Thursday 20 October 2011

Question Time

Its that time again.
this Libya edition comes from Scotland
David Dimbleby is joined in Glasgow by
Jacob Rees-Mogg, Super rebellious anti-euro MP, who's constituency is next door to Dr Fox. Exactly the sort of Posh Tory MP that Cameron doesn't want in the New Tory party
Alistair Carmichael, Lib Dem whip, from the lefty side of the yellows. Orkney based.
Margaret Curran
,Labour MP from of Glasgow East. Got promoted in the E-shuffle to Shadow minister for Scotland. Which might mean she is very talented or possibly no one else would take the job.
Mike Russell, SNP minister for education {and lifelong learning?} Big hitter in SNP.
Cristina Odone
Dep. ed of the New Statesman. Author of A Perfect Wife {1998} that still has yet to get a review on Amazon. you'd have thought she'd have got at least one friend to do one.
Brian Cox,
who I guess is the ultra-labour supporting actor who often shows up on QTscotland.

Of the three regional shows, Scotland is usually the best.
BQ predicts

1. Gaddaffi is dead/alive? Does the panel agree with the war and something about Al- Megrahi.
2. Euro referendum that would allow MP's to begin thinking about a referendum.Why are all parties so afraid of a Euro vote? {SNP excluded}
3. Dale Farm. Isn't there some space in Scotland that the travelers could illegally build on? A heather moor or an old oil derrick or something?
4. Inflation, growth and the poor economy. Are Scots justified in feeling they will be hit hardest by the public sector chops.
5. Wind farms and scrapping of subsidy, feed ins and carbon capture.As the UK belatedly comes to its senses on the damage a high energy price does is the Highland wind farm dream coming to an end?

And if the Dubai-Karachi betting syndicate is watching replace all those with 'the Mong word'- 99% protest-Fox and Strictly Come Highland Dancing

Leaderboard as of

Botogol - 21½
BQ - 20

Timbo614 - 19½
Nick Drew - 19½
Budgie - 19
Sebastian Weetabix - 19
Measured - 18
Philipa - 17
Miss CD - 16½
Hopper - 16½
Hatfield Girl - 16½
Appointmetotheboard - 16½
Malcolm Tucker - 15½
Mark Wadsworth - 15½
Dick the Prick -15
GSD - 14½
Miss S-J -14½
Hovis - 13½
Andrew - 12½
CU - 11½
Jan - 10 1/2

Woman on a raft - 4½
Alex - 1½
Anon {1} -3½
Electro-Kevin - ½

Lot of movement around the 15½ s. Still time.


hovis said...

1. Libya - have they really captured Ghadaffi and if so what should be done with him?

2. Libya Al-Megrahni - who's ideas was it to release him?

3. Inflation - too high, the government has no plans

4. EU in / out - maybe with a scottish twist - should/would an Independent scotland be in EU?

5. Green technologies - is it wrong to scrap the Fife Carbon capture project - showns how much in disarray / short sighted the coalition is - hi tech scottish jobs for scottish workers !

Mark Wadsworth said...

At the risk of being a bit unoriginal:

1. EU referendum, why is Cameron so against it, should there be one?

2. Scots independence referendum, why is Cameron so against it, would the SNP win?

3. Inflation, growth and the poor economy. Savage Tory Cuts.

4. I dunno if Gadaffi had himself killed in time to make tonight's show, but that'd be a goodie, were the UK right to go into LIbya, was it all about oil etc.

5. Scotland, hydro, waves, water, renewables, subsidies, oil is cornerstone of their economy, would Whitehall allow and independent Scotland to keep the oil taxation?

Steve said...
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Botogol said...

@hovis - fife carbon capture - you are reading the scotland section on the BBC news website, aren't you? :-) ( too obscure for QT, IMO)

So here we go ..

- isn't a political party duty bound to deliver on a manifesto promise to have a referendum on independence? (hee hee, do you see what I did there?)

- does Gadaffi's murder show that the new lot in Libya are just as bad as the old lot?

- why can't the police clear the Square in front of St Pauls - do they use TASARSs only on travellers?

- is the westminister government using high inflation pay off english debts at the expense of scottish pensioners?

- is it ever acceptable for a undercover police officer to appear in court using a false identity?

hovis said...

Bogotol - of course - quick and dirty. An attampt at that local nation spin thing. Cobbled together in the two minutes before the next meeting ...

Miss CD said...

1. Gaddaffi - Al-Megrahi - should Salmond now apologise for something..something.

2. Doctors. Allowed to strike off their patients? Whatever next.

3. Gypsy caravan travels 200 yds to the official site. Was it worth the cost?

4. Should homeowners be forced to downsize once they no longer need a family home.

5. Inflation and the economy.

Budgie said...

1. Do the English want to get rid of Scotland (ans: yes)
2. Do the English want to get rid of the EU (ans: yes)
3. Do the Libyans want to get rid of Gadaffi, Salmond and Megrahi (ans: yes)
4. Do the Scots want to get rid of thousands of their elderly this winter via green nuttery such as carbon capture (ans: yes)
5. Do the Scots want to die earlier than the English via alcohol fueled deep fried Mars bar parties (ans: yes).

Yes, we can!!! There, I haven't mentioned Thatcher once. Yet. But it is indubitable that if the answer to the really big question is 42 that it was all really Thatcher's fault.

GSD said...

hi all.

1) Rangers/BBC spat - who's in the right? (that's my attempt at localism!)

2) Libya - with Gaddafi's death, what's next for them? Will a new illegal Africa->Europe immigration route open up? [Tripoli used to claim they were turning back 100s of 1000s yearly]

3) EU referendum - why can't we have one? Why is the PM denying a free vote when the result will be non-binding anyhow? What is he scared of?

4) Dale farm - Expected £8x10^6 bill; Surely hiring a couple of flamethrowers from the local "flamethrowers-r-us" store would have been cheaper? Or even hiring Gene Hunt for the day?

5) Scottish independence - still viable in the current economic climate?

Anonymous said...

1) Libya - will Alex Salmond be relieved dead-men can't talk?

2) EU referendum - what happened to Dave's 'cast iron' guarantee

3) WHat is 'Plan B' or is mass unemployment a price worth paying?

4) Heating or eating - energy suppliers are killing Scotland auld folks, for shame!

5) Edinburgh Trams - doesn't this show that Scotland can't manage anything by itself?

James Higham said...

All I can offer is moving Hadrian's wall just south of Edinburgh/Glasgow and rebuilding it.

measured said...

BBCQT from Scotland is always the most tedious.

Let’s have:

1. Jock and Libya – Will events change the likelihood of learning the truth behind Al- Megrahi? Let’s hope someone has the decency to mention Yvonne Fletcher and how we have let the Scots enjoy self determination and democracy.

2. Jock and Europe – Of course we are entitled to a referendum. We were promised one. Would Scotland be in the EU? I wish we could sell off the Scottish tax raising franchise, as has been proposed the Spanish and Greeks do for their outlying islands.

3. Jock and energy – wind farms, oil, gas… Forget the eyesore, why does energy cost so much?

4. Jock and the Scottish Parliament… who cares?

5. Jock and sport …. It was football fans last time. Rugby? Zzzzzzz

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Since we are back in Scotland, I thought I should add some vernacular colour.

1) See yon Gaddaffi - would it no' a been better if he were on trial, but?
2) Are the Rangers victims of a BBC/Fenian stitch up? (Alternatively "Should we be surprised BBC Scotland have uncovered yet more evil doings by the Hun?" depending on which foot one kicks with)
3) See ma Tory energy bill? It's fuckin' disgrace, so it is.
4) Efter we kick oot the English, should we stay in the EU & join the Euro?
5) Should auld biddies be forced oot o' their ain hames efter the weans are away, just for havin' a wee spare room?

Nick Drew said...

difficult to be original tonite

1) Libya / Col G / is this closure for Lockerbie ?

2) Euro-referendum

3) energy projects (windfarms, clean coal) with strong scottish linkage: & link to anger against the Big 6 & high prices etc, can we afford the green agenda ?

4) Dale Farm

5) joker: should foreign doctors be forced to learn English ? (should scots, for that matter)

Dick the Prick said...

Evening fellow webellious wapscallions.

1) Libya - blah blah blah - isn't it all terribly beastly etc?

2) Oil, devolution, English theft

3) How can English Tories like Foxy and Mogg have any legitimacy?

4) Unemployment - cuts, English bastards

5) EU - austerity isn't working etc.

Ho hum. Got a lot of time for Moggy but fear he'll be too toffy for the jocks.

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Libya - Mad dog's death..Is this a lesson for the Yanks on how to have a toppling?

- Rangers saga. What have the BBC uncovered? {And will the taxes that Rangers avoided by having players as offshore businesses now bankrupt the club?}

- Salmond says its time for independence. Is anyone else convinced?

- Gypsies and what aren't the rent-a-protest protesters being charged as if they were looters? They've caused a huge cost to the council. Fine them all. {They're parents can afford it}

- Energy. Carbon capture isn't a real thing. Will the energy inefficient windfarms be next to face reality?
{They must be efficient in Scotland though. The place is practically designed for them. Masses of reliable wind..loads of empty space not far from cities and towns..someone else's taxes to pay for all the infrastructure. If it won't work won't work.}

Dick the Prick said...

Shit - energy prices, ah nuts.

Bill Quango MP said...

-Still Time DtP.
Swap about all you like.

Hopper said...

1. Libya - now it's all over, was the West right to intervene or should we have left it to the Libyans. Expect someone to mention Al-Megrahi, but prob. not a separate question.
2. SNP conference opening; why have the SNP been lily-livered about independence?
3. EU referendum on Monday and everyone's ordered to vote against it. Whatever happened to parliamentary democracy? (har de har har)
4. Occupy London is still going and growing (are there any branches of the franchise north of the border) - are they demanding the moon or just common sense?
5. Since Christina's on, I'm taking a wild swing at an NHS nursing question.

Miss S-J said...

1/ Libya..any regrets from the SNP now? And Gadaffi had a golden gun. Well if you're going to be an evil super-villain you need all the trimmings. I wonder if he had a shark swimming pool?

2/ Why are Scotland suffering from Tory cuts when there aren't any Tories in Scotland..leads to independence question

3/ Dale farm and media obsession with stories like this and phone hacking that no one cares about.{BBC poll - do you think the travellers are right to stay? - 6% yes.}

4/EU referendum - why the whipping? If we voted to leave we'd just have more votes until we decided to stay.

5/ Greek austerity. Two day strike and rioting. Anything similar planned for Scotland?

Philipa said...

1. Energy/NSea Oil, is it time to look for other stocks/providers?

2. Gadaffi/Libya

3. EU/referendum, is it time to vote and what for?

4. Pensions/stamp duty, are the taxes/fees fair?

5. I was going to bank on Dale Farm but with Christina on the panel you've got to get the Catholic angle on something.. er.. are the Occupy Wall St/London etc. things immoral? Or Vice Versa. Something's immoral?

andrew said...

1 - Libya

2 - Unemployment

3 - Scottish independance

4 - Oil / Gas

5 - Rangers

appointmetotheboard said...

1. What now for Libya, and just how much of a landgrab for vicarious glory can Obama and Cameron make out of it?

2. Europe. In, out or should we just shake it all about? Would an independent Scotland join?

3. Some clever scottish slant about energy prices and north sea oil..

4. Dale farm. Not being following it, so don't know what the specifics will be.

5. Are Rangers broke? See 4.

6. Has Jacob Rees-Mogg doubled the number of tories in Scotland this evening? Will he get out alive?

appointmetotheboard said...

It tells you something (not sure if its about me or this quiz - make your own mind up) when you get in at 10pm, and rush to do the the QT Game, and then think about dinner...

hatfield girl said...

Still in time? It's so dull being in Scotland as education, health, etc., are different in each of the UK countries.

Quick as possible:
How worried are we by the execution of dictators before trial?

Why should we all be expected to live in a mean little house after spending so much effort to live in a large comfortable house,just because the children have left home

Why do Out-of-the-EU supporters keep demanding a referendum when it's Parliament and the Executive, not referendums that are the arena for political decision-taking?

Will the Labour party in Scotland accelerate into irrelevance as Salmond moves the independence agenda forward?

Should Australian Prime Ministers curtsey to the Head of State?

Timbo614 said...

Late again - forgot I had to cook Mrs. Timbo Dinner.

1) Gotta be Gadaffi has been got - what now for Libya? - what do we have to pay for the oil, and how many arms do they need us to sell to protect it form other Arabs? What price sending back Megrahi?

2) £ 1.800000e+7 I think you'll find for moving on the Gypsies is £30,000 per foot. Isn't that farce?

3) Cold and Old + No comfort from the NHS. Are we a civilised country or a country of parenticides.

4) Is the End of CCS a bonus for Scotland? Will they can spend the money on more windmills?

5/Throwaway/Local: Is Rangers owner whiter than whyte Should he ReTex the penalty and get Gaol?

Bill Quango MP said...

Ready? Just got to log on to google.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Were we right in interfering in the political affairs of Libya?
Panel seem to give it a pretty unanimous YES. Seems we have learned the lesson of Iraq.
Mogg says once is enough.

Q2. When is the UK going to stand up to the energy companies. £125 profit / person? Shop around. That was a good use of a meeting. Cameron says 'Go Compare!"
Looks like the carbon capture Q is coming up too.
Man in audience does make a good point. the elderly are the least likely to change. Not internet savvy.
Audience is upset over changing, time, and minimal save. I swapped recently. Saved about £200. It was quite simple, although they did pinch £40 back off me for something or other.

Q: Why do the three main national parties not want a referendum on UK membership of the EU?
Incredible isn't it? All three parties are pro the EU in private and want to offer a referendum in public. Liberal Whip says 'we will have to have a referendum at some point, but not right now.'
Audience man said we give £40bn a day to Europe. I don't think so.
Debate is very dull. All agree that we should have a referendum to find the terms of any referendum...etc.
An lot of talk about Scottish independence. Worth a ½ to those who are still awake.

Q4. Liam Fox question..Blaming the press for his woes.
Mogg is quite good knocking down the shrill Christina, who claims Werrity may have been a terrorist. No..He wouldn't. But he could have been what he probably was. A profiteer.
Then Mogg gets a little murkier over defending Fox's movements with his mate.
B.Cox is right to point out Cameron's promise to have proper probity in office.
This a very last week's story. We had this last week didn't we?
{Dubai/Karachi/Delhi influence again?..Last Q might be about Steve Jobs?}

Q5. The downsizing one! good spot for some. Miss CD was banging on about it in anger all week.
Perfect response. Its a stupid report with an unworkable plan done purely to get attention for the company via a PR firm.
The former Mrs Quango was a master at this sort of black arts.

Ends. And very dull. Even though it was very reasonabley debated.

Bill Quango MP said...

The all important scores:

BQ -2½.

Hovis -2½ {No Megrahi> Panel all too embarrassed?}

Mark Wadsworth - Good. 3½

Botogol: Slipped up at last! - I only make that 2.

Miss CD: you got the hard one and left out the easy EU. - 2

Budgie - a bit mixed but i think that's 3.

GSD -2½ {and that Rangers was such a good spot too. Should have been asked its front page news up there. Has been for days!} -2½

Anonymous: {is that you CU?} Good ones - 2½ {and trams would have been a good one too}

JH: really?

Measured: Very good - 3½

Sebastian Weetabix: Excellent - 4½ for the correct answers and ½ for the groundskeeper Willie. = 5

Nick Drew: Not bad - 3

Dick The Prick - 1½ {but I'll allow the energy retrospective] 2½

Malcolm Tucker -2½ .. good try.

Hopper - 3 yes, well, I think..its.... 3.

Miss S-J - good - 2½

Philipa : You were close. It was the Fox Q for Christina to get worked up about -3

Andrew : pressed for time..but not bad at all - 2½

appointmetotheboard : Ok - 3½ {even though you over Q'd} And yes -when you get in at 10pm, and rush to do the the QT Game, it effects us all. C4 are looking at it as the replacement for countdown.

Hatfield Girl. Great for a quick go. - 3½ {I don't know the Aussie one HG.}

Timbo614 : Hope the diner was good? - 2½.

So no Dale farm, and a silly Fox question. Gaddaffi must have knocked another question off. Wonder what it was?

winner is Sebastian Weetabix with an incredible 5 !!!

We are about halfway through. 9 shows to go.
{and we hope they are all better than this one was.}

Timbo614 said...

@BQ Medallions of Beef + Timbo's Patent "Sliced veg in messy sauce" + Chips (Chips went soggy tonight - bad show on their part!). Delicious :)

Dick the Prick said...

5!! Has there ever been a 5? Bravo Monsieur Weetabix, bravo.

WV: windi - hee hee

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Gleska is my home ground so I had an unfair advantage.

Groundskeeper Willie indeed! In Glasgow it would be "Wullie"

Nick Drew said...

*ahem*, Dick, there was a 5 just last week

but modesty forbids ...

Botogol said...

I knew when I got home last night that this wasn't going to be my evening, as we sat down to our supper Mrs Botogol said -- did you hear that man talking about elderly people giving up their homes? and I thought - blast, that's going to come up on QT, isn't it?
then she told me she had spent ten minutes oline looking at gas/electric prices but given up as it was totally baffling, and I thought: blast, that's going to come up on QT as well, isn't it.

I have a new appraoch planned for next week!

Timbo614 said...

@Mrs. Botogol,

To compare online energy prices you need:

1) Spreadsheet program.
2) Create a Tab for every company (say 10) and a column for every option say 30
3) Estimate Usage
4) add Tickboxes or Yes/No Fields to Tab 1 for all the options available
5) Start entering data from each supplier.
6) Realise at this point that your spreadsheet skills are not up to the complex formulae that you need.
7) Book advanced Excel Course.
8) Attend course that tells you nothing you did not know already.
9) Give up.

1) go to "Go-compare energy" or similar enter a few figures. Is your current supplier & tariff the cheapest. Yes - You're Done.
2) Ring current supplier and tell them loudly in an annoyed fashion that you are switching to the company top of the list in step 1 unless you get a better deal.
3) Get better deal - You're Done.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Re that IF report, it is amazing how many people describe it as stupid etc. without having read it at all.

Most of it just lays out the statistics on home ownership and who owns how much of what and changes over time; how increases in prices merely mean that young people take on higher mortgages etc. This is all factually correct and beyond dispute.

Then there are a few policy proposals on page 28 which all seem very sensible to me. But nobody's even bothered reading these because they assume (correctly) that the whole report is about encouraging a wider spread of home-ownership which is the very opposite of what Home-Owner-Ists want.

Bill Quango MP said...

MW: Local council rather successfully moved older residents out of their council family homes and into flat, almost against all expectations.

1 - The flats have a f/t warden for emergencies.
2 - they were all new. Good quality fittings, well laid out. Once the resident has gone up[ in the lift,{3 on site - all different} all living on one floor.
3- Easy cook..electric, no gas.
4 - Laundry service etc
5- cheap energy bills.

The cheap energy bills were the big selling point. Some 70% less than they were paying.
Many residents were delighted to give up a home that I would consider 'prime' residential for a fourth floor, new build flat, with shared garden and gardener, that would make a decent starter home.

Jan said...

1. Is there a sense of relief that Gadaffi has gone?

2. Should Scotland raise and distribute their own taxes without the current English subsidy?

3. Should Scotland carry on sending MPs to Westminster?

4. Should Scotland be separately represented from the UK in the EU?

That should keep them busy with no time for a fifth question.

Jan said...

Sorry...a day late...those are the questions I would have asked and I hadn't looked at anyone elses or the answers! Honest...but obviously too late for points..

Bill Quango MP said...

Jan - 2 1/2.

I'll let it be added. BLTN rule.