Wednesday 14 September 2011

Question Time early bird.

Do you feel lucky, punk?
After last week's dismal 'special' show this week's also throws up some uncertainties for the serious players.

David Dimbleby is joined in Londonderry by
Owen Paterson,NI minister and business Tory.
Diane Abbott, Shadow unimportant post,
Nigel Dodds,DUP, Martina Anderson ,Sinn FĂ©inand Nicola Horlick , investor and financial pundit.



Philipa said...

Aw c'mon Bill, I mean.. we'll be there for you but for the rest of the panel? Pass.

You have my dream team :-)

Timbo614 said...

Hint: It's an Irish Special :)

D'ya think we were drinking too much o'the Guinness at that last shindig?

Be'jesus how did Guinness get that expensive?

Can we sell more Guinness if we got a shot at these new fangled Euro-buy-more-Guinness-bonds.

B'jesus are we we fooked or what?

Dick the Prick said...

How do we make magic fire?

Education - why are NI stats so shite?

Inflation prbably - dunno how, probably something about Eire being suceptible to global events whilst Ulster just sits on tax credits and hot dogs.

Austerity - is the peace process kinda sorted. It would be cool if they all did allow a good pat on the back for a job well done. Of all the money the Labour government spunked down the toilet - the £100 billion and some was the best cash ever spent.

Libya probably. Maybe even 9/11 - NI knows its fair share of dealing with terrorism.

Electro-Kevin said...

I've put some more comments on China Syndrome.

I don't watch QT. It makes me want to smash my TV. I prefer to watch porn. Everyone seems to get along fine in porno. I've never seen or heard one argument in fact.

Bill Quango MP said...

I saw one where the maid was stealing from the master.
It all seemed to turn out well though.

Woman on a Raft said...

I'm travelling tonight so I'm going to miss it. A pity as it will be another of those editions where Dimbleby struggles not to mention certain matters.

I'm going for:

* Isn't Dale Farm just like the Palestinians?

* Eurocrisis, what Eurocrisis, everything is going splendidly. Don't Panic, Don't Panic.

* Something local which David Vance has to quickly explain to everyone, possibly about education.

* These strikes are all Mrs Thatcher's fault and she should stand down from being PM

* Daring one about "If the panel's phone messages were hacked, what would we hear?"

Botogol said...

"shadow unimportant post"

@BQ - so far as I am concerned you may go ahead and award yourself a half-point bonus for that!

Budgie said...

BQ: "I saw one where the maid was stealing from the master.
It all seemed to turn out well though."

Did she stiff him? Or vice versa? Or both? Presumably if it turned out well no-one became a stiff?

Budgie said...

Hey, if this is the real deal, here are my four for the pot:

1. Should NI enjoy the benefits of the euro, not just Eire? This is the ideal time for the UK to join the euro - we would not be left at the station, and we could make out influence felt at the top table.
2. Cameron in Libya (who's that Sarkosy guy?). Our Harriers on our aircraft carrier off Libya really showed Gaddafi what for, didn't they? More importantly CMD has really stiffed (see above) Bliar with this one hasn't he?
3. Youf unemployment at record high in Tory-led Coalition it's all Thatcher's fault horror crisis Armageddon Balls is right support Milliband (well it is the BBC). Especially in NI. More emmigration from Ireland?
4. Orange Order disciplines UU pair for attending Catholic mass. Bombs, IRA, and "the Republic". Will it ever end? Should we tow Ireland into the mid Atlantic, and sink it?

Bill Quango MP said...

I can't remember exactly. I do remember that the master seemed to be very tired afterwards and so retired to his four poster with his bed warmer.

The bed warmer was the sister of the maid, if i recall .

Timbo614 said...

You're in the wrong thread - this is the Stolen Guinness and resulting Pornishment thread!

Jan said...

Only 1 question again from me, sorry.....

Were any of the panel tempted by the BOGOF offer by a local estate agent on Irish houses recently?

Alex said...

Dodds will, without doubt, have the best of this.

And I'm pretty sure a political show from Derry will pass without a single person uttering B'Jesus...

hatfield girl said...

Boundary Commission alterations to Westminster parliamentary constituencies (which coincide with Stormont constituencies - the ties that bind etc): should the English rejoice that there will be 2 fewer of the northern Irish at Westminster or regret that there are not 16 fewer?

Was the failure to riot and loot in the north of Ireland due to:
- they're all rioted-out
- faith- and academically-selective schooling has removed the riotous constituency
- they know they'd get knee-capped rioting without permission?

Lack of a parade in Belfast for troops returning from Afghanistan despite Belfast City Council welcoming such a ceremony.

Why does the north of Ireland, uniquely in the UK, offer a severely academic education to all those who seek it (the grammar schools admit quite wide bands of ability), particularly when the Irish can dance like demons and all would get A* in dance?

Has the collapse of the Labour party in Scotland contributed to the diminution of the importance of sectarian and corrupt politics in the north of Ireland?

Botogol said...

1 - After everything that happened - why are banks STILL so recklessly careless with their billions?

2 - Following disciplinary proceedings for attending a catholic funeral, Should all UUP politicians now resign from the Orange Order?

3 - with unemployment up, inflation up, is it finally finally time for plan B

4 - has a phone call saved the Euro?

5 - shouldn't Cameron keep the new Libyan govt at arm's length until we've had time to see if they are any nicer than the last lot?

Miss CD said...

- Public sector strikes and the minor heckling of Ed Miliband.Is N.I, which is almost a branch of the public sector, about to have a few extra 'bank holidays?'

- Food labeling. To throw or to keep?

- Riots and looting. What can N.I . tell the England about dealing with public disorder.

- Internet stalkers. Should they really be imprisoned?

Only 4 tonight.

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Why has emigration from Northern Ireland risen 30% ?

- How long for the Euro? Is the collapse of Eire a serious setback to the united Ireland camp?

- Rouge city traders. Should financiers and banks just be abolished. They can't be trusted.

- Libya. What now? Should N.I. be putting in tenders for building work?

- Soft on crime, soft on the sentencing of crime. 20 years of not convicting has meant that the average looter already had 10 convictions for other crimes. Meaning they probably committed some 100+ offences before the riots. What does the panel recommend. {someone will mention ORANGE jumpsuits and start a riot.}

Miss CD said...

Amendment. 5 q's now.
Should the UK pay up for citizens who have been kidnapped by pirates or terrorists.

Philipa said...

I think Bill should make his porn available online. Sounds much more interesting. I like the maid stealing from the master storyline. Kinda 'Downtown Abbey' with a master who tries to spank his little maid? And the maids gang up on him and keep him as a sex slave between the four of 'em?

Philipa said...

Oh ok then:

1. Europe/Greece/debt/the euro

2. Libya

3. unemployment (23 yr high for women!)

4. Banks/split (Northern Rock wasn't an investment bank) but growth has slowed so banks need to lend to speed growth?

5. Riots/broken uk/what can be done/the coalition will solve but you won't like it

Nick Drew said...

If they don't do a euro meltdown special this week, there is no redemption.

OK, there's no redemption.

1) Euro meltdown, Greece, Germany
2) Bank Commission's report
3) Planning / Green Belt
4) Union / unemployment portmanteau
5) Boundary changes / midlothian / devolved govt portmanteau with some Ulster angle

hovis said...

ok here goes again

1. Euro meltdown - in an irish context something like would the return of the punt be better for all in the island of Irekeand including the north

2. Defense / broken society - does the opposition to the parade of RIR show divisions in NI society still deep

3. Rogue traders - finance is evil shouldnt all bankers are gombeens shouldnt they be made illgal


5. Boundary Commision ( MP seats not with the south !)