Saturday 20 October 2012

"Nobody Knows" - Ain't That The Truth

Everyone knows about Tim Yeo, chair of the Commons Energy and CC committee with significant vested interests in - and plentiful income from - renewable energy schemes (google 'Tim Yeo interests' for reams of stuff).  But sometimes he lets slip.

"You can't have a cap on ['green' subsidies] and guarantee meeting the carbon budgets, because no-one knows what the cost of low-carbon energy will be."

He then goes on to say that it's OK if Osborne insists on a cap in return for even more ludicrous 'carbon budgets', because the cap can later be changed, but the budgets are more binding.  Needless to say this will suit his business interests well.

No-one knows.  Now there's a way to run a policy.



Budgie said...

Yes, well, since it is becoming obvious to even the dim that the "Catastrophic" part of CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) is nonsense, there is no necessity for the anti-CO² scam at all.

And apart from the fact we are in an inter-glacial, and also recovering from the "little ice age", the "Anthropogenic" bit is questionable too. Moreover there is no such thing as a "Global" temperature anyway - it is an artificial theoretical construct and practically meaningless. Even the "Warming" part is not consistent as we have seen over the last decade and a half.

Politicians are experts at fomenting hysteria for their own ends. They have excelled themselves with CAGW and its fake 'moral' imperative to thieve more tax from us.

Tim Worstall said...

"You can't have a cap on ['green' subsidies] and guarantee meeting the carbon budgets, because no-one knows what the cost of low-carbon energy will be"

Quite, that's why you do it the other way around. You stick a tax of the damages on the emissions. A carbon tax.

Ir low-carbon energy still costs more than this then it's not worth having. If less then low-carbon away.

And the tax, well, use the revenue to reduce other taxes. It's so blindingly simple and obvious that even M'Lord Stern managed to get it.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

What damages of emissions? Without CO2 there is no life on earth. It's plant food, for fuck's sake. Why on earth is the otherwise sensible Mr. Worstall fellow-travelling with this Gramscian-Marxist redistribution bollocks, this Khmer Rouge on stilts? There is no basis in hard science for the whole CAGW scheme. None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. It is the bullshit scare to end all scares. The only people who believe in it are third rate geographers from the University of Easy Access who can't even do a regression on a spreadsheet, computer nerds wanking themselves to death like Safari Park chimps in front of their useless computer models, and useless twats like David Cameron who've "studied" PPE at Oxbridge. Media studies for the posh, that's all that is. They should be excused boots, the lot of them.

Making energy more expensive just kills people in the winter. These people should hang their heads in shame. As the world cools due to the quiet sun over the next 30 years and the Propaganda can no longer be sustained, and the lights go out because of the morons who cooked up this nonsense, the likes of Mr Yeo and other rent seekers enriching themselves at the expense of the poor may well end their days swinging from lampposts.

Nick Drew said...

excused boots, the lot of them? tell us what you really think, SW

... oh, lamp-posts, I see

Anonymous said...

The 'cost' of global warming prevention must surely be more than the cost of just dealing with it.

This green energy fad is going to increase the cost of already rising energy. As the supermarkets push up the cost of home delivery as do Amazon and co we may soon realise that the golden age of online shopping has already passed.

And as all the local shops have closed because they couldn't compete we will have a period where we are paying a lot of money for things that used to be quite inexpensive.

until it all rebalances there will be a 70's decade. Coming quite soon. Prices rising faster than incomes whilst unemployment rises just as quickly.