Friday 11 May 2012

Question Time Winner is .....

Winner of the first half of the 2012 Question Time competition is
A fantastic result that humiliated Dick the Prick 
{if you use Boris result. Otherwise , if you use Hollande, it was too close to call}

DP took second, BQ 3rd, Philipa climbed to 4th and Mayor Timbo614 to 5th.
Congrats to all who have taken part on this long, long compo.

Measured -97

Dick the Prick - 96
Bill Quango MP - 89
Philipa - 88
Timbo614 -86
Nick Drew - 85
Miss CD - 83
Miss S-J - 82
Budgie - 78
Malcolm Tucker - 77
Sebastian Weetabix - 72
Cityunslicker - 71
appointmetotheboard - 71

Hopper - 68
GSD - 64
Botogol - 59
Hovis - 53
Andrew - 50

Jan - 48

lilith - 25
Mark Wadsworth -25

Amy 10
Anonymous - 7

James Higham - 5
Kynon - 4
Blue Eyes - 2
John in Cheshire - 2
EK -1
Dearieme - 1
Well done all.
Next week its the Euro champonship QT compo. One vs one.
 A slightly different scoring system.
Don't get too excited. 


Dick the Prick said...

Whoo hoo. Well done Measured and I genuinely feel a little knackered. It's been a long season. Cheers Bill.

Hopper said...

Congratulations Measured. You clearly have your finger on the pulse (which pulse?) of the QT audience. Many thanks to BQ for brightening my Thursdays.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Congrats top Measured. He (or she) now has to watch out for prima donna behaviour among his star players, they'll all be signing for foreign teams and having mystery injuries shortly before salary negotiations and all that stuff.

Philipa said...

Whoop whoop! Well done measured, and well done Dick, BQ and all who took part. I'd like to change into a white sparkly dress slashed to the thigh and thank BQ for this really rather fabby comp that brightened my thursays too :)

Special mention must go to my family and the cat for sitting on my lap, and the glass of cheap vino for Always being there at the end *sob* You helped me through *waaaaah*

(Philipa is helped off the stage whilst tabloid journos try to look up her skirt)

appointmetotheboard said...

Congratulations to Measured and well done all. Its been another epic season.

Also thanks to BQ, who has been a far more authoritative and witty referee than even Graham Poll.

Looking forward to the Euros, and who knows, maybe causing an upset before crashing out. Though as a Scot, maybe shouldn't take qualification for granted...

Kynon said...

@appointmetotheboard - as a fellow Scot, I would expect that we will struggle against lowly opposition, carry out an historic giant-kill, then fall flat on our faces against a minnow, and slink home once more... :-/

andrew said...

Congratulations to Measured.

Those of us in the Cold Greggs Sausage Roll League hope the Premier league does well in der Fragestunde

CityUnslicker said...

well done to the winner and to BQ, batting off his MRs every Thursday to devote himself to the one true cause. Awesone.

measured said...

Well, I can't beat @Timbo614 's speech from last week.

I am of course basking in the glory. Can't quite believe it. It was a far too close for comfort. It was gallant of Mr Dick the Prick to be the first to congratulate me.

Special mention goes to Philipa's cat and to Dearieme who summed up her position on 1. There were some great tussles in the league table this time. Some hilarious questions. Thanks for running a great quiz and being extremely witty and kind, BQ.

I look forward to buying you all drinks (I knew there would be a catch if I won), but it'll have to be mid June as I am away from home until then. I'll warm up the sausage rolls. Name the day and the pub, BQ.

Oh yes, was there a prize?

My book, 'How to win the greatest BBC QT Quiz', will be available in good bookshops shortly.

Timbo614 said...

Well done Measured a tailor made champion! Yes, too close at the end, I got pipped to a near-podium by Philipa's final posts.

Thanks BQ for running the Compo (My wife thinks I'm crazy too!) but is not surprised when I stay up too late saying I'm working :)

Not sure about a football based compo - I'll come last, I don't DO football.

James Higham said...

I did great in this one. Prizes?