Thursday 2 February 2012

Trading Update Jan 2012

Well, given that last year I managed to lose more money than I earned in my portfolio, this year has a lot to do to make up. Rather doggedly, I am sticking with most of my picks as they have been heavily oversold and still have some good potential.

Above we can see the last month's price action on this year's portfolio. GKP, EMED and Xcite are my main holdings with the other being materially smaller. I have swapped CAZA for Ithaca as the takeover of Ithaca I expect to be in the 220-240p range and I bought at 170p.

So Xtract apart this year has been all good so far, with GKP up over 50%  which is massive for my portfolio and is now 1000% ahead of the original 2009 purchase at 28p. So it proves the strategy of buying high risk and waiting can work. The busted ones after all only ever lose 90% - My guesstimate average is that I hit about 1 in 4 so for every 100 pounds I am losing 70 and gaining 150 plus - so enough for me to persevere with.

Rather sadly, EMED still appears a quarter away from getting approval as does Xcite, so i am happy with any gains there and in fact expect a fall back over the next quarter. Over all YTD am up 33% - worrying echoes of last year where the same thign happened until March and then a huge bust....


Budgie said...

Yes, why don't I buy more of the ones like GKP which go up, rather than the dogs? GKP very satisfactory though at 300% gain.

However, AFE also up 25% today to 7.25p - they have been fiddling around the 6p mark for 6 months. Ithaca brewing nicely as you say. And unsung Antrim is also up a total of 25% over a few months for me.

Now for the dogs. MAX is nearly 50% down, Heritage is worse, XEL is about 63% down and PPA is down about two thirds. Arrrghhh! Yet I like the fact that PPA has Euan McAlpine on board, so I think PPA might surprise on the plus side.

CityUnslicker said...

PPA surely can;t do worse, I think I got out at breakeven a while ago.

Sold CAZA at 80% down though to get back into IAE - and then CAZA up 10% today. sigh.

Richard Elliot said...

Trying to avoid the new Hargreaves Lansdown fees on tracker funds I sold my funds to switch them to another provider.

Shocking timing and I have missed out on the FTSE and S&P rallies so far this year. I don't think volatility is dead yet with all the looming problems in Europe etc.. so am waiting to go back in.

Do you have an exit strategy on GKP? With such big gains are you going to do any profit taking?

Budgie said...

EMED up today (Friday) 17%. Wow!