Thursday 8 December 2011

The Question Time Cup: World final

David Dimbleby is joined in Stoke-on-Trent by Claire Perry, Tristram Hunt, Constance Briscoe, Lord Simon Wolfson and Mehdi Hasan

Dash/ dash - looks like a Typical tory girl, backs the usual nannying campaigns, Labour hot prospect and BBCs goto guy for revisionist history. Riots apologist, Business exec {Next} and Labour's version of Dr Goebbels, except Mehdi isn't quite as impartial as Josef was. {He's a good writer though. I often read his nonsensical stuff.Its quite entertaining on many levels}

Final Round. 2 point lead Botogol is looking good for the title. But as we saw ... even the great Man Utd/City can trip up.

Leaderboard as of
The Bot still looks a certainty.

Botogol - 39
Measured - 37

BQ - 36

Appointmetotheboard - 35½
Budgie 35.5

Nick Drew - 34.5

Dick the Prick -34
Hatfield Girl - 34
Philipa - 33.5
Hopper - 33
Mark Wadsworth - 32.5

Timbo614 - 32
Sebastian Weetabix - 30

Miss S-J -30
Hovis - 29
Malcolm Tucker - 29½
Miss CD - 27
GSD - 27
CU - 27
Jan - 19
Andrew - 17½

Sean -9.5
Woman on a raft - 8

Electro-Kevin - 4
Anon {1} -3½
Alex - 1½
James Higham -2 {you'll get the hang of it one day JH}


Hopper said...

Hmm, Stoke-on-Trent. Guess no-one's going to be bringing up the 'NHS is the envy of the world' canard there...

1. Exam board fraud - is this another sign of grade inflation? Please, for the love of God, just teach our kids something (thank you, Daily Mash)
2. European summit: will Dave defend our interest? What are those interests? Does anyone care any more?
3. Something on housing: rising rental rates and shrinking benefits, we need to hose money around (if only to raise MW's blood pressure).
4. Rioting studies: a nice little earner. Much sound and fury.
5. Wildcard: climate change. Is this weather a sign, and wouldn't it be great if we had more turbines to spin in 165mph winds?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Having missed last week through being pissed out of my head at an industry shindig (happily paid for by the grateful membership of said organisation), I think I need to guess about 16 questions correctly in order to win. But who wants a bottle of suspect Japanese whisky anyway!

Anyhoo, here goes:
1. Euro summit - the last 4 Tory leaders have lost their jobs over Europe. Is this the beginning of the end for David Cameron?
2. "dignity in death" - should people be allowed to top themselves under medical supervision whenever they feel like it, or will it lead to cruel relatives bumping off the confused elderly when they start to smell of wee?
3. Should we be taxing fat/sugar/booze more in the light of the cancer data released this week?
4. Shocking high winds in Scotland/Durban climate talks - are we all doomed? (Someone will try to mention the GWPF report on BBC bias and be immediately slapped down)
5. Exams - have we declined so much as a nation that even our exam system is corrupt?

Fingers crossed. It'd be nice to finish high enough for the Europa league.

Bill Quango MP said...

Suspect Japanese Whiskey?
Suntory is the sponsor of the British Open golf at Wentworth and are a world respected distiller of fine alcohol.

Also .when I said bottle i was of course referring to a 1/4 bottle, you did all know that, right?

I hope the advertised prize of "Finest bottle of Scotch" has not been misinterpreted as suspicious, miniature,Asian hooch.

However if you aren't used to your elected politicians not quite delivering as advertised by now, then you really haven't been paying attention.

For the QT Cup {also now as the Robbin Day trophy}

1. Euro revolt. Does Dave have enough trouble walking his tightrope without Boris shaking the ends.

2. Health - Cancer drugs and patients records and private medicine can deliver better, etc

3. The riots were caused by Tory cuts - discuss

4. Woman on a tram. Was it a bit of an over reaction? what was she actually convicted of? Why were the Muslim girls who attacked the white girl in a racist fight let off free with the defence 'not used to booze'?

5. The BBC report. We don't want to help our fellow men {or we don't if you ask the questions in such a dumb way.}

best of luck to everyone.
{except Measured and Botogol who I hope have a stinker!}

Philipa said...

My life seems so shit just now and I haven't had chance to listen to news really, been so busy. But hey I'll guess:

1. weather
2. Euro summit + referendum?
3. Benefits
4. A nation of fatsos? So much so the nation has to take our kids off us? And everyting gives you cancer :-/
5. Credit; rating agencies and credit on astronomical interest rates.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

BQ, I will freely concede that Suntory can be an adequate substitute when the proper creature is not available. But as a red-blooded Scot I can put it no higher than that.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Credit rating agencies! I'm pinching that!

- Credit agencies and poor people
- riots and how they were the fault of the bankers
- Cancer is preventible if everyone only eats fish
- Cameron can't let the euro fail and can't have a referendum either? What's he to do?
- Exams - the 98.7% pass marks have finally been explained. The kids are given the answers.

measured said...

Last one ; two new faces being aired and part of the country I know little about with the local MP on show.

Still I believe they had an arsonist start a fire in a mosque there this week.

1. Europe. Germany 1 : Rest of Eurozone 0. Cameron falling between stools.

2. Society. Middle classes. Jobless. Tense nervous headache..... racial tensions.

3. Afghanistan. When can we really leave? Hillary and Assad might be in for some stick. Can we believe what we are told?

4. Weather. This might blow away the cobwebs. Cut winter fuel allowance? Payday loans?

5. Do what was Labour's plan to save our economy? She is bound to get that one in but hey, just let socialism let us get fat, smoke and drink. Good job about the futility of life then.

Oh BQ, don't forget "You can tell German wine from vinegar by the label." Mark Twain ...a useful quote.

Botogol, no tactical question guessing now. :-)

I love the above comment about 98.7% pass marks explained; the kids are given the answers. Very good.

hatfield girl said...

Everyone who plays this game accepts that knowing the question doesn't help in exams (unless you haven't done a stroke of work) so does examination board corruption matter or even surprise us?

Is the undermining of body confidence in young women evidenced by their dress when going out for the evening in the north of England?

Should Cameron announce a binding referendum on remaining in the EU to be held on the day of the next general election?

Is Labour concerned at the exposure of its links with the fallen Libyan regime and the invitation by the new Libyan government for UK police to investigate further?

Has parachuting a Labour luvvie into Stoke on Trent helped or hindered the people in the constituency?

diogenes said...

there haqs to be a question on windmills, in the light of this...

GSD said...

Hi all.

1) Guardian/LSE report on the riots - accurate or rubbish?

2) How will Dave "peace-for-our-time" Cameron get on representing the UK's interests at the Euro-summit?

3) Should cheating exam boards be closed down?

4) Should the lifestyle choices that lead to cancer be banned or just taxed?

5) Is the extra money for the Olympic ceremonies justifiable?

Nick Drew said...

right then, glory or bust

1) should women serve on submarines? (I know the answer to this one)

2) can Cameron serve the country's cause in Euroland ? (& what would best serve our cause?)

3) should we be serving up still more £££ to the voracious Olympic monster?

4) do A-levels & GCSEs still serve the purpose they were intended to, wot wiv all vis cheatin an' stuff?

5) is the weather an apocalyptic warning of what's to come in the markets next week ? (remember 1987 anyone?)

Miss CD said...

Evening all.

1. Cameron & Europe
2. Cancer & drugs
3. Concrete & bridges
4. Exams & cheating
5. Dogs & homeless

appointmetotheboard said...

1. Europe. Will there even be one by the time QT starts? EU summit. After the nation has spent four years bashing the banks, will Dave really use the veto to protect their interests? Just how much more austerity will Europe need to transfer €115 bn from the people to the financial sector?

2. Are we as a nation getting more selfish? Will no-one think of the children..?

3. Riots. Will Jon Corzine get more jailtime than a 12 year old nicking chewing gum?

4. Will Nick Clegg really get tough on executive pay [snigger]?

Good luck everyone. Despite my grumpiness, its been another fine season! Hats off to Botogol. No need for goal line technology this evening, I imagine...

Botogol said...

well let's make it clear: for this contestant this competition's not about the prestige and honour : nor is about the fun of the puzzle and the great repartee. Oh no, not for a moment: it's the quarter-bottle of japanese scotch, of course.

So here goes... (play it safe botogol, play safe)

1 - is this the time to be nice to the germans, or should Dave be out there selling his support for everything he can get.

2 - does NHS data belong to the state for the good of all, or to the individuals who generate it?

3 - in this time of austerity, how can we be spending even more money on the Olympic opening jamboree

4 - riots - so it was our fault after all?

5 - is it time to get rid of mandatory life sentences for murder

Botogol said...

curses, I had that Olympics Qu as a possible double-pointer, but now I read everyone else's entries, I am not alone great minds GSD.
Something tells me this is going to end close. Good luck all

Dick the Prick said...

Evening folks

1) Referendum - gotta be. I don't understand why the meeja make out that this is bad; Tories love a good barny about Europe, love it. Who the fuck is this Northern Oirish Sec that keeps threatening to resign? Fuckle off and resign, gimp.

2) Unemployment - give Tristram Runt some blather about the potteries and 'we're living in the 80's' type drivel.

3) I genuinely haven't the foggiest. Exams - is quite bad.

4) Housing - go for a punt.

5) What would be the panel's ideal Chrimbo present? Fuck it, last of the season.

Well done to everyone, cracking season.

CityUnslicker said...

Is christmas overdone as a retail festival?

Will the euro collapse and shoiiuld we have a referendum on it?

Are banks evil and why won't they lend to industry?

Iran, time for another distracting war?

come on! last chance

andrew said...

The euro - is it doomed or are we doomed

The treaty - will we get a referendum

Industry / Unemployment - what to do - this is the potteries

Selfishness / Self-reliance - two side of the same coin

Something to do with falling standards and education and exam boards

Miss S-J said...

Exams and exam boards helping hands

Riots .. police stop and search caused the riots. Oh, and poverty..and Tories.

Bell Pottinger. Who's a naughty lobbyist then? Was it really THAT Tim Ireland?

Access to patient records. Availability for all.

DNA caught the B&B skippers. Was it a waste of police money or does catching minor criminals early on stop them becoming major criminals later.

Budgie said...

1. Is Thatcher to blame for the increase in Thatcherism found by the BBC?

2. Is Thatcher to blame for the Tory split over "Europe"? Will CMD defy the fruitcakes and loonies on the Tory extreme right and bring home from the "save the euro" summit the much needed bankers (or Tobin) tax? How will CMD avoid a referendum? Will Merkozy give him a bone?

3. Is Thatcher to blame for the terrible winds hitting Scotland, and destroying the wonderful wind "turbines"?

4. Is Thatcher to blame for the Iranians shooting down a USA drone? Thatcher definitely to blame for the Iranian student takeover of the Anglo Entity's embassy.

5. Is Thatcher to blame for the lifestyle choices forced on hapless cancer victims?

Hope I'm not too late, on a borrowed computer.

Timbo614 said...

I know you won't believe it but I have not read the news or really seen any thins week :)

1) Exam fraud - Sack 'em all!

2) Euro Crisis continues - when do we call a busted flush a busted flush?

3) General downward trend of British society Caring for our fellow man etc

4) Something to do with Stoke-on-Trent or somewhere nearby :)

err. Too late I surrender (Dave to E.U.)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Aargh... with minutes to spare:

1. is it any surprise that we've had grade inflation if kids are sold the answers/questions?

2. European summit: what is more important to Dave, saving the Euro and the world economy or pandering to Little Englanders?

3. What's a better use of £400 million, subsidising evil property developers who want to concrete over the Hallowed Green Belt and thus despoil it for Future Generations, or helping Hard Pressed Homeowners who have temporarily Fallen On Hard Times via Support for Mortgage Interest (maybe segue into that crap from Channel 4 about subsidising landowners who allow their buildings to fall into disrepair)?

4. Now that it turns out that two-thirds of cancers are neither caused by smoking, boozing or over eating, should we maybe lay off pestering and taxing things which people enjoy doing?

5. Should women serving on submarines be forced to hand over their medical data to private companies or should we send them to attack Iran?

Hatfield Girl said: "Everyone who plays this game accepts that knowing the question doesn't help in exams"

Nonsense. Finding out the questions is a key part of passing exams. I wrote the book on exam technique, I can't link to it now because the clock is striking 10.30.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Addendum: here is my guide on how to pass exams.

I once did an LLB law degree for a bet. By the end after three and a half years (I was working full time etc), passing exams and getting a first was just routine, the fun went out of it, so that was my last qualification.

Bill Quango MP said...

For Twitterers


James Higham said...

Read them all. Still haven't the foggiest what it's about. But well done anyway.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1: Does David Cameron have the necessary “bulldog spirit” to deal with the euro crisis?

MH says Cameron has nothing to say. Then says he has nothing to say anyway? CP says DC has a dogged spirit. Does she mean poodle? Tristram Hunt is Marcus Brigstoke! Shut your eyes and listen..Its like the unfunny comedian is in the room!
Lot of squabbling on the panel..take control Dimby, term is nearly over.CB is talking a lot of sense. Dave needs to ensure he gives away no more powers.
Can't remember how many stores Next has in the eurozone. I think its 100, A good reason Lord Simon doesn't want the EU to collapse tomorrow.
Dimby still not keeping control. He might have nodded off.

Q2: If the EU treaty is amended, will David Cameron be forced to hold a referendum?

A second Europe question. That is going to pose a problem for the scoring. This could end up like Tevez scoring that West Ham goal.
CP says lets have a referendum. And why not? It could go either way. But the chances of an opt out of Europe forever being voted for is pretty slim.
So far in Europe Sarko has been flattering Angela. Angela says "i agree with Nick"
Very anti EU audience in Stoke. Thats unlimited, uncontrolled, unmanaged immigration for you Mr Hunt.
No one says anything important except a student in the crowd says we mustn't leave the eurozone. CO reminds him we're not in it.

Q3: Is it right for the government to double the Olympic ceremonies budget to £80m?
The wolf says its a tiny drop in government money. The audience says £40 million is a lot of teaching assistants.
I make it about 2600. They'd all have to be axed next year though. Mehdi doesn't agree of course. gets a lot of applause too.
On an economic note; the BBc is going to get its biggest ever viewing figs for the opening Olympic ceremony. They could probably stump up £20 mil more themselves.

Q4: Has Britain become less compassionate towards the unemployed? That's the BBC survey thingy coming in.
Judge says "we spend far too much money subsidising people who don't want to work." She gets a record amount of QT applause. I'm shocked!
Audience man says wages are too low not benefits too high. Then he goes on and proves the opposite. He can't offer higher wages than benefits. Still, he is right. Its the IDS plan, that hasn't begun yet. Maybe it never will.

MH and SW both agree that its madness to suggest anyone could live on £67pw.

Q: Does the lack of recognition for women in the BBC Sports Personality Awards reflect a sexist approach in media reporting?
This is an outrage! All season BBC have been picking a question from the previous week. QT is about the weeks news! Not the week before's news. Disgrace!
Its time for Sepp Dimblatter to step down.


Bill Quango MP said...

Hopper -2 for you

Sebastian Weetabix - 2 for you too. Are you still in Scotland? not too windy is it?

BQ -2 too

Philipa- cheer up. Its nearly Christmas. Ms Quango just told me Santa isn't real. I asked her who brought all the presents then? She said "Amazon"
Good score - 3

Malcolm Tucker - Lucky your Euro Q was wide enough -2

Measured. - bit wide. Only 2. I think Botogol has it.

Hatfield Girl 0- I'll take that womens confidence Q as the sports answer and say -3

diogenes: Thanks for that.So wind turbines are no good in too much or too little wind? Are they affected by leaves on the blades or the wrong type of snow also?
Mr Drew will no doubt have an answer.

GSD: Does that stand for anything?
Good spot on Olympics - 2½

Nick Drew: taking a broad interpretation on the sub q - 3

Miss CD 1½. Good idea the concrete one.

appointmetotheboard : good attempt. -2½. Medhi was off tonight. Just ranting. Hunt was interrupting.

Botogol: Not a vintage performance. More a podium finish to win the title. Still..he's done it! ..{pops champagne}

Dick the Prick: Started so well. point for the referendum + 1 for general euro, + ½ for general austerity/unemployment = 2½
Been steadily creeping up the table. Another three weeks and you might have won it.

CU - ok -2

Andrew - 2 + two ½ = 3 Good.That's got you well clear of relegation.

Miss S-J: No euro? This is a first. Zero score. {that has to be worth a point..for a first.} -1

Budgie - Not bad - 2½

TIMBO614.. good -2½. I haven't seen any news either. Today is the eye of the storm. Sorted last weeks extreme cockups. Every year the same. this is Tucker's Law week.{Philipa knows}.
Today is the calm.Finished by 6pm and even had some lunch. All squared away. Its semi mental day tomorrow and crazy on Saturday {hopefully}.

Mark Wadsworth: with a bit of leniency its 2½.

You can't remember the title of a book you wrote? Who are you? Terry Pratchett?

##Ok .. see pt2 now. A lawyer eh. I see.. well done.

GSD said...

BQ: "GSD: Does that stand for anything?"

yep, but nothing interesting! - just my initials. I've often wished that my parents had given me Oscar rather than Stephen as a middle name...

Congrats to all the winners & not-winners alike!

Mark Wadsworth said...

@ BQ, I didn't write "a" book, I wrote "the" book, that means something different, and doesn't necessarily imply that I wrote and actual "book" (i.e. printed pages bound together inside a cover etc).