Wednesday 26 October 2011

Question Time scores

David Dimbleby is joined in Winchester by Iain Duncan Smith, Gloria De Perio, Jo Swinson, Nigel Farage and Julian Fellowes

IDS should be fun to watch.
{He wasn't}

Leaderboard as of

Botogol - 25
BQ - 23

Budgie - 23
Timbo614 - 22½
Nick Drew - 22½
Sebastian Weetabix - 21
Measured - 21
Appointmetotheboard - 20½
Dick the Prick -19½
Hopper - 19½
Philipa - 19
Hatfield Girl - 19
Mark Wadsworth - 19
Miss CD - 18½
GSD - 17½
Miss S-J -17½
Hovis - 17
Malcolm Tucker - 15½
CU - 14½
Jan - 14
Andrew - 12½
Woman on a raft - 4½
Sean -3½
Anon {1} -3½
Alex - 1½
Electro-Kevin - ½


hovis said...

too much Yerp here but hey ..

1. EU Bailout - or not are we still doomed
2. Sarkozy vs Cameron - spat ot spin?
3. St Pauls Protesters - hotspot liars and nusiance or legitimate protest
4. Has Cameron been wounded by the Referendum vote?
5. Vince Cable fined for not paying tax

Miss CD said...

Will be away so will miss it. Shame..looks like a good one.

1. Why did all three parties offer a referendum at the election, but none are willing to allow one now?

2. EU bailout - Berlusconi. Is he dooming the Euro with his bunga bunga approach to power?

3. Employment law. Why can't companies sack the useless without prior retraining, counseling, mentoring, monitoring and mollycoddling.

4. Should you be able to check up on Domestic violence history with a new partner?

5. Gaddaffi. Was it worse for the Libyans to execute him, or the papers to display his dead body on Page 1.

Bill Quango MP said...

I should ask you..

Mr Wadsworth was interested to know who actually watched the show.
If you can add a Y or N after your choice of questions.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Don't tell him! He only wants to know which of us is a home-ownerist with a television!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Hovis and Miss CD have beaten me to it.

1. EU Bailout, were Sarko + Merkel right to giggle at Berlusconi, was Sarko right to be so rude to DaveCam?

2. St Pauls Protesters - are these people just 'tent hoarding'?

3. Are the Tories showing how out of touch they are now that so many have outed themselves as enophoblic Little Englanders who do not welcome the Brave New Dawn of lovely EU-sustainable economy blah blah blah.

4. Domestic violence (see Miss CD)?

5. Gaddaffi (see Miss CD)?

@ BQ No I don't watch QT.

@ SW, what are you talking about? The TV licence would be the first tax to go when I'm in charge, I couldn't care less how many tellies people own (we have three).

Do you actually realise that the term "Home-Owner-Ist" is ironic*? The real point behind Home-Owner-Ism is to reduce the spread of owner-occupation and to transfer as much wealth as possible from the productive economy to the rent-seekers; and to transfer as much wealth as possible from young to old.

* In the way as Communists didn't believe in 'the community', 'socialists' don't believe in society, most 'democrats' don't believe in democracy and the last thing on the mind of most 'libertarians' is actual liberty.

Philipa said...

1. EU summit/greek debt/bail out/banks/germany/euro/referendum

2. Julian Fellowes? Downton's got to be mentioned. IDS? Children/families/benefits/wanton feckless shirkers & single mothers going to hell in a hand cart. Have morals improved or are women as wanton and feckless as that little minx, Lady Mary? And should they get a job? Cocktail anyone?

3. Gadaffi/reportage

4. London/St Pauls protests

5. Travellers/planning permission

Irishman, greek and an englishman goes into a bar, a german settles the bill. (Yes I is watching Newsnight :-)

Philipa said...

Actually I thought Downton nodded beautifully at the social change the great wars created, especially the first (although the Boer war did start the germ of an idea of an end to deference) of gender equality. Shame we never quite got it :-/

James Higham said...

Question Time on Downton would be good.

Budgie said...

Before I post the interesting stuff about QT, I have to question Mark Wadsworth. I am even less enlightened after his "explanation" of his views of "home-ownerism" than I was before.

Question to MW: are you opposed or in favour of widespread home ownership? And please, no "irony", convoluted justifications, explanations or references to the MW blog.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

@MW "what are you talking about?"

I am innocently making fun of your Georgist LVT monomania. You never fail to bite, which gives me a nice chuckle and a warm feeling inside.

There, that should derail the thread very nicely.

Sean said...

Nope, never watched it since the infamous 911 edition, and not paid to the BBC a penny since. I spend the money on my dogs instead, it works a treat.

EU bailout, smoke and mirrors? where did all the money come from and can we have some please, the kids need a plasma for the bedroom for xmas.

EU Ref Vote, Tories Hey? We will die of starvation if we leave, and what about the parts for my BMW.

ST Pauls, Pop up or Pole? They will be gone when the frost comes! was the thermal imaging camera set to manual? Does MW want to tax them?

MadGaf, snuff movies on the BBC, is this what I pay the licence fee for?

The Riots, the home office numbers and did Dave lie, The beeb says they were all poor, so its gotta be the Tories init, cause like was the big bang 25 years ago that caused it. Maggie Out!

Jan said...

1) Are the problems in the EU fixed?

2) Are the banks fixed?

3) Are Libya's problems fixed now Gadaffi's gone?

4) Is it a fix if the St Paul's protesters go home to their cosy beds at night? (or is it a place where the homeless can congregate so avoiding sky-high London rents?)

Nick Drew said...

1. Sov Debt Crisis, with supplementary 'should UK chip in ?'

2. Are Tories split, is it back to the 1990's ? (PS I ran into Bill Cash at a do last night and he is as *** as a ****ing *******. Funnily enough, he hates Carswell!)

3. Should dead soldiers have their pay docked ?

4. Are these 'occupiers' a new political force ?

5. joker - John Terry

Hopper said...

1. EU Referendum - were the party leaders right to whip? Did it actually matter?
2. OccupyLSX - are they actually achieving anything now other than the financial ruin of St. Pauls? (Why don't they move 500m down the road and camp out around Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street?) For a bonus, did Giles resign or was he pushed?
3. Eurozone bailout - is everything hunky-dory now? Is anyone actually looking at the figures? This is Winchester, so there's a fighting chance of numerates in the audience tonight.
4. Got to be something snide about Vince Cable and his tax bill. If he can't get it right, what hope for the rest of us?
5. Downton Abbey - bet they wouldn't put up with the Occupiers on their front lawn.

@MW - yes when I'm in the UK, waiting for international iPlayer to be launched so I can wreck my blood pressure when travelling too.

Botogol said...

Here goes...

- did the Euro crisis mean that it was a bad time to have a refendum, or is actually our last chance?

- should St Pauls evict the demonstators or welcome them?

- is it too difficult to sack people?

- should life sentences be reserved for murder?

- is 7 billion people too many? What can be done to stop us getting to eight?

Yes I watch QT most weeks, but often multi-tasking on my laptop, and with a glass of wine in hand :-)

Miss S-J said...

- Eurofudge tastes yummy

- Tories obsessed with Europe. In/out?

- Too much red tape employment law. Vince thinks not.

- Pop-up Tent city. Has an Anti-capitalist protest ever had a more capitalist symbol?

- Gaddaffi is still dead. Hangover from last week's QT.

measured said...

1. Will we cope with a few more people? Benefits/immigration 

2. Will we form a separate group from the eurozone before there is a European war? Murky Merkel/eurofudge's short sell by date

3. Will we start to sympathise with  those outside St. Paul's? A wing and a prayer

4. Will we now invade Pakistan? Arab Spring/female logic

5. Lock 'em up. Sentencing


Budgie said...

1. UN voting to end Libya military intervention - was it worth it? - is there any AK47 ammunition left? - will we see liberated Libyan girls paralysed on the streets on Saturday nights?

2. St Paul's Chancellor resigns: was it all Thatcher's fault? Wicked capitalism, big bang stock exchange beginning of universe? Drone blah cont p94.

3. Third euro bail out: do we believe it? Will we end up paying for it via the IMF? Date for next crisis? Date for fiscal union? Date for UK to join euro?

4. Why is Cameron such a lying little creep? Does it come naturally or was it absorbed during his education? Will we even get a referendum for the Treaty change needed for Q3 above? Has the cast iron rusted away, or was it a chocolate fireguard all the time?

5. Crime and punishment; killers; mandatory life sentences for second serious offence; dear old Ken Clarke - what a wonderful Tory gent, scrapping indeterminate sentences; teenager knife crime.

CityUnslicker said...

1 - Eurofudge will it work?
2 - Shoudl we have a refendum now?
3 - St Pauls people, evil bankers, tory cuts splurge - shouty young woman to ask question whilst wringing hands, dungarees a possibility.
4 - Gaddafi - Education spending falling 25% and we killed someone who provided millions to it - great work!

Y - i will be tweeting too as I enjoy winding up socialists!

Sebastian Weetabix said...

1. Does today's deal in Brussels inevitably lead to fiscal union and a United States of Europe?
2. Has Cast-Iron Dave lost control of the "bastard" tendency on his back benches/if now isn't the time to renegotiate our relationship with the EU, when is?
3. Even Vince Cable can't sort out his taxes. Doesn't this show the tax system is too complicated?
4. Employment protection - why do evil Tories want to sack people unfairly?

I will be watching, fortified by Ramipril, Amlodipine and a spot of decent whisky (not the Irish abominations mind)

GSD said...

Hi all.

1) Will this week's EU fudge:
a) work,
b) lead to a two tiered Europe?

2) Empty tents & use of Starbucks at the St Paul's protest thingy.

3) Phone hacking & Murdoch surviving the shareholders vote.

4) Should the RSC be putting on plays like "Marat/Sade"?

5) Cameron, that vote & those blooming foreigners : a well played hand or a missed opportunity?

@MW: I start watching around 50% of the time. But watching the whole show is probably down to the 30% mark...

hatfield girl said...

Today, at one dollar forty, the euro is undoubtedly grossly over-valued; in what conceivable sense is the euro at risk of collapse and if it were, would it be a bad thing?

What are the chances of Tony Blair meeting the fate of Muhammar Ghedaffi?

Could European leaders care less about Berlusconi's credibility given that Italy is run by a global troika and president Napolitano?

What is the point of demanding that people who live on welfare should live on nothing at all?

What return would you require to buy Italian ten-year bonds today?

Bill Quango MP said...

Nearly forgot. That wouldn't do.

1. Euro referendum. Is there even a sliver of a splinter of a shaving of difference between the three main parties over Europe?

2. Eurofudge. Looks good, but what exactly is in the secret recipe?

3. Employment law. Its a crock. Politicians and EXPERTS always say that anyone can be got rid of within one year already.

That just isn't true. I have LOST 3 tribunal cases, none of them involving workers employed for more than their 2 month probation {which doesn't legally exist} and none dismissed for discrimination. -£45,000 paid out in compensation. In one case it was the workers fourth payout from a tribunal. She was 19. A serial defrauder. I hired her for just 9 days.

4. Vince's Tax problems. Are we second only to the Yanks in an overcomplicated tax system?

5. Probably St Pauls. The world's silliest protest group go home at night to their capitalist supplied luxuries. Is it a real protest or is it just Glastonbury without the mud?

I always watch MW. _ But never exclusively.

appointmetotheboard said...

Haha. I *knew* Farage would be on. Bet you he invites IDS to join UKIP - IDS to decine (quietly) through gritted teeth.

1. Europe. Are we saved?

2. Europe. Should we be in in, out, or shaking it about?

3. Occupy LSX. Should the Church be egging on the polis to crack a few heads? Will anyone point out that the anti-capitalist protestors aren't, actually anti-capitalist?

4. Gaddafi - trial or no trial? (Was that last week? I forget.)

5. Moral decay / sentencing / riots

Joker - Downton Abbey or Spooks?

I more often than not toggle between QT and Newsnight...

Dick the Prick said...

Evening fellow hair cutters.

1) Is the bail out utter bollox or contemptable complete bollox. Is it fair that the Greeks can piss money down the swanny whilst every other chump picks up the bar bill?

2) and maybe why should Blighty pay for it and yet politicians won't allow us the vote? Farage will probably wind up IDS nicely - hee hee

3) Welfare presumably - aren't Tories just barrrstards?

4) Education presumably so Del Piero and Swinson can front off at each other - kind of fancy Swinson a bit - ho hum. Gottle of gear indeed!

5) Why can't we all go back to the 1930's when everything was groovy?

Usually don't watch it as Thursday is drinks night but just milkshakes tonight so...probably not.

Timbo614 said...

Jesus! You go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose in the QT Question-answers-questions! If much happened (in the UK) on Mon-Weds BBC world news did not report it...

However, talking of Jesus:

1) Was the Canon fired or was he canon fodder? A man of the church stands up for what he preaches and Bang; he's gone. It confirms every reason I gave up the church at 12.

2) EuroFudge - Bankers Budge - Not yet they haven't and they will turn a penny on it somehow, Will we have to pay AGAIN? Is that why stock markets have gone mad - the people pay?

3) How are we going to cope with 7 billion plus people and a reducing food & energy supply?

4) Gotta be UKIP question probably something else about Europe and how we should get out now - after we get a referendum of course?

Going for the 4Q bonus, and sadly yes I actually watch it.

Thinking of taking the laptop in so I can "Tweet" something when I am annoyed Tweeting is new at Ch√Ęteau Timbo :)

Timbo614 said...

Having looked through the comments now... What's all this about Downton Abbey/Spooks?.. Missed that completely - no idea what you/they are uptight about :(

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Why weren’t MPs given the freedom to represent the views of the public in their constituencies?

IDS - not very credible. 3 line whip is about individual choice?? Really? That's not what the whip said to me. he said ' know the drill..say to your people anything you like..but with the government or its no more studying Caribbean fishing methods in Antigua , but Fisheries quotas in Hull. Shudders."

Farage says what's the point of e-petitions if no-one listens? Good point. It was a puff exercise. Then attacks Cast-iron Cameron. Quite effectively too.
Gloria follows Political betting's point. That the Euro issue rarely comes up on the doorstep.
That may be true, but we had a referendum on voting reform & that never comes up.
JF thinks this a huge change moment in europe and not to attempt to mess with it now.

Q: Does the Eurozone debt agreement mean the UK is now a 2nd class country in the EU?
Not quite sure what that means.
Gloria rambles about Tory tearing apart of Europe. She then talks utter, utter balls about us not trading with Europe. Is she speaking made up fears on purpose, or is she just not very well informed?
Now she's talking about Brown and how proud we were of him? IDS says {just off mike} that The labour party weren't proud of him.They were plotting against him.

NF talks about the Greeks.
IDS says we are still in a commanding position. For now though IDS..
JF thinks the Eurozone must become one country. If so we must stay out of it.

Q3: Would Jesus have cleared the "temple" of demonstrators?
JF yes to protests, and to protesters. Thinks St Pauls called it wrong.But does believe in it.
Jo Swinson agrees with the protesters..its a protest about pay differentials. Is it? First I've heard. Its mostly incoherent hugginess.
Poor IDS says 'erm..I'm in charge of Health ad safety. Often no-one ever checks... that is the issue IDS. There is often no clear line.
I'd leave them there for 10 years and then send the bailiffs in at great expense.

Q: Can the prison system cope with an increase in mandatory and life sentences?
Gloria again..seems to have had a lot of airtime for a complete airhead. On twitter there's a 'tits out..tits out.." clamour. Anything to make us forget this lamentable performance. Soundbites only may pass her lips.

Farage doesn't think prisons can more prisons.
IDS says most prisoners are male, druggies, menatls, borderline morons. Those get locked up.

Q: Now that university applications have fallen significantly for this year, is it still correct to raise student tuition fees?

Jo Swinson defends her parties idiotic position on Scotland's tuition fees.
JF thinks degrees are devalued. and debt for a degree that may be worthless is not a good choice. G de P talks unintelligible bilge about what Ed Miliband has said.

QT from palace of Westminster next week. Ed Balls will be on.

Bill Quango MP said...

The all important scores.

Miss CD - just 2.

Hovis -3 +½ for camo-sarko spat. - 3½.

Mark Wadsworth - identikit Hovis - 3½.

Philipa - 2. And not a Downton mention at all. Have you seen Private Eye's Downturn Abbey? Its just brilliant.

Sean-{welcome} 3 +½ for the tax the tentownerists idea. You have the knack..please call again.

Jan -3 + ½ for almost getting Farage's exact answer to the empty tent city.

ND - 3. {Bill Cash eh? Is his son still living in his MP's expenses paid pad? Silly Billy got a bit burned on that one.}

Hopper - all good - 3 also. And why don't they shift the tents? The church or the police?

Botogol - hmmm.. you're first q was split - so -1+½ and then 2 more = 3½

Miss S-J - 3 knock-downs.

measured- 3 {do you watch whilst on twitter though?}

Budgie - 4 really, really good ones.

CU - 3 smashes

Sebastian Weetabix - went for the short option - 2

GSD - 3 targets down

Hatfield Girl - 2½ {and no - no one wants 10 year Italian bonds. Not even the Italians.}

BQ - 3 ...and was lucky ..only put St Pauls on coz I couldn't think of anything else.

appointmetotheboard: another good showing - 4

Dick The Prick - Excellent - Got the only spot on the education Q for double points too - 4½

Timbo614: 3 - {twitter is surpriingly hard to use seeing as it has so many users. I thought it would be much more intuitive...we should invest in i-tweet or something.}

Winner is Dick the Prick with 4½.

As stated at the start there will be a prize this term for the highest scorer. Prize to be announced next week...

{and no isn't tickets to question Time.}

Dick the Prick said...

Hurray! Watching it sober was quite tough and had to keep muting it and flipping channels. Dimblebore does seem to be losing it a bit; sure, push for clarification but he seemed to be on standard BBC talking points regurgitated from any morning's Toady programme.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It's all bunching at the top of the leader board. I'm sure it was more spread out last year.

Bill Quango MP said...

DP - Yes..Its quite funny when he repeats politicians previous lies back to them, like with IDS. But often he lets it ramble. Twice last night he waited until a panelist had finished and then said, that wasn't the question asked and your per-prepared propaganda sheet answer hasn't covered it.
O'Neil wouldn't let such things pass.

MW - I was thinking the same.
We'll see what the FIA style mad rules changes will come up with next season.

Timbo614 said...

@MW Yes, and I have lost my podium position too! Rule change - extra points for nicknames with numbers in them :)

Jan said...

Don't watch any more as I can't stand the waffling and don't like getting wound up just before bedtime.....Dimble should be put out to grass now methinks...along with Jenni Murray (Womans' Hour) and the ubiquitous David Attenboro'... move over and give some youngsters a chance...

sorry rant over

Bill Quango MP said...
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