Thursday 1 September 2011

Question Time: Dimbleby hasn't signed contract

Guido is tweeting that Dimbleby hasn't signed his lucrative QT contract as he is reportedly unhappy about the programs move to Scotland.
Why QT, the traveling political show, is moving to Glasgow is unclear. But it is unlikely Mr Dimbleby will have to spend too much time there. And he must travel already.
He shouldn't hang on for more cash for too long. The show really does need some new blood, and some new ideas.

Who would be a good replacement for the aging super presenter? Paxman would have walked it, but he's getting on now.

- Jeremy Vine
- Nick Robinson
- Nicky Campbell
- Kay Burley
- Johnathan Ross ?

Make your choice.
And a reminder that the world famous autumn season of the CAPITALISTS@WORK-QUESTION TIME QUIZ will be returning on Thursday next week. Usual rules. Maximum of 5 guesses, points awarded for style and content. And the double points rule if only ONE person spots an asked question, is in effect.

A special prize for the winner this season I think.


Paul said...

Andrew Neil is an obvious choice but he would be better used to replace the fawning and partisan Marr on Sunday

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I like Eddie Mair. He stood in for the other Dimbleturd on the radio and was very good - he actually let everyone talk, rather than allowing the commies to ramble unhindered and then interrupting the token Tory after 5 seconds, as both the Dimbleturds are wont to do.

Malcolm Tucker said...

It should have been Paxo.
However, Andrew Neil is very good.

Stephen Nolan needs a TV show. He could do the daily politics.

Botogol said...

from left field perhaps -- but I am becoming increasingly enamoured of Evan Davis (no, not in that way, silly). I like his velvet glove , always amused approach on the Today programme. the idea of him having a go at QT is intriguing.

Timbo614 said...

I don't actually watch telly much - QT being missing probably reduces my weekly viewing by 30% so I've no idea how most would come across. I see Paxman some times and he would make a nice change but we wouldn't get much humour, Andrew Neil would certainly add to that aspect or Kirsty Wark - she'd brighten the place up :)

Alf said...

It should be remembered as a programme that started from a long dreamy unbiased BBC before it was consumed by 13years of total left wing drival, let it die off.

James Higham said...

One day I'm going to knuckle down and really try to nut out this quiz format of yours, Bill.

Old BE said...

Bill Quango MP could take the Chiltern Hundreds and throw his hat into the ring!

lilith said...

The Two Johns

Bill Quango MP said...

BE: I rather damaged my chances that time I was on Any Questions and told the pensioner that

"if she'd had the sense to have worked harder in her life, or to have had less children,taxpayers wouldn't be forced to give her free travel around the country to visit her grandchildren."

Didn't go down well. It was in Eastbourne. Party haven't let me back on the airwaves since.

Bill Quango MP said...

Lilith - Redwood and Prescott?

Bill Quango MP said...

Paul - Welcome. I would offer it to Neil. He doesn't let Prescott style, nonsensical rabble rousing answers pass without scrutiny.
I hope you will be joining in the C@W Question time quiz next week? Need some new blood to sort out those cocky regulars. More details next week.

Sebastian Weetabix: I don't think much of Mr Mair, but many others do, so he must go on the list.
{best vicar voice} I trust you too will be joining the Question Time game?

Malcolm Tucker. Nolan is desperately underrated. He does rant himself into a corner but his questioning has all the little traps that Andrew Neil sets. I second that choice.

Botogol: Evan Davis? Surely not. You'll be suggesting Humphries next.

Timbo614; My TV time is also very limited. I have it on, but don't watch much. I could easily go without it altogether. {As long as Downton Abbey 2 is available on some sort of boxset as soon as it airs.}

Alf: It is a radio show, morphed onto tv. HIGNFY is the same. Both look old and dated and tired. Yet the skill of the two captains, and the luck of having invented the 'guest host slot'after Dayton's fall from grace keep it in the Beeb's top comedy show slot.
QT should do the same. Breath some life into it. They do try, but its usually awful. Hold it in a prison! Women only panel!{except Dimby} Just for kids! Riot special!
It needs an overhaul. Maybe even some interactiveness?
Anyway join in the QT game next week and you shall get your chance to comment.##

James Higham: {sigh} OK..I'll explain it again next week. But really, it is very simple.

alan said...

Wouldnt be surprised if Andrew Marr was picked.

Or perhaps the beeb will embrace the "special" relationship with the septic tanks and hire Larry King.

Lorraine Kelly would tick the gender and Scottish box (assuming the beeb could hire her).

If the beeb really wanted spice up the show they could Guido....

John M said...

The way the BBC is turning all it's shows to crap these days, you shouldn't rule out the possibility of either Graham Norton or the truly appalling Claudia Winkleman taking the reins.

b34st said...

Im a fucking shoe in
Are your prizes as tangible as the ones offered by Gross Fawkes?

word veri
thats a Greek Island isnt it?
Maybe a Greek Ireland, same shit just better weather

Jock Coats said...
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Jock Coats said...

I no longer watch it. The last three times I did I got so angry I threw a very heavy tumbler through the glass part on the front of my radiogram and now can't see who is speaking.

The final straw was that the last time I managed it, the glass was still full so the last few drops of Aisla T'Orten shrivelled the cat's whisker and I can now no longer tune the thing in at all except to something called BuyBlingTV. What with animal rights and so on I can no longer get a replacement part for it.

But from what I remember it needs to be a strong willed individual who knows how to chair an event impartially even when faced with some pretty obnoxious trolls on the panel and an audience those trolls have personally invited to shout for them.

And most importantly someone who is as wise as Socrates and realises that he knows nothing and that compared with those trolls his or her opinions do not matter one bit and therefore shuts up except when directly intervening in fisticuffs between members of the audience (the trolls can kill each other for all I care).

Failing that, Judge Judy should do. If she's not available then perhaps Jake Humphrey now that the BBC won't be doing so many motor races - I'm pretty sure he knows that he knows nothing.

andrew said...

Eddie Mair.

Excellent track record but he can et a little fractious when technology lets him down.

CityUnslicker said...

I don't see how the Beeb will see past Polly Toynbee as someone totally impartial and with experience of the show. Or if they need someone Scottish it could be Kirsty Wark. Outsider will be Nicky Campbell and surprise could be Robbie Savage or Gary Lineker.

Come to think of it surely they need a vehicle for the Speaker's wife; impartial, political, female....lots of ticks.

(ok, I am worried I may be giving them ideas now....)

Bill Quango MP said...

Alan: I like Andrew Marr's history series. Pretty good basic look through the ages. But he insists on the voices. Cringe factor 12.

Lorraine Kelly.. Better than Cilla I suppose.

John M: Graham Norton is very highly paid with very little to do. So its Question Time or send him to film animals in Africa, or swim with dolphins, which is the usual Beeb response to someone they've overpaid for. Michael McIntyre is another in that bracket. But if we must have a celeb, then David Mitchell?

b34st: Evening B34st: Prize will depend on what's in the C@W filing cabinet. probably toffos.
The Greek and Ireland line amongst the bankers is
"We're up shit Greek without a Paddy"

Jock Coats: Special tip, always have a sponge tv toy close to hand for Question Time. I find Tow Mater very effective for hurling. WHY did BBC do a deal with Sky? Are they mad? Surely a C4/BBC bid could match Sky's bid. And all on free to air that way. The ½ on terrestrial ½ on satellite is a poor deal for everyone.

Andrew: Another vote for Eddie Mair. Well.. I suppose so. I f Simon Cowell isn't available.

This season's QT gameshow will also be on Twitter.Can't stop 'progress'.


Bill Quango MP said...

CU - You've certainly ticked all the BBC boxes with Mrs Bercow. Left wing, shameless self promoter,. Unpopular. Semi - intelligent.

But I hear they're holding out for Sarah Brown.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Angus Deayton or Fern Cotton. Or in keeping with BBC tradition, one of the DImbleby's children. If they have any. Failing that, Peter Snow's lad.

Re what Jock Coats says, I stopped watching QT about 3 years ago. It's rubbish.

Timbo614 said...

I see you are limbering up your ½ BQ :)

Anonymous said...

Let's review the BBC's tick boxes -

Graduate of 'Common Purpose'
Of colour and/or Muslim
Left leaning
Female but under 40
"Celebridee" preferable to knowledgable

Too bad the Beeb let Wossi go, but he falls at the 'pale male' hurdle.

Jeremy Clarkson - the people's choice, so automatically ruled out

David Starkey - as above

Shami Chakrabarti - Yes!

measured said...

Is there some reason why Claudia Winkleman doesn't cut her hair?

Oooo... special prize. Well, with the cost of everything these days, forget the gold and Sw Fr. You'll get away with offering food and drink. Can you persuade George to hand back some, BQ? That might be a cheaper option.

New presenter? Around here, there are so many contenders. I think Raewald, English Pensioner or Demetrius stand out. What they may lack in looks, they make up for in their pragmatic approach.

Budgie said...

I know the BBC would never ever have her, but Nadine Dorries would set the cat among the pigeons.