Thursday 8 March 2012

Question Time

David Dimbleby is joined in Guildford by Eric Pickles, Caroline Flint, Will Young, Janice Atkinson-Small and Will Self.

Good panel. And in stockbroker belt too. Should be another decent session.

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BQ says
1. Mansion tax - Rightmove only has 4 houses over £2million in Guildford. But loads over £750,00.
How much soaking will the rich accept before they decide to give UKIP a go?
2. Gay marriage - What is the point of it as civil partnership already exists? Just to detoxify the Tory brand?
3 Child benefit cap- Is it only unfair if a benefit cut hits a poor person?
4. Afghanistan - why are we still there?
5.Erm..don't know really..lets say Claire's law.

Current Leaders
{measured pulls away}

Measured -58
Dick the Prick - 50
Philipa - 50

Cityunslicker - 47
Timbo614 -47
Bill Quango MP - 47
Nick Drew 47
Miss S-J - 44
Malcolm Tucker - 43
Miss CD - 41
Sebastian Weetabix - 40

Botogol - 39
appointmetotheboard - 38
Budgie - 38
Jan - 35
Hovis - 34
Hopper - 32

Andrew - 28
GSD - 21
Amy 10
lilith - 9

Anonymous - 7
Blue Eyes - 2
James Higham - 3
John in Cheshire - 2
Mark Wadsworth -2
EK -1
Dearieme - 1


Botogol said...

is it time to interneve in Syria?

would a mansion tax raise more money than 50 tax rate does?

what right has the church got to tell gay people they can't be married

should rich people get child benefit?

is it an invasion of privacy for a criminal record to be revveled to a girlfriend?

CityUnslicker said...

NHS - evil tories....
tax the rich - the bastard bankers deserve it - so says ALL the panel.
council tax caps - evil tories cutting services, especially for pickles

only 4 I reckon, I feel and NHS marathon coming on!

Sebastian Weetabix said...

1. Afghanistan - time to get out?
2. 50% tax/mansion tax
3. Gay marriage - why bother when they have civil partnerships already?
4. Since Will Self is on the panel there might be a question on solving our deficit problems by legalising & taxing class A drugs
5. NHS. Again. Because we're all bored of Greece & the Euro.

Dick the Prick said...

Being the public sector worker, well, employee that I am - i've got a list from this afternoon's endeavours.

1) Probably Afghanistan, tragic and poinless. 3 of 'em came from Hudds, pphhhwww, bloody waste.

2) Mansion tax and budget stuff.

3) Copper privatisation. If not, May's pulled an absolute blinder - chuck it out on a Friday evening and it's dead by the next week; hats off to her.

4) Europe - gotta be, a new UKIPper and Flint - whilst Europe Minister didn't she admit to never reading her brief? Sure she did.

5) Horsegate.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Coalition seems determined to fight for non vote issues.

1. Gay marriage. Many new votes in that? Probably none.
2. Axing the 50% tax rate. Any new votes in that? Probably none.
3. Easing the child benefit axe. Any new votes in this? probably none.
4. Afghanistan. Staying until the job is done. Any new votes in this? probably none.
5. NHS health reforms again. Any new .....

gsd said...

hi all.

1) Greek debt deal - when is a default not a default?

2) QE effect on pensions & savings. Will changing tax rules on pensions save companies with pension deficits?

3) Possible child benefit changes - a U-turn too far or a political triumph getting the benefit means tested at all?

4) Iran - is the the offer to allow inspectors in real & enough to hold off any military action? Is it evidence of sanctions/bank isolation working?

5) Fuel duty - should GO implement the price stabilizer that the Cons were all in favour of when in opposition?

Nick Drew said...

flushed with the abject success of my contrarian effort last week:

1) what are we still doing in Afghanistan? (ans: "fighting for the sacred rights of girls to go to primary school" (c) P.Toynbee 2002, from her Tuscan villa)

2) whither the Mansion tax ?

3) WTF is it with the Olympics ? 'Lord' Coe refusing to be accountable to anyone; blackmail ransoms being payed to all and sundry; etc etc

4) something on Diamond Lil's extended walkabout, and all the extended family walkabouts across the globe

5) what would the panel put in the Budget ? (or take out, for that matter)

measured said...

Evening ‘all.

You wrote a stonking good post this week, BQ, on putting the Occupy peeps in their place. A pavement somewhere.


1. What place does religion have in public life? Eric v Will

2. Qatada v Tappin. ‘fraid to say, I have no sympathy for Tappin. The US have a duty of care to look after him so he'll be fine until he plea bargains. The Panel may assange to bring in a European dimension… European Arrest Warrants… legal aid bill (defeated again) …

3. Why don’t we get out of Afghanistan faster? It’ll get bloodier at the end so the Taliban can declare victory.

4. Police… privatisation... tragic ..not the first to kill himself after being hurt in the line of duty… who pays the price?

5. Railways…. getting there .. or not as the case may be .. Who pays?... commuter belt 'n all. Good enough for HM The Queen today.

Miss CD said...

1. Afghanistan mission deaths
2. Child benefit or mansion tax?
3. Remploy and why did they do it?
4. Putin's 'election'
5. Gay marriage.

Philipa said...

Can't say I'm in the best of moods after being told I can no longer attend the running club so watching QT might be just the thing?

1. International Womens day
2. Child Benefit/tax the rich.
3. Our boys dying in Afghanistan - time to bring them home or time to sort out Syria?
4. Cameron throws 1500 disabled workers on the dole? If it isn't mentioned it should be.
5. If the health reform bill/NHS is mentioned again I'm going to eat my own pants.

Electro-Kevin said...

1. Is telling everyone in an NHS TV advert, that having smooth poo is a sign of cancer, good for the morale of the nation ?

(Sweetcorn usually sorts it out)

appointmetotheboard said...

1. Mansion tax. Not in favour of it - lets keep the simplier 50p tax rate instead.

2. Afghanistan. Why are we there again? I reckon Will Self will say something about the nation's grief over 6 of our boys dying compared with the thousands of Afghans who have died in the conflict..

3. Child benefit.

4. Is it time for RBS to become a small business bank or has St Vince the Cable gone off the reservation?

5. With British banks borrowing £31 bn from the ECB at 1%, and so much liquidity about at the moment, how can they justify putting up mortgage rates? OK, they won't ask that, but I'd bloody well like to know the answer...

Just to show I've still not learned my lessons, I'm still not predicting questions on either the NHS or Syria.

Jan said...

1. After the latest deaths is it now time to get out of Afghanistan?

2. Should we tax wealth as well as income?

3. Is it right NHS care can vary widely throughout the UK; for example the amputation rate for diabetics? ("Post-code lottery")

4. How can we help youngsters get work? Would it be useful if schools gave help with writing CVs etc ie more practical help for their pupils in preparing them for the world of work?

5. Should the Church of England allow woman bishops?

Timbo614 said...

I'm so tired (sang the Beatles)... [New accounts new roll-outs - jeez I'm 58 Not 28!

1) Greece is gonna get fleeced whichever way it falls. Is it time to call a halt to the desperation being created?

2) Privatisation of Police duties - Is this democracy? How much will the private prisons get from the private police to put you away - will it be more if you are Mira Hindley or more if you are a celebrity ( can you buy comfort) - and who is gonna set the price on your imprisoned head? Do DIs now get a bonus per nick?

3) 6 killed in Afghanistan - is it still worth it?

4) Mortgages rate rises - the Halifax always takes a little extra! Why now in the deepest darkest recession hour?

5 throwaway) Are Lego bricks sexist - Isn't it time for the women to get over their love of pink?

Jan said...

I didn't look at anyone else's questions before writing mine and now I see we've nearly all picked much the same! Great minds...

Miss S-J said...

So tired so won't watch.

1. Police privatisation.
2. Disabled workers slung onto dole
3. Rbs split up. Why not?
4. Afghanistan the never ending war.
5. Nhs . Because it always is.

Nick Drew said...

keep up there, Timbo, we've done the pink Lego, it's Not News - it's marketing !

Budgie said...

1. Cable says Dave has no growth strategy (leaked letter);
2. Roger Helmer says Dave has no EU strategy (MPs say we must have plans in case ez breaks up, or Greece coughs it);
3. Labour says Dave has no Mansion Tax strategy;
4. Everyone says Dave has no Afghanistan strategy (now 404 kia);
5. Is Dave's council tax strategy in the Pickles.

See, I didn't mention Thatcherism once. But you can rest easy, all of this, everything really, really is Thatcher's fault. Really. Signed: the Grauniad; the BBC; various Wills and sundry other statists.

hovis said...

Hmm dont know, has it been on yet? - Away - (not on local TV here in sunny Lagos)

1. Syria - intervene now!
2. Afghanistan - senseless loss of life - get out now !
3. Which taxes should osbourne put up?
4. Cable & Milliband - Industrial policy back to the 1970's?

Timbo614 said...

@ND Yes, I read your take on it - that does not mean that it won't come up again on QT (even better marketing)... I had my family very young they are all past 30 and one over 40! Grandchildren at 6 weeks to 13. But I DO NOT remember pink lego bricks - not sure about the purple ones. We'll see.. shall I put my "joker" on it... HMM. not that convinced :)

Bill Quango MP said...

First Q: Considering the tragic deaths of six more soldiers, why is withdrawal from Afghanistan still planned for 2014, not sooner?

Will Self thinks its asymmetrical warfare and its going to fail, so might as well leave now. Not sure he's right. Even less sure he's wrong.
Pickles was very unconvincing.

Q2: Would a 'mansion' tax be fairer than a 50p tax band for the highest earners?

Q3: Does the proposal to allow gay marriages undermine the institution of marriage as a whole?

Q4: How can the railway network justify new fare increases, especially as we are the most expensive in Europe?

I forgot what a commuter town Guildford is. Slaps forehead.

Q5: Gender equality is constantly on the agenda. So why are women still under represented?

Bill Quango MP said...

OK scores.
{But first - I saw in one of the toy catalogs a 'lego' [its not Lego - its that substitute that is identical except for the price] house. Its mostly pink and purple bricks. Been in the catalog for abut 3 years now. I forgot that we even stocked it last Xmas. So-So seller. The boys one was a digger set mostly yellow bricks.
What does it mean? Nothing at all.

BQ - 9
Botogol - 6 {surprised you went for Syria over 'stan.}
CU - only 3
Sebastian Weetabix - 8
Dick the Prick - 5
Malcolm Tucker - 8 [+1 as you're right about the votes} - 9
gsd- not a good night for you -2
Nick Drew - 7
measured - 9 [+ bonus for being the only one to get the trains ] -10
Miss CD - 7
Philipa - Why no running?
very good. - only one to get women' day - 10
EK - nah {worries me that ad} -1
appointmetotheboard - not bad. No NHS either - so 7
Jan - good -7
Timbo614 - bit off . but tires -4
Budgie - 6. {its always Fatchwer's fault.]
Miss S-J - hmm -3
Hovis [Lagos - is it you sending me those emails about money frozen in an account that needs an admin fee?] - 5

Bill Quango MP said...

SW - owed an extra from last week +1

Sebastian Weetabix said...

And there I was, about to make a complaint to the stewards!

James Higham said...

2. Gay marriage - What is the point of it as civil partnership already exists? Just to detoxify the Tory brand?

Caroline Flint - I'm going to witchhunt whoever said that and no biscuits for morning tea!