Thursday 7 June 2012

Question Time - Jubilee 'one nation' special

David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from Inverness. On the panel, former leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles 'two pints' Kennedy MP, Labour's leader in Scotland Johann Lamont MSP, {who he?} Conservative former Secretary of State for Scotland Lord Forsyth, {dullard} Infrastructure Minister in the Scottish Government Alex Neil MSP,{don't know } Daily Mail columnist "Mad" Melanie Phillips and the actor Alan "I am invincible!" Cumming. {He was the nerdy russian in Goldeneye. I don't know what else he's been in.}

Week 4
Measured - 8
Mark Wadsworth - 7
Nick Drew - 7
Bill Quango MP - 6
Timbo614 - 5
appointmetotheboard - 5
Dick the Prick - 4
Malcolm Tucker - 4
Lilith - 4
Hopper - 4
 Miss S-J - 4  
GSD - 3
Sebastian Weetabix - 3
Hovis - 3
Philipa - 2
Budgie - 2
Miss CD - 1
Andrew - 1
Cityunslicker  - 0
James Higham - 0


Miss CD said...

1.Legionaries disease and public health
2. Minimum price booze
3. Jubilee. Won't Scotland miss that when they have a president?
4. Spanish banking crisis. how long can the EU last?
5.Olympic flame non story. Its coming to Scotland..hooray!

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Is the criticism of the BBC flotilla coverage justified?

2) The Baroness Warsi & Jeremy Hunt investigation decisions - where's the logic/consistency?

3) Can/will the latest plan (# 572, part 3... I think) to save the Eurozone work?

4) Syria - is it the West/NATO's responsibility to intervene or should the Arab League, Russia or China take the lead?

5) Scottish independence - is loosing their "British identity" (to quote RedEd) really a problem?

appointmetotheboard said...

Sadly, not being paying much attention this week. Not confident of doing a Scotland, apart from maybe head-butting myself and needing stiches...

1. Jubilee. Did BBC socialists spoil it for everyone with their coverage? Would an indepepndent Scotland also celebrate the monarchy?

2. Syria.

3. 50p drinks tax. (Told you I've not been paying attention.)

4. Europe. Maybe even an in-out question, would an independent Scotland get a AAA rating?

5. Is it OK to talk about Englishness?

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Charlie, was your distant predecessor as leader of the SDP right to suggest an in-out referendum?

2. Is it time for military action in Syria? Seems like Cameron is happy to give it large over Euro or Libya, like they're any of his business.

3. Those unpaid Jubilee stewards, slave labour, a bit of rain never did me any harm, one-nation Clarkson why does Scotland need independence anyway, they'd go the way of Greece.

4. Charity tax U-turn, good idea? What's the net effect on anti-obesity charities of the pasty tax U-turn, Disney stopping fast food advertising and the clamp down on Large Servings Of Drinks & Popcorn in the cinema?

5. That fat Tory lady, rhymes with Arsey, was she thrown to the wolves to take heat of Hunt-Leveson unpleasantness?

Mark Wadsworth said...
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Dick the Prick said...

Geez, one to miss this week.

1) Jock independence with a nice bit of 'unelected government' thrown in for good measure. If anyone's bored there's a nice thread on political betting about funding the No campaign, or rather lack thereof.

2) Legionnaires thingy - seems quite bad.

3) Jooooobbbellleee. Is the monarchy passed its sell by date?

4) Euro clusterfuck and the currency options should Jock away from the sassenachs.

5) Hmm..maybe Syria - it does seem a little bit ghastly frankly but is the west's sabre rattling based on pig ignorant assumptions much like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya etc etc ad infinitum.

measured said...

1. The Hunt – ing of the Warsi Snark. Double standards. Disappointing from this Government. Them (the Executive) and us (in Palace of Westminster)

2. Royal Pageant – them (the Royals) and us (the patriotic unpaid workers). Diabolical commentary from the BBC.

3. Will Spain bankrupt all of us? Different structures are being proposed both for the EU and the eurozone. Fascinating. Them (the Germans) and us (the …more reasonable).

4. Scottish Independence. Them (those who have oil, wind and golf) and us (on the other side of Hadrian’s Wall. I vote we donate them our Bonnie Prince Charlie.

5. NHS, Legionaires disease, GPs, manslaughter charges, whatever next. We’ll soon be afraid to breathe, let alone riot. Them (the dead) and us (alive). YOLO, or rather YODO if you prefer, Bill

Nick Drew said...

1) was the Jubilee "bad for the economy but good for the soul" ((c) D.Cameron 2012) ?

2) ... & if the Scots don't like it they can ... harrumph ... is Miliband right about Englan and Scotland ?

3) should forced marriages be made a criminal offence ?

4) are ministers etc right to be boycotting footy in Ukraine ?

5) should of course be both Syria and Euro on the menu but (*takes out coin*) ... euro !

Timbo614 said...

hmm, think above entries have it about covered :(

1) Scottish stuff independence vote, Englishness, and possible Scotland to avoid the Euro like the plague!

2) talking of the Euro, Who wants to go bang first Greece or Spain?

3) Did Prince Philip overdo it at the Luverly Jubbly? Ahh, Jubilee & justifications of it!

4) legionaries out break and "who to blame" as usual, nothing is ever just unfortunate anymore - someone HAS to carry the can!

5) Syria, how long do we wait? do they need to discover some oil first, could be a while!

P.S. I think the (soon to be Ms.?) Lady Warsi will escape this week as she was such a regular on QT..

Bill Quango MP said...

1. Something about Miliband's comments about England and Scotland loving one another or whatever he said.

2. Spanish credit rating taking a hammering. {As has ours.} who can save the euro?

3. Legionnaires' total reaches 61. I have no idea what the question might be but its a big story.

4. Uk ministers boycotting the opening round of the Euro soccer tournament. Is this an empty gesture or ..Oh hang on a 'mo. No one in Scotland is going anyway. Sorry everyone!

4b. Queens jubilee. Does this restore the union?

5. Jobs cuts to the arms services. Would an independent Scotland likely have a larger military than England?

Malcolm Tucker said...

Syria and the latest secret massacre. Who's doing the killings? They encourage foreign intervention. Is Assad right and its nothing to do with his brave boys.

- Legionaries disease and the regulating of cooling towers. Will it turn out to be a chip shop extractor fan?

- Euro crisis. Cameron wants the euro to survive. Political union is on the cards. Not good for the independence movement.

- Olympic stewards are slaves. True? or a massively exaggerated Guardian story?

- The Queen. A four day party for her 60th. What a raver she is.

Miss S-J said...

Olympics. Does this Londoncentric event exclude the people and voice of Scotland.

Queen's jubilee pageant.Did this Londoncentric event exclude the people and voice of Scotland.

UK Ministers to avoid the Euro football tournament. Does this Londoncentric decision exclude the people and voice of Scotland.

Syrian. A war might be looming. Does this Londoncentric decision exclude the people and voice of Scotland.

Cameron says he won't bail out the Euro. Does this Londoncentric decision exclude the people and voice of Scotland.

Budgie said...

1. We should invade Syria NOW! says Camoron, if it wasn't for the pesky Chinese and Russians.

2. Euro crisis part 294. Spain/Bankia/Merkel/Eurobonds/Grexit/Hollande/Camoronloveseuro=>true/Lehmans/Tobintax/fiscalunion/Thatcher. (Thatcher? - wash your mouth out - Ed.)

3. Independence for Scotland?!!?? - will North Britain throw off the yoke of the Irish conquerers (the Scottii) at last? Will we see the resurrection of the ancient Kingdom of Strathclyde?

4. HRH Jubilee

andrew said...

1 did the bbc ruin the jubilee
2 syria are the russians right
3 scottish independance . diageo shows it can be built on scotch, but how does that work if you keep using sterling
4 leigonnaires disease v. sad is it the fault of the english?
5 footy is it better to follow scotland / wales for rugby rather than be disappointed with another sub standard english euro performance

Hopper said...

Gah, it's been such a day that I forgot it's Thursday. Have to watch from the bench. Good luck all!

And Blogger is playing silly buggers with cookies.

Dick the Prick said...

Who knew Jimmy Krankie went into politics, it's uncanny!

Bill Quango MP said...

Off we go.

Q1. Have Jubilee celebrations made us all feel more British and damaged the campaign for independence?

Someone just said Tesco have decided not to sell union jacks. Now that may be but I can assure you there has been a shortage of all sorts of Union flag themed stock of any type. BQ industries could not get union jack tablecloths. That was in February. Plenty of the usual tat. Mugs, tea towels pens. Not so much bunting and flags.
Partly as the Olympics suppliers bought up a lot and partly as shops have such a limited opportunity to sell it there was a lot of last years royal wedding going around and no one wanted to take a risk on making/supplying/selling more.

We pretty much sold out. {though there are a number of union jack pens still now!}

Also, it must be said, England football clothing/merchandise never sells in Wales/Scotland. NEVER.

Q2: Is it fair that “well off” pensioners should get free bus passes and the winter fuel allowance?

Wasn't expecting this one. It was news today. It requires such a shift of what the welfare state is for that it would take generations to sort out without political suicide.

Q3: Is it the job of the Germans to save the eurozone?
mel Philips thinks not. The antidemocratic union she says.

Q4: How can 3p increase in fuel duty be justified when rural businesses and families already struggle to keep moving?

WTF? That's not until August! Outrageous decision similar to a red card for an untucked shirt.

BTW if this isn't a political stunt I'd be amazed. Many thought Osborne would pull this tax hike in the budget. He didn't. So we here thought he was gaining by conning the markets about UK austerity, whilst secretly planning to chop it if it was politically necessary.

Well, George..its very necessary. You can't take the red tops going loopy over a 3p tax on fuel.
Announce the suspension soon and pick up some polling points.

That was a dire QT. Most boring yet.

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores. Alphabetical tonight

appointmetotheboard 2 vs andrew 2 {including controversial penalty for Scottish independence. But it came up a lot.}

Bill Quango MP 3 vs Budgie 3
Dick the Prick 3 vs gsd 2
measured 3 vs Malcolm Tucker 2
Miss CD 2 vs Miss S-J 2
Nick Drew 2 vs Mark Wadsworth 1
Timbo614 3 vs BQ{2} 3

Well done all. poor questions from the audience really and only 4. Yet the scoring was high as allowed 'freedom for Scotland' to count.

Mark Wadsworth said...

My winning streak had to run out sooner or later :-(

Anonymous said...

Was better QT than last week.
But really, wtf, the first question about Scottish independence, several of those nuts on the panel claimed they would still be British and still wave the Union Flag?
These guys must have a fkin screw loose.

Bill Quango MP said...

Anon: On twitter the 'no' camp were proclaiming, with considerable justification, that the 'yes' camp will always respond to anything that people want to keep - postal service - monarchy -military bases etc as 'well that would be unaffected by any change..