.

measured said...

Spit Spot, measured. Long day.

These are my thoughts….

1. What of justice? Soldiers kill a man brutally and not one is indicted (except a brave corporal who spoke the truth), yet a rioter is given a custodial sentence for picking up a bottle of water? Ok, the water wasn’t his. This report, 1400 pages.. words, words, words.

2. Has the under resourcing of the British forces contributed to a shortage of moral compasses in the British army and MI6?

3. What the hell did Labour do to our proud standards of behaviour while it was in power? Mobile phone throwing, newspapers, bankers, army, MPs, rioters…

4. What has the war on terror achieved since 9/11?

5. Are we facing another recession? Doh. So what do we do about it? Please, please, please lay off the QE and inflation.

Dogs of war, BQ? Answer: Daschund.

Timbo614 said...

Good luck all..Revised for today's news and time to sober up.*

1) 9/11 anniversary where are we what have we gained what in the war, progress? Dead Civilians in the Millions, Dead Terrorists are just digits of one hand.

2) Torture and abuse, is torture ever acceptable even at arms length?

3) Sticking with Riots autopsy - are the government to blame via cuts and S.S. reductions or just opportunistic criminals?

4) Are we going to pump more into Euro farce/bank bailouts, Greek bankruptcy maybe a mention of the US budget farce as well.

5/Throwaway. Red & Black should a criminal get the money?

*In accordance with my terms and conditions as stated in 4pt times New Squiggle(TM)** I hereby revise my submission (all previously given answers being null and void, unless repeated :)

** times new squiggle is the font and size used at the base of the page of newspaper adverts from Dell & Dixons etc. It is so small and the paper it is printed on so "furry" that is is actually impossible to make out without the aid of a magnifying glass, Hence at first glance it looks like "times new squiggle". I rest my case.

Miss CD said...

1. - Libya. Is it just Iraq II and should Nato be committed now to avoid having to do it later when things will be much worse.

2. - The looters had previous? Does this demonstrate soft sentencing is a complete waste or that softer sentences are needed?

3. Military again - The death of prisoners. Should war crimes charges be levelled?

4. Was it right to share the most sensitive information with Gadaffi. Would the panel agree the policy of offering anything the wished to some of the world's most demonic dictators, as long as they agreed invading Iraq was a good idea,a mistake?

That's all there will be time for.

Budgie said...

1. Shocking abuse by British army - blame Thatcher triumphalism after Falklands - rendition blame Bush jnr, war on terror, anti Muslim.

2. Tenth anniversary of 9/11 (ie 11/9 in the UK) - twin towers blown up by Bush jnr at instigation of Thatcher to cover up abduction of Di by aliens and takeover of world by Masons/Illuminati/Jews/ Bilderbergers/lizards/aliens (that should cover every eventuality!).

3. BBC maintains Labour was a tax cutting government over the last 12 years (R4 this morning!) so Labour standing by with plan B (tax cutting and less 'savage' government cuts) to save the world from evil Tory led Coalition economic policy disaster horror Armageddon.

4. Germany saves Euro - Constitutional court gives all clear to rescue, cheered on by Cameron who says eurozone should become single state - UK should join euro.

word check: cheater

Malcolm Tucker said...

Cracks knuckles.. prepares for action.

1. Libyan revolt. Where is mad Dog and does it matter?

2. Miliband and Megrahi. Why did you do you the deal? And should he be returned to Scotland, even though they don't want him?

3. Child care costs too high. The government MUST DO MORE.

4.How long before Osborne announces 0% growth. Is it really acceptable to remove ideological 50% tax rate?

5.How much is the coalition to blame for disorder in the UK.
Mostly, massively or totally?

appointmetotheboard said...

Ah, at last my Thursday evenings have meaning again. Greetings, Comrades - I've missed each and everyone of you.

Anyone remember those glorious pre-summer days when two points for hacking / NHS questions were a given? Despite both still being in the news this week, I don't think we'll see them feature. Apart from that, feeling a bit clueless today - A bit rusty, perhaps, having missed the pre-season QT riot friendly...

1. Feral rioters? You go too far, Ken. The Bullingdon Club wasn't that feral.

2. 9/11 anniversary. Is the world a safer place today? Leading on to...

3. ...a broader question over Baha Mousa, Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya, MI6 files, torture, etc.

4. 50p tax rate. Is pinching the wealthiest bad for business, and worse, does keeping it mean we are taking after the French and Italians with their socialist wealth tax..?

5. Cough. May be a week early for this but banking reform. You can fill in your own banker bashing line here...

Hopper said...

Thanks for your cardiovascular warning BQ. I should have paid attention.

Bill Quango MP said...

Everyone seems to be here. Except Pippy who's gone to bed with a smelly pussy - Well, she tweeted it!

Dimby promises a 9/11 retrospective. Probably to make up for the 9/11 we hate-America show that they served up last time.

First line "living with the consequences of 9/11." That's a point for somebody.

Q1. What should America have done after 9/11. Fox what it did.Ms Greer believes American's were not looking for someone to attack. That's not my recollection of 9/11 at all.
It was a big mix of emotions but vengeance was a prime one. Just look at Bush' speech on at ground zero. Tariq thinks US should have arrested the terrorists. Doesn't explain how that could happen though. He's the first to get any applause.
Miliband follows up with there should never have been a war on terror.
NOW he says that!

Tariq Ali is the big favourite of the audience. Perle is very disingenuous about WMD info being wrong. ALL the published accounts point out that there was never strong evidence at all. It wasn't wrong, sir. It was absent.
He also feels the additional UN resolution wasn't necessary. America didn't want it and thought it wouldn't get it.. It was cover for Tony Blair.
DP makes the mistake of saying Blair was a great leader. On the BBC too! He won't be asked back.
Miliband was coming across well.
Until Dimby says the evidence for foiling the 2006 liquid bombs plot was obtained under torture.
Which DM denies.
His applause is waning a bit.

Q2 What evidence is there that engaging in Iraq and Afganistan has done anything to ensure safety of ordinary UK citizens

Its going to be a poor start to the season with this QT special.

Bonnie lumps Afghan and Iraq together and so lumps the peace march {for Iraq, which was massive} with Afghanistan
{where the marches were minuscule.}
Miliband just made that point! He is being very good tonight. Far, far better than ed ever looks. And Dave is on tricky ground here, as he is partially involved.

Fox is on form too. He reminds us from where we've hidden with the terrible hindsight of failure in Iraq, that Alkeyyda was growing and making More attacks. Not less.
Twin Towers were just the most dramatic. Man in audience is quite correct. If we'd not pulled out of Afghanistan to fight in Iraq, that country may well have been secured.
Tariq Ali believes that British foreign policy radicalised extremist British Muslims.
Sound plausible..But America was attacked BEFORE the wars began.
What else could they have done?

Note also there is no mention of Iraq 1. Which was a great success for the UN, even though it was Arab countries against other Arabs, on the side of the West.

There's not much more to say. if you know any of the panel, what they say is what you expect them to say.
But both Fox and Miliband have been very convincing, Perle less so, and Greer and Ali, not very.

Bill Quango MP said...

Hopper: before I forget, was going to mention it later. Must just recommend everyone to see Hopper's blog. Last post

A good read.

Bill Quango MP said...

Just noticed that Christina Schmid isn't here.

Q: The war on terror is unwinnable. Are negotiations with Al Qaeda inevitable to ensure satisfactory conclusions?

Israel..Palestine...drivel..move along.

Q: Could the "Arab Spring" have happened without the war in Iraq?

Dreadful opening show. Pointless beyond belief. It was like a poor Newsnight culture special about the an exhibition of Vajazzle art.

Ho hum, onto the scores and see what can be salvaged from the wreckage of what use to be the nation's premier political show.

Timbo614 said...

@BQ: Its going to be a poor start to the season with this QT special.

Bit of a bum steer from the C&W questionmiester maybe. Research, research! typing question time into the BBC search would have helped this week!

Bill Quango MP said...

Woman on a raft.Sub-juicypig ½. 1 for 9/11, ½ for Libya = 2.
Welcome aboard.

Sebastian Weetabix: 1 point for 4 qs, a 1/2 for Libya/Syria which didn't really come up much, and a ½ as Bonnie Greer was indeed not interrupted, despite talking a load of tosh. - 2

Hovis: Just 1 for a general mid east q. Dimby outfoxed us all with one of his 'specials'A half extra from your changes. - 1½

Hatfield Girl: Unfortunately none of those. But 1 for genius.
I'm going to the London fashion show on Monday. I'll look out for those boots. -1

Jan - you were spot on. 2 points.

GSD: Prisoner torture.Afghan withdrawal - That's 2. -2

Botogol: 9/11{1½},arab spring{1},al-Qaeda's demise,{1} personal liberties lost{1/2} and torture {1/2}
Means an opening - 4½. Wow!

Nick Drew: 2 solid strikes. -2

Hopper: 1 for 9/11 and 1/2 for the made things worse, which was tonight's subplot. 1 for 4 q's = 2½

BQ - 9/11 - Torture, was it worth invading? A disappointing 2.

CU - 2 for the 9/11 and Mr Ali.
{drinks any good over at Alphaville? Don't accept a pink gin from them . You've heard the stories.} -2

Andrew: poor start. 1/2 for libya. 1/2 for the 5/6 joke. = 1

Mark Wadsworth: 2 for your first. Who knew this was a special? Only Botogol! - 2

Measured - Even this killing by UK troops didn't come up! 2 points for a good 9/11 q -2

Timbo614: {revised} Two and half. For the first two/ -2½ + ½ for the times new squiggle which raised a chuckle and will spread the points a bit - 3

Miss CD - 2 + 1 for 4qs = 3

Budgie: You know, that 9/11 jokey answer sort of came out. Only its Jews and Americans that cause the world's problems. If you're Bonnie that is.- 3

Malcolm Tucker: - well..just a ½ for general stuff and ½ for showing up -1

appointmetotheboard : Well, Dimbleby caught us all out .Except Bogotol. I've long suspected he works at QT BBC.
- 2 points.

Winner is Botogol - with a cunning 4½.

Very, very well done.Top of the table.

The Tudors just began with "Previously...on the Tudors.." i'm sure it was the voice of the POLICE SQUAD announcer.

Electro-Kevin said...

Fanks for my half a point.

Is that to match the BoE base rate ?

Botogol said...

I did't see the programme, out gallivanting, but I suspected I wouldn't miss much. I don't know why they do these themed ones, it never works, the attraction of QT is the mixture of the expected and the clever surprise.

And they'll never get to dicuss red and black now!!

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Is Botogol a ringer? On the production team?

Philipa said...

As it was a 911 special I went to bed with my cat. Judging by the Twitter comments I didn't miss much from Dimblebot and the assembly. I hope for better things as the series continues..

Dream Team:

Christopher Hitchens
Peter Hitchens
John Prescot
Vince Cable
Nadine Dorries
Germaine Greer/Batmangellybot

Light the blue touch paper and stand well back.

Dick the Prick said...

Ah, bollox.

Bill Quango MP said...

it was a damp squib. There's always next week DP

hatfield girl said...

Am I there? Couldn't I be with Andrew and Malcolm? I know they didn't answer my questions - indeed they didn't ask them - but they should.

Bill Quango MP said...

Apologies HG.
Appalling oversight.

Will add you at once.