Monday, 26 March 2012

March Trading Update

Another month goes by and yet again I have missed some great trading opportunities. It's not that surprising on AIM some of my share seem to move 15-20% in a few minutes and being employed full time I miss it alot.

The key mover of the last month has been GKP, which has really taken a beating as takeover speculation comes off. However, I am still confident this thing will sell at some point this year and it will be for more than the £4 it reached.

EMED, well the election is now and a new Government should approve the mine - all set to fly at last?

XTR -  I have dropped after a bad well drill in the North Sea. Having stayed with it for 3 years I have given up - no success at all and nothing to come for months. I sold at 1.5 which means on balance I came out slightly at a loss after some sells in profit and sells at a loss in previous years. I will keep tracking it, but it was only a small amount anyway (£1k).

IAE - Still awaiting takeover news, due tomorrow!

XEL - Again, now drilling again in the North Sea. Finely balanced here on a tipping point with the charts, with no news this could sink back to £1 or it could bounce. The Key is the support at 117-119p. With reserves of 116 million barrels this is valued about 1/3rd of what it should be. So a confident long-term hold.

Really looking at Circle Oil, San Leon Energy and EMG this month for future investment.


Blue Eyes said...

I am investing heavily in Premium Bonds and my zero interest current account.

Depression economics? Oh yes.

Budgie said...

Yes, a disappointing drift down for mine too. EMED down this morning on political news - probably more delays. The no-show well from XTR was primarily drilled as a geologist's exploration for info, so I think they are oversold at the moment.

However I am interested in RRL, PCI, AFE, RGM, PPA. Surely one of them will come good? The big questions are of course Israel and Iran, N Korea, and the Falklands going to Argentina.

Budgie said...

Not forgetting, which I did this morning, all the other problems: the eurozone; Cameron's complete uselessness; CAGW tripe; the EU; closing power stations; Cameron's complete uselessness; UK debts; MoD incompetence; and finally Cameron's complete uselessness.

Did I mention that Cameron is completely useless? No? - well then Cameron is completely, mind numbingly, Heath-without-brains useless.

Team Dave said...

Got to admire your continued ramping of EMED. Years and years and years of lies and hope and they still have nothing to show for it.

I have money in it too by the way.

Budgie said...

Hey, CU, what're your thoughts on GKP? Are you still invested?

Budgie said...

Duh! I've just had a brain seizure, CU - of course you have posted on GKP but in haste I overlooked it because it was not on a side header like EMED, or XTR. My apologies.