Tuesday 24 April 2012

Miserable Pleaders

We have inveighed against the energy-market subsidy-wallahs many a time and oft; but it isn't just the wind farmers, dung burners and CCS merchants, who know no better.  Nor is it confined to hints and briefings by the big players (GDF most recently; and EDF & Centrica passim ad nauseam). 

This form of behaviour is becoming institutionalised to the point where proper companies are rattling the begging-bowl in banner headlines alongside their logos at the top of their web-pages. I give you Drax, owners of Europe's largest (and 'cleanest' !) coal-fired power station.

"Given an appropriate level of regulatory support".  Ah yes, 'support'.  And they do mean given !  They have no shame.

Away with them all.



Sean said...

I will be getting my juice from Ferry Bridge in future.

Maybe on the top of the Ferrybridge header they might add "we are ready for Shale, the Flue-gas desulfurization is recently installed and nothing will give us Yorkies more pleasure than blowing up Lancashire"

Anonymous said...

"They have no shame."

Gresham's law in action.

Old BE said...

Why is the place called Drax?

Or is that a spectacularly stupid question?

EdS said...

It's in Drax, or near at least...!