Wednesday 1 February 2012

It's Going To Get Nasty

From my predictions for 2012:

there will be a vast surge in UK crimes against property (often inevitably involving violence), including some really nasty burglaries on folk keeping too much under the mattress

This is the kind of thing I meant. A lot of people keep dosh under the mattress: well who trusts banks, and how much interest do you get, and what if we wake up to find the ATMs dead and credit-cards not accepted ?

And then there's the precioussss ... which very many Asians keep stashed at home in large quantity.

And other people know this. Only the first of the many such stories we are going to read in the coming months, I fear.

Yes, it's going to get very nasty.



Sean said...

Have you just realised?

I have just deployed two new guard dogs to my yard this week, The last two were shot with a crossbow by "Irish traveling folk" we now have a full time guard, lets hope they dont shoot him.

A neighbours of my Grans stopped a group of youths nicking the garden gates, so to get back at her they stole here jack russell and fed it live to their pit bulls and sent her the video.

Welcome to the real world. Britain has been a cruel and nasty place for many years all you are saying is its going to go up a gear.

So what, no one give a s flying F**k what goes on at the bottom of the pile. The middle class pay their taxes to keep the underclass away from them, We deserve all that is to come.

Old BE said...

Things are going to get nasty, or there will be a massive boom in the security industry. Going by anecdotal evidence, in London crime collapsed between the Michael Howard era and, say, the housing market bust. You can tell because people have abandoned window bars and the like. Women are happy enough making their own way home on public transport from nights out etc..

We will probably see that reversed now and people will beef up their own private security. It doesn't necessarily have to mean that more people are actually victims of crime like the case you cited.

andrew said...

if you live in a big house near a poor area and wear lots of bling, i would suggest you be a little more discreet.
they seem to be starting to clamp down on scrap metal and the problem is that it is big and weighs a lot.
jewellery is pretty much the only thing left that is small, valuable and resellable - back in the late 80s you could shift cars, vcrs, cds - not anymore.

It gives the phrase 'prospecting for gold' a new meaning - as that is what it is all about.

a - get some gold
b - get an id that will satisfy a gold buyer
c - get a random bank account (may be a bit harder)
d - profit

Electro-Kevin said...

Blue - "You can tell because people have abandoned window bars and the like."

No. It's just that the window bars have been nicked.

ND - It's not just gold or money. It's that people might have gold or money.

Yes. I think Britain is a far less civilised place than it used to be.

Anonymous said...

BE a boom in private security, have you ever heard of San Francisco's private police force that ran along side the city police because the city fathers said they could not pay for additional police, I wonder if those police specials will suddenly be employed using ex army people, or private security firms will have special section who employ people who have been special constables

hatfield girl said...

Do-it-yourself policing is the way forward; and DIY retribution/revenge/discouragment too - at least round here.

One found hanged and one found shot dead is the latest piece of self-help after an entrepreneur and his infant son were killed recently in Rome.

All a contribution to the rising tide of nastimess though.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I suppose our Indian friends could always put their preciousss in the bank. Then it will be stolen by a bankster in a nice suit, rather than some oik, once we get round to financial repression in a year or two.

I hear rumours that the ISDA are deciding that a 70% haircut on Greek bonds will not be default, therefore CDS insurance etc will not kick in. I take it this will save Yank banks and kill off large numbers of Franco-German ones?

Nick Drew said...

yes, private / DIY policing is real (and lamentable) enough already - indeed it was part of what went on in Croydon during the riots

the ISDA thing is v. interesting, though if 50% 'haircut' (sounds more like decapitation actually) is already declared 'not default', as well as e.g. RBS's coupon-holiday on their prefs etc, then 70% is the next logical extension

so already factored in, I'm guessing - along the lines of "certainement, those Americans won't pay up"

Mr Ecks said...

If enough euro banks go down, isn't that just likely to come at US banks from another direction?.
The system is interconnected--if a few or even one (strategicly situated)bank goes down that can start the dominoes also.

WV:croperse (cropper see?)--I kid you not.

Nick Drew said...

we have a very sophisticated WV algorithm ...

Steven_L said...

My wv is 'recolate' had the 'l' and the 'c' been the other way around...

Anyway, onto crooks. What's your theory ND, high unemployment = new crooks or are these just the same old crooks.

Are some of the less violent crooks (fraudsters) becoming more violent now that it's harder to do ID theft or sell holiday club scams on credit?

As for all those money laundering records that 'high value dealers' have to keep - they in themselves are a potential goldmine for this sort of thing. What's to stop them falling into the wrong hands?

I know for a fact there are IFA's out there that are disbanding from the FSA's remit, and taking up selling dubious, non-FSA regulated foreign property and land banks to their clients of 20 years. They have detailed lists showing how much they can take them for.

Under the mattress or not, nothing is safe from the crooks unless you get wise to how they operate. Illegal data is a big money business.

Anonymous said...

Nicking gold off Asians sounds like a bad move, once the sons\nephews have come back from 'holiday' in Pakistan.

CityUnslicker said...

SW - Intersting, can't see how a 70% does not trigger CDS. They can try, but it would cause mayhem in pretty short order. For a start, the banks would all get sued for selling a product that doesn't work..been there a few times.

Not to say it won't happen though.

Nick Drew said...

= new crooks?

the same old Adam, Steven, but rather more people with nothing to lose, plus a heightened anti-'rich' atmosphere, us & them

people don't change but times do

(Cameron missed a great opportunity to set a better tone from Day 1; and Fred's knighthood is scant compensation for a complete absence of prominent banksters doing high-profile porridge)

more violent ? - probably not intentionally so; but sometimes there will be someone at home ...

Nick Drew said...

CU - we may not have long to wait on the 70% question ...

Anonymous said...

Murder rate is way down in the UK and in line with other civilised countries. This is despite having large cities full of people from cultures with much higher crime rates. Swindon is much less a hotspot for delinquents since the Tories took over, so I'm sanguine about this rising tide of crime thing. To be honest, I think many people currently being made unemployed seem to be enjoying it far too much - that's my problem.

As for Irish tinkers using violence to nick your gates - well they've ALWAYS done that kind of thing - its just more profitable at the moment so they are willing to take bigger risks doing it. Having a home secretary that doesn't believe in prison only encourages them. He's sending out the message that the government is "understanding" of a rise in crime due to hard times and is on the side of the poor criminal.

Scan said...

It's not just private security companies who are gearing up. The boys in blue have started a raft of Firearms Training Units dotted around the country.

Anonymous said...

ND, honestly you didn't think Call Me Dave, would go after the banksters, it's taken 13/4 years to go after Freddie boy and that because he was pushed. He went after Hestor's bonus because of the hysteria that had been generated, they could have let him have a bonus but not activated (unable to sell forward) to be realised in 7 years just like employees have to wait for the right to buy shares in company share schemes (unless those have been disbanded by now)

Nick Drew said...

anon @ 10:39 - Murder rate is way down in the UK and in line with other civilised countries

that's in large measure because in civilised countries the medics are so good at saving people with previously fatal wounds

(& this will get still better as the medical advances from Afghanistan come in, British Army medics well to the fore as in earlier conflicts)