Thursday 10 May 2012

This is the final of the league.
Looks like its between Measured and DP. {
All Questions score double!
{After this - it'll be the European-Question Time championships. New league. Need to get yourselves seeded.}

David Dimbleby chairs a debate on the big stories of the week from Oldham.

Measured -88
Dick the Prick - 87
Bill Quango MP - 81
Timbo614 -80

Nick Drew - 79
Philipa - 77
Miss CD - 74
Miss S-J - 73
Budgie - 72

Malcolm Tucker - 69
- 69
appointmetotheboard - 65
Sebastian Weetabix - 63

Botogol - 59
Hopper - 59
GSD - 52
Andrew - 50

Jan - 48
Hovis - 42

lilith - 25

Mark Wadsworth -18

Amy 10
Anonymous - 7

James Higham - 5
Kynon - 4
Blue Eyes - 2
John in Cheshire - 2
EK -1
Dearieme - 1


gsd said...

hi all.

1) Worries about being labeled racist impeding/stopping sex ring investigations & prosecutions. Is this the only case?

2)With France & Greece making anti-austerity noises, will Germany/ECB back down?

3) Public sector strike: Did it achieve anything (apart from a nice day out for the marchers)?

4) Queen's speech: largely ignored by everyone except the politicians (or special interest groups) - is this a sign that the Gov got it right, or that its mostly irrelevant?

5) Navy fighter u-turn (should be a "Split S") - why all the fuss when we have no aircraft carriers to put them on anyway?

And good luck to all those in with a podium chance!


Miss CD said...


1. French election result and austerity ends in France?

2. Minority parties growth. Le Penn and Respect and UKIPs 14%.

3. Racial profile of groomers. Is a Pakistani problem or a multiculti problem?

4. Clegg and Cameron marriage vows renewal.

5. Care of the elderly. Is anything going to be resolved

hovis said...

1. The rise of the left & Anti Austerity: France Greece, was it Brtain too?
2. Spain nationalises Bankia - the beginning of the end / are we on the hook when spain goes?
3. Cleggeron relaunch / Queens Speech - damp squib or re-launch
4.Grooming and gang raping young girls - evil immigrant ring or just happends in every "community"?

david dimbleby said...

Public sector pensions
Public sector pensions
Public sector pensions
Public sector pensions
Public sector pensions

Anonymous said...

GSD... It certainly isn't the only case...

They are trials in preparation in Liverpool, Telford and Oxford.

Hopper said...

1. Strikes and pensions: is the Government justified in breaking pension promises?
2. The voters of France and Greece say no to austerity: are we behind the times?
3. Gay marriage (I hear Oldham is famed for its performing arts): if Obama is for it, why isn't CamerClegg?
4. JSF reversal: why are we spending all this money in the first place?

Only time for 4 this week, I reckon, with contentious topics.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

1. Since we are reverting to jump jets, why didn't we just keep the Harriers and the Ark Royal and save £25 billion?
2. Grooming case. Are the Police so afraid of being called racist they didn't do their job?
3. Queens speech. Nothing for growth! Has the coalition reached the end of its natural life?
4. Leveson, I suppose.
5. Public sector strikes 'n stuff. Is it right to expect prison officers and teachers to work until 68? After all, they're both dealing with violent young offenders

Nick Drew said...

1) will the froggies et al throw the whole euro-austerity thing into reverse ?

2) should we have the euro-referendum that Mandelson proposes ? (great timing: you got a book coming out? stupid git)

3) Fat Cat Pay & bonuses

4) are we too dominated by public schoolboys ?

5) are we allowed to talk about the Rochdale gang ? (that's a question and a meta-question)

Dick the Prick said...

1) Sex pestery would, to be fair, be an bloody interesting question.

2) Austerity, Oldham may be a toilet (worked there over summer once, yowzers) but they're good people but probably some banal Tory bashing shite. Strikes etc.

3) Sort of interchangeable with 2 as to which comes first but France & Europe, if the French can burn cash, why can't Blighty?

4) Aircraft carrier planes maybe

5) Housing

Good luck Measured, and cheers Bill. Only way I could bear to watch it is with a bingo card. Newsnight last night was utter lefty durge, start to finish. Strange really, as though they think the audience don't realize. Ho hum.

Timbo614 said...

Oih! BQ where's my 8 points for being Mayor? (would put me closer to dick at least) or don't they count?

1) Greeks try to shaft EU, ECB, IMF, EFSF and every other financial Mnemonic, will they succeed or be made to vote again until they get it right?

2) Does Cameron U-Turn faster than a Harrier OR an F-35B/C?

3) Racist accusations in Trials/Cases Can the Police ever get it right enough to satisfy every numpty?

4) Anti Austerity direction - is France just the start with their new president?

5) Drug Driving laws - How long will that take in the nick being "Tested" by PC fumblefingers.

Good luck all!!

[sheet! catchpa "edlyther andinerv"]

measured said...

Evenin' all

1. Grooming girls and 'cultural differences' lets people get away with ..mur... grooming.

2. The rise of socialism. When will other people learn you have to live within your means?? Not me, of course... German v Greece, then I predict France v German in the semi finals. Spend to create growth..

3. Lords' reform, Queen's speech, so inherited titles were replaced with cronies friends and yet if you elect them, they will challenge the Commons. The Commons still has authority?? Who cares? Most don't turn up.

4. Shareholder's revolt over fat cat's pay. That's a good one for the BBC.

5. Different planes. Phil, catapulting all over the place. £100m. Are the planes British? Shouldn't that buy us some more wind farms?

I could have copied and pasted Dick's thinking about it but I'm too honourable for that. Good luck everyone.

Thanks, BQ.

Philipa said...

1. Queens speech
2. Protest about cuts/pensions
3. Right to strike
4. Gay marriage (yawn) As Emily Wossname would say: Up yer bum!
5. France with their socialist president (don't believe me? Ask the dishes!) The Euro would make a great Greek gift of a poisoned chalice.

Ok enough cliche :-)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Right, going out on a limb a bit here:

1. Does the sweeping success of anti-austerity parties in France, Greece and, er, mean that the Tories' "savage cuts" policy has failed?

2. When you look at F Hollande's new girlfriend and his ex, Segolene Royale, does it not strike you that the man must be stark staring mad?

3. Gay marriage - yawnsome enough - but is it possible that Hollande will legislate to allow bigamy? He's clearly trying to get back into Segolene's good books/knickers by making her President of the French parliament?

4. This whole u-turn on jet fighers, the Tories have messed up bad enough here, but what were Labour thinking when they stopped using the good old Hawker Harrier? That's a insane as Hollande separating from Segolene in order to spend more time with his political family.

5. Pakistani groomers - is this a cultural thing or is this institutional racism and white groomers go unpunished? While we're on the topic of grooming, I wouldn't mind grooming that Segolene woman. Phwoar

Of course, it's possible that "savage Tory cuts" won't come up, but I like to go left field.

CityUnslicker said...

not playing this week as I want to end on a 69!

Bill Quango MP said...

1.greek and French elections cause Euro wobble.Austerity is dead.

2. Lords reform and queens speech. Hasn't every government promised Lords reform? Certainly Maggie/Major did. Blair was super keen until the cheques started rolling in, when he became quite lukewarm on the idea.

3. Ethnic crimes. This does seem to be a real problem in some areas. It's ok to mention religion and culture now?

4. Milibands success and Clegg's and Camerons bad night at the Opera.

5. Shareholder's revolt. Are banker's bonuses Going to be a thing of the past?

Budgie said...

1. Public sector strikes - it's all the evil Thatcher's fault innit?

2. F35B/C U turn - surely that was the evil Thatcher's fault innit?

3. Knicker infiltrator wuz British - true! Plot was bomb not egg curry!!

4. Hollande in France. What now for the eurozone, recession, stock markets - cont p94 ....

5. So, Goodbye Vidal Sassoon ...
You chopped the locks of the famous,
until you became famous yourself,
What a snip that was!
(E J Budgie aged 39¾)

Malcolm Tucker said...

just made it.

Euro news - Hollande. Sarkozy. Is Balls actually correct?

Grooming of the girls. Big local story about police cowardice.

Abu Qatada. Why did the judges even consider the appeal. It was always a publicity stoppage.

Rose garden relauch. Is the coalition in real trouble.

Blackburn relegated. Ahh shame,like.

Miss S-J said...

Late entry

1- Clegg and Cam brokeback 2.
2 - Last weeks elections
3 - France and Greece upsetting the Germans. Buy Euros now if you're going on holiday.
4. Aircraft carrier cock up.
5. Public sector strikes.

appointmetotheboard said...

Jus back from the pub and farewell drinks, but I claim my point for turning up. Europe! Queens speech! I tells youse all - I bloody loves you. Your my best friends... zzzz...

Bill Quango MP said...

First Q: Why can’t public sector workers accept that, if they will live longer, they are going to have to renegotiate their pensions?
Labour man equated nurses pensions to MPs and high earners and said 'its unfair'.
Well..obviously.. If you don't 100k+ you won't get a 100k+ average salary pension. Got plenty of applause though.

Then comes the private sector needs to rise not public sector to fall. Where does the money come from?
Why do private sector workers have to pay for public sector pensions when they have none themselves.
And the police pensions are ridiculous. £125,000 lump sum at 50. A £57,000 pension. For a basic constable.Out of control.

Mary Beard not very good on defeat of Rome either.

Amazingly the usual 1/2 hour pension q is dropped for

Q2: Was race an issue in the recent Rochdale grooming case?
Don't know what to say. Is it a race issue? Black gang rape has been around for years. Most pedos are white. Is it race or is it just criminal?

Q3: Monsieur Hollande plans to 'tax and spend for growth' as an alternative to austerity. Would it work for the UK?
LibDems say YES!YES!YES! {hypo}
Labour - NO!NO!NO!

Q4: Cameron and Clegg renewed their vows this week. Will this marriage will reach its fifth anniversary?

Just 4 this week, even though Dimby rushed through.

Bill Quango MP said...


GSD - 12
Miss CD - 9
Hovis - 11
Hopper - 8
Sebastian Weetabix - 9
Nick Drew - 6
Dick the Prick - 9 {I watch Newsnight less and less. Too predictable. }
Timbo614 - 6 {no points for mayor- you're mayor! Isn't that enough? And why weren't my bins emptied last week?}
measured - 9
Philipa - 11
Mark Wadsworth - 7 {savage tory cuts won't come up? In oldham? on Question Time? Are you as mad as Hollande?
CU - 2 {you should have kept away}
BQ - 9
Budgie - 6
Malcolm Tucker - 8
Miss S-J - 9
appointmetotheboard - 6

Timbo614 said...

@ appointmetotheboard:
we luv ya too AMTTB!

Bins! We're coming to take them away, bin bags can be purchased from the council depot.
n.b. rule 14d section A para iii "All refuse must put out in corporation "Boris bin bags", sorted into recyclables".

Boris Bags in Orange(rubbish), Pink(Recyclables) and Yellow(Metal) are available from the depot for £3.50 for 5. (collect only. Car park 1.40 per hour (or par thereof) adjacent. Bags of non corporation colours will be rejected until the following week. (There may be a fine if your rubbish gets scattered and/or starts to smell).

Yours, Boris.