Friday 30 March 2012

Gorgeous George Has Done Us All A Favour

Returning from an excellent trip to Turkey - apologies for being away when the juicy energy stories broke - the question of Islam in Europe is fairly well to the fore in my mind.

Pleasure it is, then, to see Galloway triumph against Labour in Bradford using a blatant anti-western pitch. We know exactly what will happen next. In constituency after constituency where there are large Muslim communities, Labour MPs will be trimming like fury to secure their vote: nothing will stop them. Their efforts will seep into written election material and we can have the issues out in the open.

I don't count on the hustings to deliver a nuanced debate, but it will at least be rather more en clair than to date. The nuances can emerge when there is more widespread focus; and we can think through properly, inter alia, the rather significant Turkish question.

More on this when I have had the chance to marshal my own thoughts.



Philipa said...

Is it good it's out in the open or bad it's giving selfish politicians the means to win seats? I guess time will tell but its the Rousseau effect?

Scan said...

I have to admit, I do like Galloway (to a certain extent). In my humble opinion I think he is by far the best orator in the world today. I wouldn't vote for him in a million years though. Domestically he's far too much a big-government, governmental control, high-taxing, high-spending Marxist. (At least if he was a Leninist he'd might be seduced into a more prolatariat-led localism). But on Foreign Affairs I'm definitely with him, and you only have to look at what he's continually warned and what has followed to see that he's been proved matter how much he may be dislikable.

Electro-Kevin said...

There are only the delicate issues of misogyny, homophobia and religious intolerance to be surmounted.

Then again Lefties are well known for their duality and will ditch principles for power any day.

Anonymous said...

A politician appealing to a segment of the people telling them their woes are the result of oppression and aggression.

riding around on an open top bus, loudspeakers blaring hope, taking the salutes of the peoples. maybe he'll carry on into the night? Get some burning torch bearers to line the route?

Maybe instead of waving they could give some sort of 45 degree, extended arm from the shoulder, hand flat,palm down, sort of wave?

And a flag. Something Red to symbolise his policies, but with perhaps a mystical symbol of some sort in the middle. And make the flags really, really large too.

hovis said...

At least Galloway adds to the gaiety of the nation. He is good as a streetfighting type of politican. An odious man too but that is to be expected.

As to the creation of where cultural bloc voting occurs - it's been swept under the carpet for a long time, lets see what gives now it's out in the open.

Welcome to Balkanised Britain

Bill Quango MP said...

A mix of nationalism and socialism anon?

What could possibly go wrong?

asquith said...

There is nothing good about this. Whoever voted for him (and he got quite a bit of white non-Muslim support btw) is a cunt.

Galloway won, imho, because he out-Laboured Labour, identifying precisely the grievances of the people in a particular area, blaming someone else, and promising to get taxpayers' money to rectify thenm. He is Diane Abbott and Dennis Skinner combined, with an unhealthy dose of religion to go with it.

I hated Labour in government and I definitely prefer the coalition to them now. Yet I'd much rather have seen a Labour victory than this utter shite. It's not a Farage or a Lucas who might have raised some interesting and oft-ignored issues, it's a cunt.

I hope and for that matter fully expect that he will lose at the next election, because he won't do anything for the people of Bradford West, be they Asian or white. He was shite at representing his constituents when last in parliament, that is a matter of public record which I expect will become known to Bradfordians.

As they get nothing but shite, I just hope that they'll turn round and blame Galloway's failings as a representative, rather than the coalition, Jews or gays, for their continuing woes.

lilith said...

I should think this result would worry the Coagulation too. If Bradford can go to Gorgeous then maybe Guildford could go to UKIP.

Electro-Kevin said...


Brilliant !

Only someone with two lively dogs, an individualistic daughter and a hubby with new hips could come up with a corker like that.

Timbo614 said...

The only good thing in this is the wake-up call to the major parties.

I have not followed Galloway - treated him as a maverick - which he is.
People Say "he was Gadaffi's mate" - so were many other politicians!

People Say He supports "Multiculturalism" maybe erring on the side of the Multi not the indigenous - So do many other politicians!

He's fundamentally right about the wars and the human waste that goes with them.

In a biased constituency is it really a surprise, given the state of the main stream parties, that he made a splash? This was pointedly a LOSS by the 3 parties and a warning to them- if all the British, of all cultures, woke up and smelled the coffee - they would be in serious difficulty.

We need more *REAL* politicians with some commitment and principles and courage- but we don't want them all to be Galloway clones though! There are other better paths that can be trod.

Bill Quango MP said...

Interesting Timbo. Yet Farage , who pretty much thinks the unthinkable, gets nowhere.

It might be Farage's style. He tells people they are going to have less of something.
He should say they are going to have more.

More money in their pockets. More spending on UK infrastructure {not true, but who's to know} More jobs, more housing, more clinics, more space on trains, more freedoms ..and so on.

Electro-Kevin said...

Let's remember that George's pervious claim to fame was playing a cat on Big Brother.

His insights into our most recent military forays are nothing that your average sixth former or bloke on a bus has already come up with.

He's neither Gladstone nor is he Churchill.

Timbo614 said...


Farage seems an unusual beast in current politics - and a beast that should be encouraged - He is TOO honest - he sees a crock of shit and calls it (loudly normally) "A Crock of SHIT".

Telling the prospective electors that all is doom and gloom is one thing - what he then does NOT seem to do (to me) is tell them EXACTLY how he going to get them out of it.

Wittering on about the unfairness, problems and waste heap that is europe will only get him so far and then probably only with the cognoscenti - who already know it's a crock of shit!

To Fred Bloggs and his mates, Europe (the EU) is just a formless miasmic blob just off the coast, its the pace where ugly cucumber laws are made and the occasional good holiday is to be had. How big a crock of shit it is does enter or worry Fred's head - he simply has no reference point any more. Talk to Fred about fascism and he'll say "Nazi" (its not like that he reasons), Corporatism (don't swear at me like that), Talk to him about the robbery and enslavement of Greece - and you get a blank look, maybe a comment about fat lazy tax avoiding Greeks deserving it (MSM conditioning/brainwashing)!

How does Farage (or anyone) really connect with these Fred Bloggs people? The only way is to promise them cake today and cake tomorrow( as you say). That is all they really want to understand - Where is my next meal coming from? where can I buy the next new shiny bauble thing that will make me deliriously happy for ever (well until it breaks anyway). And this is on Monday, by Wednesday...

Fred and his compatriots KNOW something is wrong, intuitively, even the younger people I have talked to KNOW something is wrong with society OUR society our crazy stupid try to keep up with everything lifestyles, They are not sure what it is but they realise something is not working as it should.

They need someone (in Power) to explain what is wrong. Someone has to stand up soon and tell the Fred people that the entire edifice of money and debt that has been built by the Powers That Be, is a Massive crock of shit, which has failed everyone barring a few Very VERY rich people. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE DO NEXT ...

Farage lacks "THIS IS WHAT WE DO NEXT TO PUT IT RIGHT" as a country and as individuals.

[My I'm chatty today - I must be better at last from the flu :) ]

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many people want to "dissolve the elctrorate" if they vote for the wrong person. George got the support of the majority of white voters. Maybe you would like to throw them out of the country as well?