Monday 7 November 2011

BBC On Energy Policy: Worm Turning ?

Well, first the supertanker shows signs of turning, and now it's the BBC worm. Just finished watching Panorama, which dubs Crapper Huhne's madness the Great Energy Gamble, as well it might.

As far as any such programme can, they spelled it out: it's the gamble that gas
prices keep rising as fast as those of oil & coal. Because if they don't - and there's a good case to think they won't - then however pro CO2 abatement you may be, it is necessary to admit we'll be paying more than we need for electricity. In the long run, much more.

They skewered Huhne and he repeated his sophistic nonsense one more time for the camera. But reason is beginning to prevail. And if the BBC is moving onside, perhaps the outright U-turn isn't so far away.

Y'see, I am optimistic - sometimes !



Anonymous said...

The BBC would like to make an apology for the program you have just seen.
It seems that some statements were not correct and some facts were incorrect. This was due to a junior producer who did not fully comply with existing BBC rules and guidelines.

Whilst we strive to give the impression that the polar ice caps will melt and that tempests will blow away your home if you do not unplug your camera charger, in this instance the program failed to met the very high standards we set.

We apologise unreservedly and wish to reassure you that only by careful separation of polypropylene and polyurethane, the use of food and human waste as a bio-fuel and the elimination of the internal combustion engine will the Gaia Mother be able to accommodate the human parasites that infect her.

Swagata said...

Gas and oil prices are uncoupling fast. Huhne is a dangerous man hellbent on making people pay more for the bills and determined to sabotage the British economy.

alan said...

Fun facts about CO2 emissions in 2010....

Total World CO2 emissions 9138 TgC
Total UK CO2 emissions 134TgC.
Increase World CO2 +512 TgC(6%)
Increase China CO2 +212 TgC(10%)
Increase German CO2 +8 TgC (6%)
Increase UK CO2 +5 TgC(4%)

So one years increase in emissions for China in 2010 is greater than the total CO2 emitted by the UK during the same period!

Country CO2 increases in 2010 as a percentage of total UK CO2 emissions over the same period. World 381%, China 158%, USA 44%, India 36%, Japan 15%, Korea 10%, Brazil 9%, Germany 6%

The breakdown increases in CO2 for 2010.
World = Coal +7.6%, Liquid +3.1%, Gas +7.4%, Cement +8.6%, Gas Flaring 0%
China = Coal +10.1%, Liquid +10.4%, Gas +21.8%, Cement +10.5%, Gas Flaring 0%
UK = Coal +5.2%, Liquid -1.0%, Gas +8.3%, Cement -24.3%, Gas Flaring 0%

1 TgC = Teragrams of CO2, or 1 million tonnes of CO2

Source :

Peter Whale said...

Alan says
"So one years increase in emissions for China in 2010 is greater than the total CO2 emitted by the UK during the same period!"
It is not about global warming or the environment it is about money and control. The UK co2 emissions are irrelevant in world terms but important for the welfare of the political elite.
Nice comment Alan.

Budgie said...

Anon 10:08pm - nice one.

ND, yes there is some hope but don't hold your breath. The BBC has taken more than a decade to move from treating eurosceptics as fruitcakes, loonies and nut-jobs to actually reporting the eurozone crises as it happens (albeit from a Grauniad perspective). Another 10 years for them to indirectly admit that CAGW is a hoax?

Nick Drew said...

anon - satire, eh? (Beeb used to do that, too)

Swagata - welcome, and yes, we've made similar comments abt Huhne here too. The gas pricing is v.interesting (been covering here for 2 years now) and Gazprom is going nuts...

Alan - yup, agree with Mr W's remark

Budgie - if I don't hold my breath ... won't I be contributing to CO2 emissions ?

... oh, I see

Electro-Kevin said...

I can't believe that the BBC ideology can be changed by mere facts alone.

It needs a change of management.

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