Thursday 24 May 2012

BBC Question Time competition continues-

Joining David Dimbleby on Question Time from King's Lynn are former deputy prime minister John Prescott, {The man who overcame the Peter Principle to be promoted way,way beyond his capability.}Universities minister David Willetts,A rare Tory in favour of elected House of Lords.} Leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas,{ What a surprise...And what a clue!} comedian and actor Griff Rhys Jones {a likeable comedian, with a long history of TV and comedy} and Sunday Times columnist Minette Marrin.{don't know since its behind the paywall I never see the Times.- Rightwinger for sure.}
Score 1pt for each correct question you guess that is asked by someone in the BBC Question Time Audience. maximum of 5 questions.
Enter your guesses into the comments.

- 1vs1 scoring -
1st entry plays 2nd entry - 

So Malcolm is first up..
1. Iran and missile action
2. Poor maths tuition in UK.
3. Young people. They just aren't as employable as foreigners.
4.Employment law changes. Should there be a two year sacking period?
5. Banks - Charging for current accounts.

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 Week 2.
Mark Wadsworth - 6
Measured - 4
Bill Quango MP - 4
Timbo614 - 3
Malcolm Tucker - 3
Sebastian Weetabix - 3
appointmetotheboard - 3
Dick the Prick - 3
Hovis - 3
Lilith - 3
Hopper - 3
 Nick Drew - 3
Philipa - 1
GSD - 1
Miss CD - 0
Cityunslicker  - 0
Andrew - 0
James Higham - 0

Budgie - big fat Grexit zero.


Bill Quango MP said...

1. Nanny Dave and why did anyone think this New Labour style expensive, ineffective policy was even a good idea in principle?

2. Anti social behaviour. The new coalition ASBO. Its hoped that any order that a Lib Dem thought as tough would be far to embarrassing for any self respecting hoodie to risk getting.

3. Beercroft and sackings. He's wrong you know. And the coalition is about right. He should calm down.

4. Votes for prisoners. LBC said that if we don't allow votes for prisoners it might usher in a dawn more sinister than the Nazis. Was James O'Brien a tad overreacting ?

5.IMF- Lagarde says 'spend ze money Dave. Plan B. Dish out ze funds on a big tunnel, sports event or a national stadium or something.. Or who will be buying ze German cars?'

gsd said...

hi all.

1) Eurozone leaders ganging up on Dave about City Financial Tax.

2) A4e allegations. Yet more bad news for Dave?

3) Why is reforming the House of Lords on the agenda atm - surly there are better things to spend time on?

4) Something Green - the surcharges to pay for wind power vs ever growing fuel poverty.

5) The increase in "Special Needs" pupils & Academies reluctance to take them in.

[Note to BQ - the French we had work for us tend to say "zur" rather than "ze" - that's more German. But perhaps that's your point...]

measured said...

1. Have Dave and Nick's got it right? Are they in touch? ... with us, not between themselves. G8 tripe. 

2. Kick into the long grass or find alternatives for the unemployed youth? 

3. Should Greece stay in the euro? Zur and ze.

4. Sack or cuddle workers? 

5.  £0.25m legal bill for Huhne's partner  owing ... the way of getting a decent Leveson question in. 

Anonymous said...

Evenin' all.

Double dip recession - plan B...wanna say separate Q on Cammo calling Balls an ejeet but too low brow?

Sacking folk - like the idea of costs being borne by litigious employee if frivolous - that's what unions are for by 'eck.

Wind farms are bollox - a good whinge from a lokel yokel would be cool; I read this blog most days and I still don't understand hoe NPower have the fricking nerve to charge me £1200 of your english pounds!

Police, crime, adultourous bullemic hypocritical ignorance maybe?

Sleaze; it's a tabloid world with tabloid memories. Should Jeremy Hunt just take his beating?

Dicke le Pricke

Miss S-J said...

Leveson and Hunt. Poor Prezza's hacked phone.

Free banking.

The downgrade to -0.3%. . It's only getting worse isn't it?

IMF says lower interest rates. To what? 0%.

Government energy report. £100 a household. We all know that's the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Why are they doing it?

Hopper said...

1. A4E: why did the Government get into bed with an organisation like this?
2. Free banking: why should consumers pay to bank with banks they bailed out?
3. Why is making it easier to sack people going to do anything for employment?
4. Can we afford the Diamond Jubilee?
5. Votes for prisoners? Srsly?

Philipa said...

1. What's going to replace the ASBO?
2. Cameron's employment law changes (reintroduced slavery? Daily Mash)
3. Double dip recession - was Os wrong and should we leave the EU?
4. There's no such thing as a free bank account so what I want to know is why the state uses them instead of paying benefits through the post office?
5. Hunt and hacking - is this government noticeably corrupt? Of course not - and I'll buy you a big drink later ;-)

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Votes for prisoners.

2. Gay marriage vote of conscience.

3. Has Hollande shown that growth is better than austerity? (wot? he's been in the job a week and all of a sudden he's this visionary leader of continents?)

4. Beecroft fire at will nastiness, will it increase uncertainty and thus lead to further fall in economy?

5. Why was Will-i-am allowed to carry the Olympic torch thingy, he's not English or local or a sportsman and he was tweeting while he did it?

Miss CD said...

1 asbo changes. Reoffending reaches new high.
2 employment changes. Evil Tories want to sack everyone.
3. IVF by right?
4 Hunt. C4 says he was in favour of Bid. But emails don't say anymore than he thought the fact BBC and C4 were against was no reason to deny Murdoch a bid.
5. IMF planB and irritating Balls syndrome.

appointmetotheboard said...

If the office is a good indicator of what the QT audience is thinking, then its hard to imagine anything but an hour long discussion about DC calling EB a muttering idiot...

despite that...

1. Recession. Despite the great and the good claiming that the figures were wrong, the double-dip was franked today. UK plc had as good a first quarter as Spain, I understand. Hm...

2. Beecroft and the red under the bed, Vince Cable. Out of interest, oh you great wealth creators of capitalists@work, if ditching staff is so important a consideration, why not offer short-term contracts instead of permanent ones? Seems to work in my industry, IT...

3. Europe. Is it right for foreign nations to interfere in elections to try and scare the Greeks witless? Or would they be better coming up with some ideas to help?

4. Leveson inquiry. Hunt to go, etc, etc.

5. School building program. Investing in the future, or a half-hearted botch job?

I imagine there will be a green question, but I can't bring myself to suggest a question on buzzards. Unless its about yoof unemployment in the Leighton variety. Maybe two warm days in a row means a discussion on globabl warming. Probably will be a question about goal line technology though...

Nick Drew said...

1) something euro, Heaven knows there are enough angles to be explored
2) what will the Energy Bill do for our Energy Bills ? (actually, nobody cares - yet)
3) here we go again, war in Iran
4) votes for prisoners, QT loves this one
5) employment law, sackings etc

Budgie said...

1. Hunt the Leveson part 9994. How much longer can the BBC continue to milk this?

2. Global warming in London. If it's in London, it must be global. And it sure is warming. Sizzling heat to continue another week. Phew! what a scorcher!!! CAGW proved!!!! More windmills needed!!!!!

3. Shrinking economy - is it all the Thatcher-led coalition's fault or is it the Grexit? It must be this Thatcherist government grinding the faces of the honest working families of coool briddanyuh.

4. Grexit, cont p.999999994. Euro financial crisis! transaction tax! Cameron a eurosceptic!?! austerity or growth!!!! Is the euro a laughing stock?

5. Libya. Yvonne Fletcher. Megrahi death. Further enquiries by Scottish police.

Bill Quango MP said...

Out of interest, oh you great wealth creators of capitalists@work, if ditching staff is so important a consideration, why not offer short-term contracts instead of permanent ones? Seems to work in my industry, IT..

In my industry of retail, us evil bosses have already got a better system. The zero hour contract.
I would estimate at least 40% of retail workers are on this. Royal Mail recruits its new postpeople on this instead of the old 36 hour contract. Many more are on a limited hours, say 4 hours a week.

In both cases the workers actually work many more hours. Yet the employer can cut the hours to minimum, or even to zero at any time.

That's partly why i don't agree with bercroft. The two year sacking dateline is very oldschool. It isn't needed at all.
What is needed is the ability to dump poor performers.

All this talk about being able to sack someone after 1 year or even two is bollocks.

I've said it before, but I have lost tribunals where people have been dismissed after less than 10 days. lost and paid out 'ooo's.
Its a hell of a risk to sack even the most incompetent. And if they claim racist, religious or sexist persecution, in any form, they are probably unsackable.

{The girl in the 10 day case was a serial discrimination seeker. That was her third tribunal victory that year. She was 17.}

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1: Who’s "bonkers" - Vince Cable or 76% of the IoD who said they'd take on more workers if stringent labour laws were eased?

Prezza says its not fair. He is right. That's why its wrong.
GRJ does ok. Lucas goes straight for banker bashing.

Q2: When David Cameron called Ed Balls a "muttering idiot", was this improper language or a statement of the obvious?
Some hits from the players there. Cameron really shouldn't have said it. But if he can't keep his temper he should take some heckling tips.

"What's that tubby? 'Too fast?' ..Is that what Yvette says to you in bed?..What..'he just doesn't get it?'..I get it a lot more than you..and from your missus too...while you're out plotting lasagne coups.." Believe me..she's seen an awful lot of growth recently...She knows all about leverage now Ed..." etc...

Q3: Is it right that Olympic torchbearers are offering their torches for sale on internet auction sites?

A real lightweight question. But a very good spot. Anyone else get it?
Torch is selling for more than Facebook.
Question falls terribly flat on stupid comments and stupider audience comments.

Q4: Wind power is perceived to have failed our energy needs. Will more nuclear power stations provide a better solution?

Q5: Should David Cameron defy the European Court of Human Rights and not allow prisoners to vote?
Yeah! I had that. Lucas is in favour of prisoner votes. I don't really care. Except it upsets the ECHR so might be worth insisting prisoners can't vote.

Scores in a mo.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Damn. Working in the USA and totally missed it. There goes the early lead.

Bill Quango MP said...

this week - 1st vs 2nd. 3rd vs 4th etc. From the order of posting.

Malcolm Tucker - 1 vs BQ - 2
GSD - 1 vs Measured - 1
Dicke le Pricke - 3 vs Miss S-J - 1
{including a lucky over the line 1st guess DP}
Hopper - 2 vs Philipa - 1
Mark Wadsworth - 2 vs Miss CD - 1
appointmetotheboard -2 vs Nick Drew - 3
Budgie -1 vs BQ - 2
{if there's an off number you play BQ score - unlucky!}

So whichever of the pairings got the highest score - they get 3 pts.
A draw = 1 pt
Ansd a loss, as always , = 0

Todays Drogba's are Dickie le Pricke and Nick Drew. Who get to decide if Roberto Di Matteo keeps the managers umbrella?

Timbo614 said...

Damn just finished working in the UK and missed / forgot in the heat or the day and the pressure on me :(

Mark Wadsworth said...

I like this new scoring system.

Budgie said...

BQ said: "What is needed is the ability to dump poor performers."

Actually my observation is that "poor performers", not all but most, are simply in the wrong job. In other words a more fluid hire and fire set up is needed so people move around until they end up in the "right" job.

Also it seems from information I have that it is government workers who are impossible to fire. Perhaps the government should put its own house in order first?

Budgie said...

"If there's an off number you play BQ score - unlucky!"

Boo! At least put me on the board, though. Then I can see my big fat Grexit zero.

James Higham said...

I feel so humble, Bill.