Thursday 14 June 2012

Question Time Quiz strikes again

David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from Stockton-on-Tees. On the panel: television executive and former Director General of the BBC  Greg 'Hutton did me in' Dyke, President of the Liberal Democrats Tim 'on the fence' Farron MP, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter 'panto' Hitchens, Housing Minister Grant 'U-turn' Shapps MP and Shadow Attorney General Emily 'All us Islingtonites have been mugged''Thornberry MP.

Score 1pt for each correct question you guess that is asked by someone in the BBC Question Time Audience. maximum of 5 questions.
Enter your guesses into the comments.

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BQ suggests
1. Leveson Day 3,000 - Dodgy George, Deadpan Dave and Delusional Gordon.
2. Spain. Is it right that Italy should borrow at 6% to lend to Spain at 3%, to save Europe's banks?
3. Syria. We begged Russia to do something and they have. They've sold the Syrians some attack helicopters. Happy?
4. Snooping bill. Really? Does it need a bill? ho's monitoring every comment in Britain, including this one?
5. Falklands. Argentina has 20% inflation and has run out of cash. A referendum might take the wind out of their 1980's sails. * Our navy is even smaller than in 1982. However so is theirs. Our airforce is bigger. And better. Theirs is smaller. And worse. [is it possible to fly a Typhoon from Devon to Stanley?]

Week 5
Measured - 10
appointmetotheboard - 8
Mark Wadsworth - 7
Nick Drew - 7
Bill Quango MP - 7
GSD - 6 
Timbo614 - 5
Malcolm Tucker - 5
 Hopper - 5
Dick the Prick - 4
Lilith - 4
 Miss S-J - 4  
Budgie - 3
Sebastian Weetabix - 3
Hovis - 3
Philipa - 2
Miss CD - 1
Andrew - 1
Cityunslicker  - 1
James Higham - 0


Hopper said...

1. BBC - as per Ed's comments this week, is it too big? Bleeds into Leveson shouting match.
2. Spain, Greece, Europe - should we be writing any more cheques?
3. Olympics countryside opening ceremony - surely they can't be serious?
4. IDS's jobs not handouts - poorly judged?
5. Motoring fines - another cash cow?

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Leveson and Brown/Hunt/ Major/Cameron/ Murdoch. Who told the most porkies?

2. Spanish bailout now imminent. Needed to prevent a bailout?

3. Something BBC. That lousy jubilee coverage?

4.Switch from police to councils for parking offences. I've never seen so many wardens. Its like London. And I'm in a tiny village and there were 6 here today. Almost 1/car.

5. Argentina. Staying British and the cost of it all.

CityUnslicker said...

1 - Leveson shows Cameron is corrupt
2 - Falklands should be argie
3 - Olympic display is nuts
4 - Greece Spain - we are all going to die

appointmetotheboard said...

1. Leveson enquiry.

2. The moving target of child poverty and IDS on welfare/work/workfare.

3. Bank reform. Long shot...

4. Europe, surely. Spain, Greece. Is that another manafactured argument over the rebate I see..? Take your pick.

5. I don't know whether Stockton-on-Tees is full of middle class concerns, or full of Sun readers. Could be the snooping bill but going to go for tagging of offenders. Proof that we should be locking them up and throwing away the key, I guess...

Miss CD said...

1 Leveson and 'liars'.
2 Olympics. BBC can't leave it alone for a minute.
3 Syria and intervention
4 Spain/Greece showdown.
5 Child poverty down. Really?

Timbo614 said...

Hello pop pickers, Straight into the charts, out of the blue, at number

5) "Diesel fumes are the same as passive smoking" what's to be done (except tax it more) :)

been languishing at just outside the top ten for a while but up to

4) Will bank reform allow banks to actually go bust? or is it more of the same?

been in the charts a record breaking 208 weeks

3) Euro bust - we were all looking at Greece, will it be Spain that actually takes it down?

nearly there, but pipped again
[dah, dah, dah, dat, dat, da]

2) Civil war in Syria it's official, but they still haven't discovered any oil so shall we'll hang back a bit longer?

[dah, dah, dah, dat, dat, da] last weeks number 7
[da dat dat da] but this week number

1) "Brookside!" Cameroon and Books are are on the same side, in this together. We are career hitched. Who is telling the biggest or the most porkies?

measured said...

measured swings round in her black leather chair, stroking the white cat on her lap.

Ah, Mr Quango, you are here. We are in this together.

These are my choices:

1. Fat cats should always be paid, Never say sorry, Mr Sorrell.

2. Back to basics. You will like this, Mr Gove.

3. Rebekah, only doing as she was instructed. Do you like our country dinners. Next time we kill him. Call Mr Jay.

4. Diamonds are forever, but not Director Generals. A licence fee to kill.

5. The last is Casino Royale - a spin of the wheel on housing starts, knickers to vickers, tag wags, that little island in the S. Atlantic ... but I .....reveal my master plan. My Super State...

::[evil laugh]::

It is, but a matter of time. Who cares about the children?

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Is there anything which David Cameron conveniently "forgot" to tell the Leveson Inquiry, a bit like him "forgetting" his daughter at the pub.

2. Should the £476 million saving on the Olympic costs be spent on Good Causes or returned to the government?

3. That Habbo Hotel internet child porn nastiness, will the Tories' £1.8 billion snoopers' charter help prevent this sort of thing? As well as shaving £200 million off the amount which New Labour intended to spend?

4. Olympics opening ceremony, what a pathetic waste of money, cruelty to animals etc.

5. Was the Lib Dem abstention in Jeremy Hunt vote the first sign that the Coalition is falling apart?

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Syria - Russian support for Assad & the legal move suggested by the French.

2) IDS's redefinition of poverty. Meaningful or a semantic exercise?

3) The snooper's charter. Are the spooks pushing for it to cover themselves when they get called to Leveson?

4) Who lied (this week) at Leveson & will any charges be brought? Was Brook's text helpful in any way whatsoever?

5) Grexit, Spanic etc - will/can Germany's softening position solve anything or is it just a cunning ploy before the Greek election?

Budgie said...

1. Rain pain. Is Wales a wash out? Does anyone actually need to use a hosepipe now?

2. Brooks refrain: Is Cameron her mate? (And all the rest of them: Leveson; Hunt; Coulson; Bonkers Brown; Liar Bliar; gloating BBC; cont p1094).

3. Spain pain. Will the new Greek government bail out Spain? Will Germany pay up? cont p10094.

4. Flame drain: should Eire get burnt for free? More Olympic twaddle cont p100094.

5. May say: Tory-led government wants snoopers' charter. Essential that government should know what we are doing every minute of the day claims 'our Theresa'. Is she being led by the nose by 'her' (un)civil (un)servants?

Bill Quango MP said...

Q: Is it appropriate for Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron to be "professionally definitely in this together"?

I just don't care. Its worse than the Jacko trial. Clinton trial. Worse than OJ. Its becoming its own Bloody Sunday. 200,000 days is enough.

Q2: Do you agree with Community Secretary Eric Pickles that problem families have had it easy for too long?

Q3: Can the panel recite a poem learned by rote at school and explain how this has been useful in their subsequent careers?

A little dig at Gove. Media trivialised the speech. He meant have a better general education.

Q4: Is it right that only rich foreigners will have the right to live with their partners in this country?

And squeezed in for 20 seconds

Q5: Is it right that all emails and Facebook messages can be viewed by police and security services in Communications and Data Bill?

Bill Quango MP said...

BQ 2 - Hopper 2
Malcolm Tucker 1 - Cityunslicker 1
appointmetotheboard -3 Miss CD -2
Timbo614 - {great write ups , However Miss Measureds are too, so no bonuses.}
Timbo614 - 1 vs Measured - 2
Mark Wadsworth - 2 vs Gsd - 3
Budgie - 2 BQ{2} -2 {too many twos}

This weeks Spain is Appointmetothe board. You choose the new occupation for Trapattoni.

Bill Quango MP said...

Opps..And GSD. You get to pick the New Tottenham manager. Chris Huhne isn't doing much..

gsd said...

"Chris Huhne isn't doing much.." - hmm... maybe, but I thought there was some doubt over his availability come the autumn?

Phil said...

[is it possible to fly a Typhoon from Devon to Stanley?]


Free Online Quiz Maker said...

Nice Post!

Bill Quango MP said...

PHIL: Not even with a stop off in Spain-Canaries- Assencion?

They do have a crappy range don't they. What is it ? 900 miles?

measured said...

Sorry Timbo614

Timbo614 said...

@measured: just a shame we both decided to be creative at the same moment! (we could have has a bonus each!) Except for the obvious one I drew a complete dud - daft questions, daftest question time in ages!!! Not scoring really does drop you down under the news rules.