Monday 23 April 2012

The ones that got away

The lesson of the 2000's with investing is that buy and hold is dead. yes, you can hold for decent time periods, but volatility since he dotcom crash is such that buying low and selling high is more important than ever.

Worse news for me, is that all my shareholdings are event driven. Waiting for a takeover, drilling for oil or mine permitting. Such that I only plant o sell when the news I was waiting for arrives, good or bad.

Thus this year has seen me make a catastrophic miss on most of my portfolio, yes it is up over 20% but it was nearly 80% at one point when GKP spiked to over 400, as opposed to the 230 that it resides at now.

Ho Hum. As for the rest, well no real news this month so unsurprisingly the prices of them all have been a bit range bound. With so many delays to the key event news, I can't see me being too active for the rest of the year, maybe in the Autumn. I picked up a few Supergroup at 333 following their steep drop, but this is a short term trading position trying to get 10% back on the bounce up. Have to see how that works out.

Nick can update with his precious metals position later, my equities were soundly thrashed in 2011, this year maybe a bit closer.


Steven_L said...

My 2012 C@W prediction - BP to get flying - isn't looking good either.

But it looks so cheap at 425p this morning. My mate just bagged £2k of it for his ISA.

Graeme said...

Q3 2013 for EMED permitting seems a long haul!

Graeme said...

Dick...Geert was always a prick...who ever doubted that?