Wednesday 11 April 2012

How government works -1. Making tough choices.

Just how did that 'Conservatories Tax' from the previous post suddenly become a live issue?

  1. Did it come from blue skies, original thinking?
  2. Pass through a think tank to check the idea for its pluses and minuses.
  3. Pass through a working group to examine the implications of the plan and the impact it would have on existing and future legislation ?
  4. Did the idea reach a costs and benefits stage?
  5. Did a feasibility study show up the practical implications of the scheme?
  6. Did the PR team focus group test the idea to check how it resonated with the voters?
  7. Were all the current UK legal and EU laws checked to ensure that this idea was not contradicting previous legislation?
  8. Was a trial run carried out to test the plans under battlefield conditions?
  9. Was all the feedback gathered from each stage, analysed, altered, reworked, rethought and re-engineered to create a precise, proven, practical law that would achieve, or even surpass its stated aims, whilst enriching and improving the lives of ordinary citizens?

For the first time BQ mp can reveal a snapshot of how big, tough, important decisions are taken by this government.


lilith said...


Lord Blagger said...

Far simpler.

They are bust. They need all the cash to get to the next election and what the heck, its someone else problem. They will be on the lecture trail then, racking in the cash, hiding it in 'charities' so it can't be taxed, ...

SumoKing said...

I take it that is Steve Hilton handing out the unthinkable options

"i want to give something back, not the money, but something"

Richard Allan said...

Private Eye had a cartoon this fortnight of a man with a trowel and mortar: "He's convinced they're going to bring back window tax." Welp.

Anonymous said...

In reduced circumstances a commercial CEO would prune the mamagement team to core competences. For Cameron being surrounded by useless incompetents provides a support system that does not affect his bottom line (we pay!). Forget there being no money and being boxed-in, he needs these people pissing out of the tent. Worse, once he starts cutting the game is up, no good news from the inside and ex-insiders bad mouthing from the outside. Could not happen to a nicer chap.


Electro-Kevin said...

Ironic that the Tories are so politically tied that they are now having to attack home ownerism; that's the cornerstone of their voter base is it not ?

Council tenants won't be suffering these costs nearly so directly.

Electro-Kevin said...

Cameron is toast at the next General Election.

The problem is that he, and his party, will again be blamed for being 'too nasty.'