Thursday 19 April 2012

Question Time - What day is it edition?

On the panel tonight, Conservative party co-chairman the so over promoted Sayeeda Warsi,who i quite like for some unfathomable reason. Shadow home secretary and spaghetti plotter and future leader of the Labour party, Yvette Cooper. New all inclusive Respect MP, seeker of truth, paragon of virtue George Galloway. President of the Liberal Democrats who seems to be in the wrong party, Tim Farron; and the Times columnist so-so David Aaronovitch.

*note last weeks non-compo was attended by a few people who all scored zero as there was no BBc competition. But the game says you get 1 point just for turning up. So everyone who entered the non game still gets a point. It might not be fair but as Theresa told MPs in the House today -"Listen - I don't make the rules."

Current Leaders
{two games to go - both London - both Mayor heavy}

Measured -81
Dick the Prick - 76
Bill Quango MP - 74
Nick Drew - 74

Timbo614 -70

Philipa - 69
Miss S-J - 69
Miss CD - 64
Malcolm Tucker - 63
- 63
Budgie - 61

appointmetotheboard - 59
Botogol - 59
Sebastian Weetabix - 57
Hopper - 52

GSD - 48
Jan - 42
Hovis - 41
Andrew - 41

lilith - 19
Mark Wadsworth -16
Amy 10

Anonymous - 7
Kynon - 4
James Higham - 5
Blue Eyes - 2
John in Cheshire - 2
EK -1
Dearieme - 1


Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Should we chuck out Qatada, why didn't we do it years ago, are we infringing his Yuman Rights.

2. Breivik, clearly this is not a criminal trial of a Norwegian gun nut, this is an opportunity for politicians and self appointed arbiters of public opinion to spout on about completely unrelated topics. So please panel, please trot out some of your self-righteous drivel.

3. Windmills v fracking, conservatory tax, greenest government ever. Green is an Islamic colour, so Galloway might go completely off topic.

4. Something vaguely related to jack Straw and renditions of that Libyan feller.

5. Does the French presidential election signal a swing away from Savage Tory Cuts and will the Socialist chappie, forget the name, lead France to a sonderful new prosperity by running up huge deficits, a bit like the Savage Tories are doing here in Blighty.

(I'm warming up for next season).

measured said...

Last week I was in deepest darkest northern France. No wonder I didn’t know what was going on. The French don’t even know at the best of times. My thanks go to @patently who was going to help me post, but being the resourceful girl I am, I worked it out.*

Cette semaine, mes enfants, :

1. Can Theresa May put Abu Qatada in a cell with Anders Breivik?

2. Can Rupert and James Murdoch explain why journalists starred in the pilot for Hunger Games?

3. Are UN observers Syrian hamsters?

4. Why can’t idiots work out what a con these windmills are? Don Quixote did and possibly so can George Galloway, but then he can say anything and get away with it unlike the long suffering government.

5. Who wants Ken again? Actually, BQ, lets all strike until we get what we want. Far more effective than voting and democracy.

I am on a roll! That bottle of red was very fine. Hen the public sector accounts for 50% of the economy, are we living in a communist state? *hic*

Btw, I hope you had a good break, BQ …and in my book, Tesco is a classic middle market squeeze with a truck load of debt.

*not possible on the mobile site on my phone.

Bill Quango MP said...

1. Has Theresa May made a cock up over Apu? {yes}.
Is this government becoming more Brownian every day? {sadly yes}

2. Should loony right wing terrorists be put on trial? Is there any point trying to apply rational process to psychopaths?

3. Are pensioners being hit hardest by the recession? Should they be hit even harder?

4. just how badly did Labour do in Bradford?

5. Tanker drivers threatening again. Are we ready for panic buying two?

Miss CD said...

1 Abu Qatada's appeal. Who messed up? Why didn't May wait one more day? if the deadline was passed, it was passed.

2 Free school diners. Is this fair?

3 Breivik and his platform for his killer views. Should he not be allowed to speak?

4 Fall in unemployment figures. Is the recession finally coming to an end.

5 Something about Burma.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

1. Abu Qatada - incompetent minister or civil servants stitching her up?
2. Fracking - why don't we get on with it?
3. Breivik trial, inevitably. Cue much handwringing on giving him a platform.
4. Local elections - will Respect and UKIP sweep the board in the light of the "Bradford Spring?"
5. Why did Gorgeous George not take an oath and only affirm?
6. Syria - cue more handwringing on why we really should do something and another resolution is what we need.

lilith said...

1. Anders Breivik: are the press giving him too much of a platform?
2. Ed Miliband. Is the BBC giving him too much of a platform?
3. New low cost housing: has the market been saturated by too much flatporn?
4.Free school meals, should they be eaten on a platform?
5. "As a muslim woman," has Sayeeda Warsi ever started a sentence without this phrase?
6. During the Olympics will commuters have enough platform?

Hopper said...

Oh, look, it's Leeds
1. Abu Qatada - if Theresa can't even get her dates right, what hope for British justice, seriously?
2. Breivik in court - is it right to give a platform to serious fanatics (outside the House of Commons of course)?
3. Colombia and the not-so-Secret Service, can we take the American military seriously any more?
4. Labour's collapse in Bradford - does anyone take Ed Miliband seriously?
5. Simplifying welfare - you can't be serious.

Timbo614 said...

Evenin' All

1) Teresa May and Cock-ups, Is it because it a leap year? Or it it just the now standard Tory fare?

2) Government Cock-ups and U-Turns in general, Did that help them be annihilated in Bradford? Merging into:

3) Labour ineffectiveness as opposition - did that get them annihilated in Bradford?

4) Is Breivik running the best anti-far-right advertising campaign of all time? Is that why they are letting him witter on about his daydreams(which so unfortunately became reality temporarily). What does George think?

5) I am a Grand Prix Fan and I think the Bahrain should be cancelled - what do the Panel think?

Nick Drew said...

1) Qatada, segueing into ...

1a) ECHR
1b) Jack Straw

2) should fracking be allowed ?

3) Galloway will inevitably talk about himself, so there might as well be a question about him / Bradford

4) joker - colonial crimes

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Theresa May or may not have misjudged the date. She must have received civil service advice. Should she just name and boot out the Mandarin who said 'Its all in hand. Nothing to worry about all.'

- Crazy Norwegian. Same as everyone else. Is he a Christian terrorist?

- The charity tax from last week.
- The snooping bill from last week too.

andrew said...

i think i should post this tomorrow as that will be just in time

1 who do you think we should deport - the terrorist suspect or theresa may

2 unemployment down green shoots of recovery or a blip

3 fracking - once that comes on stream perhaps wales will want independance

4 charity tax relief - why should you get tax relief on charitable donations

5 - london mayors making their tax affairs public (apart from ken) what next - medical records, how many points on your licence, how much do you drink,

Budgie said...

1. Queen's barge - first royal barge for 94 years (continued). Why can't we afford anything more than a rowing boat for HRM?

2. Why is Hollande going to barge into France? And who cares anyway?

3. Why has Gorgeous barged into Bradford? And more to the point why was Milliboy Jnr to feeble to barge in?

4. Why has Abu Ratardid barged into the UK? And more to the point why won't he just barger off? Will we see the Boy so barged off he makes dear Teresa barger off too? Why does Yvette Balls always barge in?

5. Evil Thatcherist Murdochs to be barged in to Leveson. Cont p.94?

GSD said...

Hi all.

1) Qatada timing cock-up. Leading onto "should we be like the French ignore any rules we don't like?"

2) Does Galloway's resounding win single the beginning of the end for the main parties?

3) MoD cutbacks (esp Navy) with Argentina throwing its weight around; stealing oil companies this week, the Falklands next?

4) Is the amazing amount of negative PR that Osbournes's latest budget generated (Charity-, Granny-, Pasty- taxes etc) justified, retaliation for the Leveson inquiry or have Labour finally got their act together?

5) With strike threats from tanker drivers, teachers, boarder control will we have a "Summer of Discontent"?

Miss S-J said...

- Abu nutter and his imminent release

- Galloway's big win. End of the second political consensus?

- Fracking allowed. How can it be stopped

- Charity tax and the budget

- NHS [it has to be .}

appointmetotheboard said...

Blimey, nearly forgot again. Brief as a result.

1. Qatada

2. Tax relief for the super wealthy vs granny tax

3. Can minority parties thrive in the next elections?

4. Is unemployment going down in Leeds?

5. School dinners.

PS Lilith - think you'll find baroness warsi starts every sentence with, "We have to clear up the mess we inherited from Labour..."

Pants guesses this week. I expect my one point for turning up though!

Bill Quango MP said...

Really tired - quick scores only
First question: Should we now take control of our justice system in the light of the farcical deportation of Abu Qatada?

Q2: Was the "Bradford Spring" just a spot of unseasonable political weather or a sign of wider climate change?

Question3: Is it fair that the parents of truant children should have fines directly taken from the child benefit?

Q4: Is the budget proving to be "omnishambolic"?

Q5: Is it right for British drivers to participate in the Bahrain Grand Prix, where a pro-democracy movement is raging?

Scores -
from last week miss S-J -Timbo -measured -Philipa -ND- GSD -BQ + JH

Scores - current
MW - 4
Measured {on the vino?} - 5
BQ - 6
Miss CD - 3
Seb-W - 6
lilith -2 +{1} for the As a Muslim line - 3
Hopper -6
Timbo614 9 + 1 for the GP only one to guess!! +1 for previous - 11.
Nick Drew Almost didn't want to allow 'Galloway will talk about himself'. But he did. for 40 mins - 9
Malcolm Tucker - 4
Andrew - A lot of you missed the bradford question? Obvious non?
budgie - 6 +1 for the barge = 7
GSD - v.good - 10
Miss S-J - 8
appointmetotheboard - 8 +1 for the true Warsi line which she only said once. - 9
Philipa - 1
JH -1

Dick the Prick said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

4? Get in! I'm on fire for next season, I might get back up to Championship level, certainly Division 1.

hovis said...

missed it so just above the relegation zone

Philipa said...

Bill did you get my tweets?
RSVP ta :)

Bill Quango MP said...

Pip: tweets?

Philipa said...

ARGH! I've lost broadband at home and phone wouldn't access your blog so I tweeted guesses to you. Can you look in my twitter timeline? Tweets are there.(19th Apr 22:10 ish) Thanks x

Bill Quango MP said...

Put your questions up now Phlipa.

We work on the honour system here. An Englishman's {including the Home Nations} Englishwoman's word is his/her bond.

Philipa said...

OK they weren't good but I travelled to our local mall at 8:30pm complaining my smartfone was kaput. They fixed Twitter so I tweeted and here they be:

1. Muslim voter impact/abortion hacking 2. Tax/charity cap 3. Elected Mayors (the Ken+Boz show) 4. Conspiracy theories, a must!
if not tax/granny tax then somewhere! 5. Olympics/London