Friday 9 December 2011

The Robin Day trophy presentation ceremony.

Winner of the Robin Day Question Time trophy is


Who managed to score consistently in what was a very long and arduous competition.
Top marks
Contact Mr Unslicker with your address and your prize will be speeding to you.

Congratulations to everyone. This is a gruelling competition and I'm always amazed so many routinely take the time and exercise the memory to take part. Well done to you all.

Team event next time perhaps?

Final standings

Botogol - 41

Measured - 39

BQ - 38
Appointmetotheboard - 38
Budgie 38

Nick Drew - 37.5
Hatfield Girl - 37
Dick the Prick -36½
Philipa - 36.5

Hopper - 35
Mark Wadsworth - 35

Timbo614 - 34½
Sebastian Weetabix - 32
Malcolm Tucker - 31½
Miss S-J -31

GSD - 29½
Hovis - 29
CU - 29
Miss CD - 28½
Andrew - 20½
Jan - 19

Sean -9.5
Woman on a raft - 8

Electro-Kevin - 4

Anon {1} -3½
Alex - 1½

In the meantime, best wishes to Botogol for his victory, Measured for a very, very close second place.
And the 3 way tie for the bronze. BQ. Appointmetotheboard. Budgie.



Botogol said...

I am welling up :-)

Thanks BQ for running the comp.. I have an inkling of how much dedication is required to score twenty entries at midnight of a thursday!

But I was expecting a ceremony! a mass CUQT Drink Up in some choice City hostelry, or West India Quay?
The Old Doctor Butlers, El Vino, the Cheshire Cheese, the Pavillion End, even Dirty Dicks? I would have shared out all the Suntory I can assure you.

Philipa said...

Congratulations Botogol! Very well done.

And hearty thanks to BQ for running the comp and taking so much time to cheerfully present and score xx

Mark Wadsworth said...

Thanks for running the comp, congrat's to Bot, I'd just like to say that the lads gave it 110% throughout the season and we're sorry to have disappointed the fans. Our manager's job is safe.

Miss CD said...

Congratulations to botogol.
Don't know how he does it.

Very well done, and a happy Christmas to all.

appointmetotheboard said...

Congrats to Botogol. Not sure if its a blessing or a curse to be so in tune with the QT audience, but he's proved to be the master...

Grateful thanks to Bill for his sterling efforts in running the competition. And thanks too to all the players for being consistently funny and or controversial over the season.

If there is a ceremony, I'll come along. You'll recognise me by my ushanka. If not then a merry Christmas one and all, and get training for the next round in January...

hatfield girl said...

Hurrah for Botogol.

measured said...

Yes, many hurrahs for Botogol!

Well done. :-D

I am concerned Dick the Prick is now looking to live on a flat bottomed boat.

BQ, you do such a great job. Thanks.

Hopper said...

Congratulations to Botogol! And let me echo the praise for BQ running and compering the quiz that makes Thursday a day to which I can look forward.

Dick the Prick said...

Congrats to Botogol, and indeed, all the tour competitors. It's been a long season and we've toured the UK but Dimblebutt has consistently been weak. Cheers Bill, many thanks.

@Measured, i'd love to live on a barge but I guess it gets a bit ropey in winter.