Thursday 19 July 2012

Casual lies of Chuka Umunna

The thing with politics in this country at the moment is the more that politicans grandstand, the more they expose themselves to scrutiny and the less they stand up to it.

Let's take a small example in last night's Evening Standard. Left-wing Chuka Umunna has some dark things to say about the Banks and the current crisis.

"Barclays is the tip of the icebarg"
 "absurd to pretend Gordon Brown was regulator in chief",
 "the Amercians are saying there is a London Problem."

Strong stuff, controversial (at least the bit about Brown) and nicely populist. Only then he casually says that in his life as a corporate lawyer he found it weird to be involved in telephone number deals in the 1990's and worried about the leverage.

Now this bit is total lies from start to finish. Firstly, he did no even leave law school until 2001. So working in the 1990's? Really?

Then, he was not a corporate lawyer, as soon as he qualified at Herbet Smith he became an employment lawyer. These are not lawyers dealing with telephone number mega-deals. Possibly multi-million claims if for City Bankers, but generally nothing like that. Just compromise agreements and avoiding tribunals. Plus he left high flying Herbet Smith for a smaller firm pretty soon after qualifying in any event, who would not even have been dealing with such high profile cases.

Finally, he was worried about the 'leverage' - well in the 1990's this was not an issue and neither to my knowledge is it a big factor in employment law. So if he was worried it was in a personal capacity, but that is not what he was implying to the journalist.

So as per usual, a politician is spouting iff, accusing others of wrong-doing and worse, whilst at the same time casually mis-remembering their own career to suit their current viewpoint. Something that a shufty at his own faccebook page can confirm.

Really this guy is supposed to be a rising star? He is a third rate demagogue at best.


Electro-Kevin said...

Chukka - Ch-Ch-Ch Chukka

*bop* *bop* (record scratching)

Chukka I can't believe you - believe you Chukka can't ...

(I'm sure Nick and Bill will get the joke, CU)

Anonymous said...

Exactly, once you scratch the surface he is a shallow character. Well done for calling this out.

It's astounding to think he started his career as a city lawyer, spending his working day helping traders sue their employers for larger bonuses. And now he's a member of Labour.

A liar who says what the crowd wants to hear? He'll go far in politics.

Anonymous said...

"absurd to pretend Gordon Brown was regulator in chief",

So the self-styled saviour of the global financial system was not directly involved with the financial system. Only a leftie could hold these two mutually opposing views in their heads at the same time.

Bill Quango MP said...

Have to look at as a religion. Excuse all the inconsistencies and obvious fallacies and contradictions and carry on with blind faith and hope.

Or it might even be simpler than that.
Chuka's supporters believe because they are as naive as toddlers.

“Do you believe?” Umanna cried.
“I do..I do believe!” said the liberal arts students.
“If you believe in a big state, left of centre egalitarian society -Then clap your hands; Don’t let socialism die.”

“Second sharp veer to the left, and straight on till morning.”
That, Chuka had told Wendy, was the way to Never-ending-spending-land."

Anonymous said...

Some left-wing double-think summarised:-

It is not a contradiction to support radical islamists and homosexuals at the same time.

It is not a contradiction to support a reduction in the burning of fossil fuels and economic growth.

It is not a contradiction to believe in absolute morals whilst denying the existence of god.

It is not a contradiction to believe in mass immigration whilst supporting higher wages for unskilled Brits.

It is not a contradiction to claim you support liberty whilst at the same time supporting the massive expansion of the state.

It is not a contradiction to condemn Israel for civil rights abuses whilst supporting Israel's enemies with far worse civil rights records.

It is not a contradiction to condemn the wealthy whilst being a wealthy individual yourself.

Demetrius said...

As someone who had an interest, it was the internet boom that first had me wondering about "leverage" or then the credit basis of borrowing. It a while for me to realise what was up. If he knew about this in the mid 1990's he was way ahead of the game and I doubt this.

Anonymous said...

The banksters told Gordoon that they did want any regulation as it affected their profits, so Gordoon duely obliged, so their was virtually no regulation, you could say Chuckies statement there is correct. If you tell a bunch of thieves that they will not be lifted if they run amok thieving, what do think will happen?

Guardianista-BBC_Lefty-Liberal said...

Ohh this must be wacism

i'm not a wacist but i know wacism when i see it

wacism! wacism!

sometimes i feel like such a twat though.

Alex said...

To be fair to Mr Umunna, he would probably have seen some TUPE related stuff on PFI deals, not exact mega-money, or maybe some leveraged takeovers back in the early '90s, although at his pay grade it would have been handing out the biscuits sort of stuff. In earlier years he might have even got to walk the marked up documents down to typing, but by the time he worked at Bert Smiffs they had probably gone entirely electronic.

Anonymous said...

In the interests of balance, Hague used to drink sixteen pints before breakfast.

But the fact is, we have a political class who have learned that there is no lie too big that it won't soon be forgotten by the masses.

Pity, but the end of the world is nigh.

Anonymous said...

In the interest of balance, he never said it was before breakfast.5

Jabba the Cat said...

Chukus Yurmoney, bullshit merchant? Who would have thought...