Thursday 12 April 2012

Question time - holiday special

UPDATE - NO QT today.

BBC QT website has had a great new makeover which means its previous deadly dull, boring, but informative page has been replaced one which is just a plug for iplayer.
So I don't even know where the show is coming from or who's on it.

But it does have an online application form for the QT audience.

3. How old are you?

8. During the series, we shall be visiting London and various cities and towns around the country.

9. If there were a General Election tomorrow, which political party would you be most likely to vote for?

11. Which of these groups do you consider yourself to belong to?

12. Do you consider yourself to have any disabilities?

13. If you are disabled, do you require wheelchair access?

14. Are you a member of a political party?

15. The audience for BBC Question Time is totally proactive and we wish to ensure that the opportunity to put forward questions and take part in the debates is given to those people wishing to participate. If chosen to attend you will be asked to put forward two questions, one by email and a further question on arrival at the venue, would you please confirm that you are keen to get involved and if selected will ask your question.

16. Add any more relevant information.

A eurosceptic question ? That's very interesting. Why would that be deemed more important than say, a privatise NHS one? Or a Scots independence? EU concern is supposed to be insignificant in polling data.

A reader informs that there is no Question Time tonight.
So, its either watching nothing, or

Who Do You Think You Are? USA

Series 2, Gwyneth Paltrow
  1. 7/8. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow traces the background of her parents.
The Story of the Turban
  1. Tracing the history of the turban and its crucial place in the Sikh faith.
Must say watching nothing does look rather more interesting.


Miss S-J said...

Have to go with most of those.

- public office holders tax scrutiny
- Border agency can't cope with Olympics. Can't cope with holidays. Can't cope with illegals on the run. What can they cope with?
- Abu Hamza and extradition. _ is America really a human rights violator and does this legal argument just prove that human rights lawyers are the new estate agents and wheel clampers?
- Must be time for an NHS question - Alzheimer related?
- Charity relief u-turn coming?

Philipa said...

Hope you have a fab hol, Bill.
Agree with Bill on..

1. Tax disclosures/privacy issues (and VAT dodgers)

2. Snooping bill. Or should that be Snooping Bill? If it's EU driven we don't have a choice anyway.

3. One-eyed extradition and the 'special relationship'?

4. Foreign aggresion; Syria/Russia/China and our useless pretty boy Cameron not only keeping Afghanistan going but urging 'further action' in Syria.

5. Unemployment (I too am wishing the Titanic hadn't sunk)

GSD said...

Hi all.

1) Charity donation write off row: Certainly yet another PR disaster for the Gov, but is it right in principle? (the Telegraph says the 50% of total income comes from just 8% of the donors, so the limits will come into play for the majority of those ppl/orgs).

2) Boris/Ken tax spat.

3) Snoopers charter. leading to : Why is Nick Clegg such a looser?

4) NHS - overnight discharging to save bed spaces.

5) Syria - should NATO/Turkey invade?

Hope you're having a good break BQ! (Do I get extra points for creeping?)

Timbo614 said...


Duration: 1 hour

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Leeds. On the panel - shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, Conservative party co-chairman Baroness Warsi and the president of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron.

Hmm, Seems as informative as usual - just nothing about tonight 'coz there is no tonight!

I like the new format and game Bill, I'd like to play my Joker on Q3

Q3(how old am I): 55-64 - Please add 10 points to my score as this is correct.

q6 & 7 are leading us on a bit, but someone will get it right.

what happened to q1 & q2?

measured said...

It is soaps at prime time all over the tv these days. 

1. Boris v Ken .... brings tears to my eyes.  
Eastenders v Downtown Abbey 

2.  Give us your tax return ... Charity! 
Upstairs v Downstairs 

3. Blimey, not the NHS and teachers again. Strikers 
Casualty v Grange Hill 

4. Secret courts but sentencing on tv? It all leads to a fishy business. What did go on in China, BQ? 
Corrie v Emmerdale

5. Border controls ... Not fit for purpose. You know, there are terrorist out there, so that justifies them overreacting and snooping but yet we have no idea who is in the country. Inspiring. :-) 
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy v Spooks 

I hope you had a good break too, BQ. 

Nick Drew said...

Bill you are messing with my head, how do you manage to post on a non-existent programme on a date that hasn't happened yet ?!

blogger will blow a gasket for sure

(image of The Scream materialises and hovers around the room)

Bill Quango MP said...

Just got the wifi on . What on earth is going on?

James Higham said...

18. Give details of your bank, sort code and account number.